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***Trent: First Optare Tempo for X38 arrives*** ***Trent: more Dennis Lance / Optare Sigmas sold*** ***TM Travel: 6 more Centros due to arrive, and an ex Stageoach double deck coach in service*** ***Trent order 23 new buses from Optare - 12 for Trent 11 for Kinchbus - due spring/summer 2007!***
Here you will find all the latest bus news and sightings for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here.

Due to a few HTML code problems, a new Fleet News page has been created. News/sightings from earlier in January 2007 can be found HERE.
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Andrews of Tideswell


Mon 12th March:
Leyland National (FTN 697W) has arrived here for rail replacement and school contracts. It was new to Northern General, and then Southern Transit (whose red and yellow livery it currently caries). It has more recently spent time in preservation. Thanks Ian.

Andrews Leyland National (FTN 697W). (C) Ian Moorcroft.

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Arriva Derby


Mon 26th March:
Dale Tringham has found Derby Fleetline (MTV 310W)!! It was hidden on a side street near the airport in Stoughton. it still carries the red livery which was applied when it was at Roberts.

Former Derby Fleetline (MTV 310W). (C) Dale Tringham

Fri 23rd March:
Not DCT, but former Trent Dart 929 (R929 RAU) has moved to Arrivas Burton garage, and is numbered 2200. Arriva will use it on the X38 (Derby to Burton) service, for which Trent already had it branded.

Wed 21th March:
Mercedes Citario demonstrator (BX56 VTP) has arrived here. Thanks Richard.

Weds 15th March:
Arriva minibus 1387 was towed away on suspended tow from Derby last week.

Thurs 1st March:
Another Mercedes Vario/Alexander has turned up here, 1149 (R149 UAL).

Sun 21st Jan:
Minibus 1160 remains on loan to Derby.

Fri 30th:
Olympian 4667 and Volvo B10BLE 3604 on the 26, along with a rough sounding 4737.

Thurs 29th:
Dart 2089 on the 109.

Wed 28th:
Dart 2232 on the 37, 3604 on 22, Excel 2999 on 24, 3605 on 60/1.

Mon 26th:
Olympian 4631 and the Citario demonstrator on the 26in the afternoon.
3604 on 24.

Fri 23rd:
Dart 2089 on the 37 this morning. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 22nd:
The Citario Demonstrator(BX56 VTP) is on route 26 this morning, along with 3605.
Chris reports minibus 1383 on the 109! Citybus 4322 on 24.

Wed 21st:
The Citario Demonstrator(BX56 VTP) was on route 22 for most of the day.
3605 was on the Sinfin routes, 3604 on Oakwoods.
A DAF decker was on the 38, and another was on schools! Thanks Chris.

Tue 20th:
SLF Darts 2232 and 2237 on route 38! Dart 2194 on the 29. Excel 2998 on Chellastons. Thanks Chris.

Mon 19th:
Dart 2226 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 38.

Sat 17th:
Alvaston olympian 4626 on the 20, both Volvo B10BLEs on oakwood services.
Minibus 1149 on the 36 later on, one of the GUM Darts on there during the day (2089 or 2090).

Thurs 15th:
Olympian 4667 on route 60 and Excel 2998 on the 68. 2236 on the 20. Thanks Chris.

Wed 14th:
Citybus 4327 replaced 3605 on the 26.

Tue 13th:
Dart 2089 on the 26 befoe being replaced by LF Dart 2227. Citybus 4334 later on the 26 too.
Dave reports: Citybus 4330, Olympians 4639 & 4631, and spare Dart 2252 on Chellastons. Olympians 4641/3 on 37/8.
MPD 2223 on PP&R 111, later on the 37!

Mon 12th:
Citybus 4325 on route 22. 3604 on 26, 3605 on 24.
Dart 2089 on the 36, 4631 on the 68, and Stevensons Dart 2034 (M804 MOJ) was on X38.

Sat 10th:
Olympian 4667 on the 111 Pride Park & Ride!

Fri 9th:
Olympians 4642 and 4639 on Chellaston services.
Dart 2227 and Volvo B10BLE 3604 on 24. 3605 on 26.
DAF 4734 and a GUM Dart on the 38 in the afternoon. 2252 on 111 P&R.

