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July 2006

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Arriva Derby

Sat 29th:
Ian Morrish found former Derby Volvo Ailsa 112 (SCH 112X) at Pastures Garden Centre (between Conisburgh & Mexborough) in South Yorkshire. It has been used as a "smarties fun bus" at some time. Ians photo can be seen by clicking HERE.

Fri 21st:
Richard reports the following in the workshop at Ascot Drive:
4134, 4137, 4157 and 4570. They are likely to remain withdrawn from service.

Thurs 20th:
The front NS top corner has been destroyed on one of the NC yellow schoolbus Citybuses. Thanks David.

Fri 14th:
Tally Ho have sold former Derby Citybus (B140 GAU) to Ambassador Coaches, Great Yarmouth.
Volvo B10BLEs 3604/5 now carry white adverts on the back for Derby college.

Tue 20th June:
Andy reports that due to summer changes in the Fox County area, R reg Varios 1174/5/6 will replace N reg Mercedes minibuses 1377/8/81. This will just leave 1379 (the repaint) from this batch in service at Derby. More changes will probably happen later in the year when Leicester recieve their 56 reg buses. 

Mon 31st:
Dart 2215 still missing on the Pride Park & Ride route 111. MPD 2222 was out today, and 2217 was on route 19 - still no sign of the Excels! Thanks John.
Dart 2226 & Volvo B10BLE 3604 on route 26, & Chellaston branded Dart 2231 on the 109 to Ashbourne.
Chaos caused in Derby today due to road closures, leading to Citybuses 4335/6 appearing on the 26, and Dart 2235 on the 44 and probably many more! Thanks Chris.

Sat 29th:
Alvaston Olympian 4639 on route 20, and MPD 2222 was on route 60 in the morning.
Volvo b10BLEs 3604/5 on the 26 once again.

Fri 28th:
Chellaston Dart 2232 on the 19, Volvo B10BLEs 3604/5 on the 26.
MPD 2217 on the 111 PP&R (2215 missing).
Citybus 4347 on the Chellaston routes. Dart 2227 on the 44 in the evning rush.

Thurs 27th:
East lancs Dart 2197 on the 29, 3605 on the 24.
3604 on the 19, and 2226 on the 111 PP&R.
Chellaston Dart 2232 on the 109 to Ashbourne.

Wed 26th:
Chellaston Dart 2237 and MPD 2217 reported on the 111 PP&R! Dart 2228 was on route 19.
East Lancs Dart 2198 and Olympian 4639 on the low floor Chellason routes. Thanks Chris.
Olympian 4630 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 38 too. 3604 on the 26.

Tue 25th:
Chellaston Dart 2233 on the 26, then later on the 19 to Spondon.
An Olympian and one of the former London Citybuses were on route 22.
MPD 2223 on the 109 and Olympian 4626 on the 37.

Mon 24th:
DAF 4742 on the Chellaston routes & Chellaston Dart 2231 on the 26.
MPD 2224 on the 109 & Citybus 4391 on the 22 to Oakwood.

Fri 21st:
Olympian 4640 on the 26.
Alvaston branded 4626 on route 20, which also had another Olympian and a Citybus on today.
4742 and a GUM Dart on the Sinfin routes, and 3604 was on the 109 to Ashbourne.
Chellaston Dart 2238 on the 111 PP&R.

Thurs 20th:
DAF 4736 on the 68 this afternoon. Thanks Chris.
Citybus 4349 was on the 68A this morning before being replaced by 3605.

Wed 19th:
Dart 2227 on the 29 to Mackworth. Thanks Chris.
All the DAF's seemed to be out today! Spare Volvo B10BLE's 3604/5 appeared on route 20.

Tue 18th:
Citybus 4345 replaced a DAF on the 26. The other two buses on that route were 3604 and Chellaston Dart 2233.
DAF 47442 on the 29.

Fri 7th:
Olympian 4639 on the 38 to Sinfin, Citybus 4332 on the 45 to Alvaston.
MPD 2217 on the 68, along with Citybus 4331. Dart 2089 on the 29 to Mackworth.
Thanks to Chris for todays sightings.

Tue 4th:
John reports MPD 2217 on the 19.
Chris reports Excel 2999 on the 26.
Dart 2090 was on the 37 all day, 4627 on the 29.
Heavy traffic in Derby, led to Olympian 4666 on the 22, and