Thurs 8th:
Citybus 4324 on route 19, working onto the 111 Pride Park and Ride later on where it joined Olympian 4665!
Citybus 4327 broke down in Derby yesterday morning on route 20. Burrows towed it away.
Olympian 4631 on the Chellaston services.
Dart 2229 & a Volvo B10BLE on the 26 this morning.

Mon 5th:
Dart 2231 replaced Excel 2999 on the 19 after it broke down in Derby. 2999 was towed away.

Sat 3rd:
Olympian 4631 on the 26, and another Olympian on the 24 (4625?). 3604 on the 24 (so 3 DAFs off).
Minibus 1379 on the 36.

Fri 2nd:
Citybus 4389 on the 45, and Olympian 4631 and an MPD on the Chellaston services.

Thurs 1st March:
Olympian 4641 on the 26 and 4666 on 24. 2999 on 68A. Thanks Chris.

Tue 27th:
Olympian 4665 on the 22. Dart 2194 on the 36, Alvaston Olympian 4627 on the 37.
Darts 2227 on route 19, 2229 on the 109. Thanks to Chris Gaskin for todays sightings.

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NEWS & Sightings

Mon 5th March:
Solo (Y812 KDP) has arrived here.

Sat 27th Jan:
Solo (T344 FWR) on route 148. Thanks Chris.
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Mon 22nd Jan:
New VDL/Plaxton Centro (YJ56 KBF) has arrived here, in part exchange for Dennis Dart (X711 GJU).

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Glovers of Ashbourne


2nd March:
the latest arrival here is (R13 PSV) - another Mellor bodied Iveco minibus!

21st Jan:
Duncan reports that Lynx (E271 WUB) has gone to Barnsley for scrap.
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Harpurs Coaches


5th March:
Harpurs (NEH 103V), it is For Sale @ 850 + VAT.

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Hulleys of Baslow


26th Feb:

Optare Solo number 10 (MX56ACF) seen on Sunday 25 February at the Blue John Mine bus turnaround above Castleton with the local landmark of Mam Tor in the background when operating service 260 from Castleton to Edale. (C) Ian Moorcroft.

23rd Feb:
Hulleys old Fleetline (SCH 117X) is one of the buses destroyed in a fire at Ruddington Heritage Centre.
Ian reports that Dart number 2 (P881 PWW) replaced Vario number 9 on Town Service 4 on 15th February.

Dart number 2, seen here at Monsal Head on service 4. (C) Ian Moorcroft.

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


Fri 30th March:
3 ex Go-North East (new to London) DAF/Optare Spectras have arrived here, currently at Hodthorpe. More may follow. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 15th March:
At least 11 more Olympians are due here soon, some of them for newly won school contracts at Eckington School, which start at the end of this month. Thanks Chris.

Fri 2nd Feb:
The oldest Mark 3 VR in service here, ex Yorkshire Traction (KKY 835P) has had a complete repaint with large Johnson Bros fleetnames on its side, like some of the Olympians. Thanks Chris.
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Littles Travel

Wed 21st March:
Metrorider (R232 SCH) on the 9 today. The Solo was on the usual work that the Metrorider does ( a Bilborough College working). Thanks Paul.

Sat 17th March:
Atlantean (MNU 694W) and Olympians (YSO 33Y) and (SIL 1324) (previously (B86 SJA)) have gone to Barnett of Hull.

Thurs 1st March:
Former Kinchbus Titans (WYV 62T) and (CUL 119V) have replaced Olympians (YSO 33Y) and (SIL 1324), which have been sold on.
Former TM Travel Delta (RIB 7017) has arrived here via Arriva dealership (Cleckheaton). It is in an allover white livery.
Solo back on the 9 today too, after being towed out of Derby last Thursday.

Former Kinchbus Titan parked up near Littles yard near Ilkeston. (C) John Moore

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Midland Classic

Thurs 1st March:
RM1168 will be operating route 21 this Saturday - 3rd March 2007.
It will leave Swadlincote at 9.55, 11.55 and 13.55.
Return journeys from Burton will be at: 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00.

26th Feb:
RM1168 was in use on Route 21 on Saturday 24th Februrary. Thanks Keith/Fred!
Former Midland Classic RM1305 (799 UXA) was seen on the A38 near Lichfield on Friday evening. Thanks R Shaw.

21st Feb:
RM1305 (799 UXA) is no longer with the company, and is now privately owned and currently stored in the Kinchbus yard in Loughborough.
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Stagecoach East Midlands
Chesterfield, Mansfield, Worksop

Fri 23rd March:
Dart 32115 (K115 SRH) has been scrapped due to its poor condition, it apprantly it required a new engine, gear box and chassis! What wasn't wrong with it?! 32116 (K116 SRH) could be next for the chop, for similar reasons. Thanks Chris.

Weds 14th March:
Stagecoach Chesterfield have seen ex-Blackpool/Scottish Excel MK 1 35016 (N207 LCK) enter service today, following an overhaul at Optare, Hellaby. The bus entered service replacing a Solo on the 39 while it nipped to Stonegravels, and then spent the rest of the day on the short 70 to Mastin Moor, following the failure of an Olympian. Thanks Dave.

Tue 27th Feb:
Two former Blackpool Excels have arrived here. They are:
35016 (N207 LCK),
35017 (N208 LCK).
Both were gained with the business of Docherty, Irvine during 2004, and were in use with Stagecoach Western Scottish for a time.
Thanks Chris.

Fri 23rd Feb:
Former East Midland Bristol VR 151 (OTO 151R) has been preserved in Cornwall.
Atlantean 167 (SUA 123R) is for sale on ebay. East Midland gained this bus when Stagecoach took over Chesterfield Transport, and is ex West Yorkshire PTE/Yorkshire Rider. It is located in Exeter and is now a mobile cafe! Its currently going for 1,550.
Thanks Chris.

Fri 30th March:
Olympian 16469 (S169RET) on 77, and two of the new 56 Darts on the 54 - one of them being 35262 (YN56SHJ). Three non branded Darts on the 51 these were 34724 (YN05YCZ), 34575 (YN04YXZ), and 34584 (YN04YXT). Thanks Jack.

Thurs 29th March:
Dart 32148 (K110 SRH) on Solo route 39.

Tue 27th March:
Stagecoach Chesterfield Olympian N134AET Overheated on Monday at Brimington.
Recent Dart 35263 (YN56 SHV) on the 51 today. Thanks Dave.

Fri 16th March:
Dart 34720 (YN05 XNZ) - branded for Route 10 Newbold workings - was in use today on service 44 to Sheffield. Thanks Dave.

Thurs 15th March:
Route 51 branded Dart 34576 on route 10.
Route 10 branded 34722 on the 54. Thanks Chris.
Stagecoach Mansfield have Olympian 14346 on route 1 (Mansfield Miller). Thanks Dan.

Thurs 8th:
Dart 34575 on Solo route 39. Dart 33835 (X835 AKW) on Pronto. thanks Chris.

Sat 3rd March:
Olympian (S168 RET) on the Sherwood Arrow. Several strep entrance buses on the Mansfield Miller 1, including an Alexander bodied Volvo.

Thurs 1st March:
Olympian 16490 (N140 AET) was in an RTA in the Chesterfield area this afternoon, recieving front end damage.
Olympian 16468 (S168 RET) on the 77 today, standing in for a Trident.

Sat 17th Feb:
Jack reports: Stagecoach Mansfield Volvo Olympian 16482 (N132AET) on Pronto routes in Chesterfield!!
Route branded 51 Dart 34576 (YN04 YYA) on route 54 around lunchtime, before going back to route 51 later on in the afternoon.
Route branded 54 Excel 35006 (YN51VHP) on Route 25.

Thurs 15th Feb:
Chris reports the following sightings from Chesterfield:
Route 10 branded Dart 34722 on route 51.
Route 51 branded Dart 34582 on route 96.
Step entrance dart 32071 (M71 VJO) on route 77!!

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TM Travel

Fri 30th March:
A further 6 VDL / Plaxton Centros are on order - making a total of 14 in the fleet.
Dart/UVG (R562 UOT) has been sold to Lincolnshire firm Cavalier Travel, Long Sutton.
(R83 GNW) shuuld be the next one off once the next Centro arrives, it is sold already even though it's still in service.
(R561 UOT) and DAF/Paladin (KUI 9267) will also be withdrawn soon.

Sun 25th March:
New VDL / Plaxton Centros here are (YJ07 JNN) in TM livery and (YJ07 JVC/E) in all over white livery. The white ons will be brandd for a tesco contract in Sheffield. Thanks to John Moore.

The double deck coach that has recently arrived from Stagecoach is (W66 BBW).

(W66 BBW) seen here on rail replacement work. (C) John Moore.

Fri 23rd March:
Chris reports that a further 6 Centro's are on order! Of these 2 will be branded for the Tesco P&R in Sheffield, a contract service previously operated by First. The other 4 are likely to replace Darts (R561/562UOT), (R83 GNW) and DAF/Paladin (KUI 9267).
A "W" reg former Stagecoach "Oxford Tube" branded double deck coach has arrived here.

Sat 17th March:
The third Centro (YJ07 JWU) is expected to be fitted with leather seats, unlike the other two 07 arrivals.

Mon 5th March:
2 more VDL/Plaxton Centros have arrived, (YJ07 JWA/W). A third (YJ07 JWU) is expected soon, along with a new Plaxton coach.
DAF/Optare Delta (J26 GCX) is comfirmed withdrawn, whilst Dart/UVG (R83 GNW) is likely to go when the next Centro arrives.

Thurs 22nd Feb:
3 VDL/Plaxton Centro's are now due here, one more than previously thought. One of these will replace Optare Delta (J26 GCX).
Metrobus (OJD 814Y) is now in North Wales on the Isle of Anglesey with W E Jones, Llannerchymedd. Thanks Chris.


Wed 29th March:
Northern counties (P337 ROO) on 119 and New Centro (YJ07 JWA) on 120. Thanks Jack.

Tue 27th March:
Dave reports white Centro (YN07 JVC) on route 293 to Sheffield. Photo below.
(KUI 9267) on the 120.

Wed 21st March:
(S276 LGA) on 'Orbital Link' srervice 33. Thanks Dave.

Tue 20th March:
Northern Counties Olympian (G531 VBB) on the 70. Thanks Dave.

Sat 27th Jan:
Route 46 branded Vario on route 150! Thanks Chris.
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The Wellglade group

Sat 31st March:
Adrian reports that the first X38 Tempo to arive at Langley Mill is (YJ07 VSA). Fleet number 307??
Transpeak Coach 60 is at Langley Mill for a repaint into the new livery - it is the last one to be done.
The Harlequin (HQ) service is to have an increased frequency from the begining of May. Solo 401 will be transfering to Derby, and will be the additional bus for the service. Dart 933 has transfered to Sutton in its place.
Dennis Lance / Optare Sigma 369 has returned to service after accident repairs. 366 will be the next one withdrawn, once Paladin 129 has been painted and prpared for service.
Mickleover Excel 221 is at Langley Mill having Star Trak equipment installed.
Citybus 738 is to be kept for spares for 739!
Coach 62 is back in service after repairs.
Darts 934 and 946 have at times been on loan to Derby from Langley Mill during this week.

Sat 24th March:
Dennis Lance / Optare Sigmas 364/5 (N364/5 VRC) have now left the fleet. They have been sold to UK TravelMaster, of Manchester, via Go Goodwins. Thanks Wes.
Rainbow 5 tempo 306 is back in service after accident repairs.
Coach 62 is currently off the road - will it return to service here?

Fri 23rd March:
Optare Tempo demonstrator (YJ55 BLX) is currently at Meadow Rd, Derby. it is being used for driver familiarisation purposes only, and isn't expected to be used as a service bus by Trent. Thanks Ian.
The new Tempo's for X38, when they arrive, will have wood look flooring, 2+1 seating and air con. 2 red Darts are expected to be on the service until they arrive.
Dart 929 is now with Arriva (Burton Garage) for use on Arrivas half of the X38. It is numbered 2200. Thanks Richard.
Dennis Lance/Optare Sigma 369 has been withdrawn with accident damage. it is unlikely to return to service.

Tue 20th March:
Dart 929 has been sold/or will be on loan to Arriva. Arriva will continue to use it on the X38 service between Derby and Burton.

Thurs 15th March:
paladin 133 is now in service in Unibus livery at Derby. 364 has been withdrawn.
Olympian 712 has been reinstated (now fitted with CTV), and Citybus 738 is expected to be withdrawn soon.
Coach 62 may also be withdrawn - apparently it is not needed!

Mon 12th March:
Xprss Tempo 305 off the road after it sqashed a car in an RTA.
Broadmarsh Bus Station in Nottingham is set to close around December, and a new station due o open next March! Thanks David.
The sixes 6.1 is now back to normal too.
Excel 900 now at Nottingham. Thanks Paul.

Thurs 8th March:
Olympian 712 is expected to be reinstated into service. Arriva liveried Citybus 738 is expected to be withdrawn as a result. Thanks Fred.
Long Eaton Xprss Solo 439 has been repainted into trent barton livery. Thanks Dave.

Fri 2nd March:
transpeak coach 59 now carries the revised livery.
Unibus Paladin 132 now in service at Derby.
The Calverton Connection route will be rebranded as "WOW" from May 2007. New Optare Tempo's, fitted with leather seats and air conditioning, will carry "plum"/maroon coloured livery, with matching interiors.

Tue 27th Feb:
129 is the next Paladin to be prepared for repaint into Unibus livery (132/3 have been done, but have yet to make an appearance in service). I wonder what, if anything, has replaced Olympian 712?
Long Eaton Express Solo 439 is currently being repainted into trent barton livery.

Various liveries can be seen on buses operating for Kinchbus in Loughborough at the moment. Minibuses 39 (N+D livery), 49 (Blue former C5 livery) and 284 (Trent livery, with N+D names!) can all be found on the University Shuttle route 7 during the week. 284 was used on the short 61's Wirksworth to Bakewell (in pre . days), the back being a darker red due to an advert for these "Derwent Valley" services. 7 new slim line Solo's will replace all minibuses on this service (Kinch route 7) later in the spring/summer.

Frio Excel 199 is still in A garage at Meadow Rd. 201 is at Dove Holes.

Sat 31st:
Chris reports 900 on Cotrgrave Connection, and Dart 934 and Excel 234 on Mickleover.
Dave reports coach 63 and a Scania bus on the RA.
Dan reports 199 on TP.

Fri 30th:
Solo 448 on the R71. 366 on the 73! 930 on V1, 935 on X38.
934 on V1/3 (later replaced by branded 944). 233 on Mickleover, 62 on TP, 63 on RA, 891 on X17.
Jack reports 667 on the RA.
936 on the Calverton Connection! Thanks Perry.

Thurs 29th:
Dart 934 on loan to Derby and on route 71. 930 on V1/3.
Excel 257 was involved in an RTA. Dart 905 was the replacement bus. Thanks Dan.

Wed 28th:
Jim reports 665 on the sixes 6.1 - replacing Solo 448. 448 went on to Mickleover replacing 667 which went back to Meadow Rd!
233 on TP. 934 on Amberline, 949 H1, 111 on Unibus 6. Thanks Chris.

Tue 27th:
Dan reports 933 on the 90 and Solo 405 on the Rainbow 3B.
253 on pronto. Thanks Dave.
667 on Sixes 6.1/4/X. 63 on TP. Thanks James.

Mon 26th:
Dart 935/7 on X38, 930 on V1/3. There was a Dart parked at the back of Meadow Rd too - but 933 is reported back at Sutton!
Scania 665 on Spondon Flyer, 667 on Mickleover. Vario 290 on X17.
Unibus Paladin 104 and Excel 234 on TP. Coach 63 on the Red Arrow, and Dart 897 on Airline Shuttle.
Dan reports: Dart 946 on loan to Sutton - on the 241. Excel 253 on Pronto. Solo 403 on the Rainbow 3b.

Sat 24th:
Dart 935 on X38, 937 on V1/3.
Dan reports 900 on Cotgrave Connection, and Scanias 638 & 664 on the R1.
A panel fell of R3 Excel 242 aswell, damaging a tyre. It was taken to Manvers St garage for attention.

Fri 23rd:
Dart 937 on the X38. 234 on Mickleover, 665 on SF.
Dart 935, Scania 667 and Solo 447 on Allestree. Only 447 on later in the day though, by which time A garage looked quite empty at Meadow Rd, and the car park quite full of spare LF buses, including 199, and an R3 Excel! Paladin 119 on the 35.

Thurs 22nd:
Amber line Dart 947 broke down in Derby this morning. Thanks Chris.
Chris reports 233 on RA, 234 on Mickleover. Dart 937 on V3.
665 SF, 669 R5, Loacal bus Pladin 127 on the 17A (in place of 152) - prob on the 35 earlier too. 253 on pronto.

Wed 21st:
Dart 930 and Frio Excel 199 on Transpeak again!
Darts 934 and 946 on the Amberline. Thanks John.
An Excel on the Mickleover, and another on V2. Scania 665 on SF.

Tue 20th:
Excels 233/4 both on Mickleover.
Frio Excel 199 on the TP to Manchester! Thanks John.
In Nottingham Pery reports: Excel 900 on route 18 with "Barton" on the destination display. Excel 253 on Pronto, Solo 440 on RL, Scanias 668 on Xprss, 669 on R5.
Dan reports Vario 275 on the 145.

Mon 19th:
Scanias 665 on SF, 667 on RA, 636 on R4.
Dart 930 on X38, 936 on amberline, and 937 on V1/3, Excel 234 on V2.
Paladins 106/7 both on Derby Unibus route 6.

Sat 17th:
A branded Dart broke down on Amber Line and was replaced by spare Dart 946.
Darts 904 on R3B, 906 on R3C.
Coach 63 on RA, Solo 447 on Allestree.

Fri 16th:
Chris reports Dart 937 on RA. Solo 447 on Allestree, 234 on Mickleover.
Ian reports Solo 425 on the Amber Line, and Scania 669 on the R5.
Dan reports 101 on high peak Unibus route 6. 106 was on the Derby Unibus route 6.
Dart 936 lost all steering for a time near Kirkby this morning, whilst on route 90. It was replaced, and taken in to Sutton garage.
Perry reports that Calverton Scania 628 has been off all week, with Excel 253 covering. This has meant there has been no spare Excels for R3 or Pronto (252 is away for repairs).

Thurs 15th:
Dan reports that a nines Solo broke down near Kirkby this morning. 275 sent out as the replacment? Pronto Excel 254 broke down in Chesterfield too - not a good day for Sutton! Thanks Chris.
Dart 930 on TP, 937 on V1/3. Unibus Paladin 108 in Derby on route 6 and 891 on X17. Thanks Chris.
Excel 234 and Scania 667 on RA. Dart 946 on Amber Line. 665 on X38. Dart 939 swapped for 935 on the 71. Thanks Chris.
Dan reports Dart 903 on 3B (later replaced by branded bus), and 936 on 3A.

Wed 14th:
Ben reports Unibus Paladin 104 and Excel 233 on TP (104 replaced 61). Darts 932 and 935 on N+D High peak Unibus services too!
Dart 949 on BC, N+D Darts 891 College bus, 892 X17. Scania 667 on 6.1/4/X. Thanks Chris.
Dan reports 638 on R1. 897 on AL, and Arriva liveried Citybus 739 on route 70.

Tue 13th:
Frio Excel 201 on the Skyline 199. Thanks John. Frio Excel 199 on Mickleovers, Dart 937 on V1/3. Thanks Chris.

Mon 12th:
The road at Blackbrook on the sixes 6.1 has reopened, so the usual sixes buses were back on freeing up the Darts. 667 was on the 6.1/4/X in place of 683.
Darts 930/3 on V1/3 (942 replaced 933), and 937 on the ONE (937 later on TP - back to Matlock!) - 233 also on TP. Dart 936 on the 90 an 906 on R3B. Thanks Dan.
665 on X38 this afternoon replacing branded 929 (although 935 reported on there this morning!).
Coach 63 on RA. 234 on Mickleover, Dart 949 on BC.

Sat 10th:
Frio Excel 199 back in service on the Mickleover.

Thurs 8th:
Sixes Scania 690 on the V3 to Burton! Thanks Perry.
Spare coaches 62/3 and Excel 234 on RA! 665 on in the evening. Thanks Perry.
Scanias 665 on V1/3, 667 on X38. Thanks Fred.
Dart 933 on Mickleover, along with Excel 233. Both 447/8 on Allestree. 900 reported as off road, so wonder what was on 6.1?
Dart 936 on loan to Sutton. On route 90 today. Thanks Dan.
Dart 902 on R3B, Scania 639 on BC, 637 and 664 on R1.

Wed 7th:
Dart 936 on the BC, and Excel 253 on the Rainbow 3B. Thanks Dan.
Solo 448 on X38. Later replaced by branded Dart 929, and 448 went to Matlock to cover short 6.1's (419 took off). Thanks Fred.
Scania 667 on V1/3. 447 on Allestree.
Andy reports both 62/3 on RA, Solo's 402 - 9.2, 431 - RC, and spare Scanias: 636 R5, 637 R1, 638 R2, and 669 R4.

Tue 6th:
Scania 636 R4, 665 on IF, 666 on R5, Excel 233 on Mickleover, Dart 935 V2.

Mon 5th:
Excels 233/4 on Mickleover. 233 broke down on Victoria Street and was recovered by Burrows.
Scania 665 on RA, 668 R5, 448 + 900 on 6.1, 298 on X17.
935 on V1/3.

Sat 3rd March:
448 and 234 on Mickleover in the morning. Solo 448 later on 6.1 replacing Dart 937 which managed 1 round trip after being off for quite a few weeks! Excel 900 also on 6.1. Thanks Dan.
Coach 63 on RA, replaced 67. Thanks Dan. Dart 935 on Villagers V1/3. Thanks Fred.

Fri 2nd March:
Sixes Scania 688 replaced by regular Dart 938 during the afternoon.
Scania 667 on the Mickleover, 234 on "the ONE, 233 on Villagers. Solo 448 on HQ
N+D minibus 298 on the hospital shuttle H1. 290 on X17. Trent buses Paladin 101 on Unibus route 6, before 132 made its debut in its new livery.
Dart 906 on the 9.1. Solo 448 did a trip on the TP (Buxton and back), with what i assume to be 447 on the HQ. Later on, one was back at Meadow Rd and the other was on Allestree!

Thurs 1st March:
Solo 426 on the H1. Excel 233 on V1/3 (replaced 448), 234 on Mickleover. Scania 665 on SF. Thanks Chris.
Dart 905 on Pronto. Thanks Dan.

Wed 28th Feb:
Excel 252 smashed into the back of NCT Omnidekka 744 on Wednesday morning, thankfully no serious injuries. Excel 253 replaced it on the Calverton Connection.
Sixes Scania 688 replaced 900 on the 71. 900 went onto the 6.1, where it took 448 off - 448 went onto Allestree! 938 still off - failed MOT. Thanks John.
Solo 447 on the 6.1 (Derby to Bakewell) along with Darts 930/3 and Excel 900 (so 935/7 off).
Scania 667 on SF, 669 on R5. Excel 233 on V1/3, 234 on Mickleover. Dart 946 on amberline.
Paladin 104 on Transpeak to Manchester. Thanks John.

Tue 27th:
Sixes Scania 683 did at least one trip on the Mickleover in the afternoon.
Dan reports Trent Solo 404 on Midland General route 146 in Sutton.
Excel 900 on route 71 after replacing Solo 447 early in the afternoon. Thanks Jim.
Excel 233 on the V1/3, 234 on Mickleover. Solo's 447/8 on 6.1, one after yet another Dart break down.
Scania 667 on the Ilkeston Flyer. Arriva liveried Citybus 738 on route 17 to Duffield.
In the Nottingham area Perry reports: Scanias: 636 Ruddington Connection, 666 - R5, 668 and 669 - Cotgrave Connection. Excels: 252 - Calvertons, 253 R3.

Mon 26th:
Sixes Scania 689 on Mickleover, before being replaced by 667 (which was on SF earlier in the day). Thanks Chris.
Another sixes Scania, 690 was on the 71, after Dart 930 failed in Belper. 933 was replaced by Solo 448 in Middleton after a break down and Unibus Paladin 104 on TP. Thanks John.
Dart 906 on Midland General route 146 in Sutton. Thanks Dan.
233 on V1/3, 234 on Mickleover, 457 on H1, 946 on BC, and 891 on X17.
In Nottingham Perry reports: Excel 252 on the Calverton Connection Excel 253 on the R3, Scania's 664 and 639 on the R1, 638 on the 21, 636 on the Bingham Xprss and Solo 442 on Radcliffe Lines.

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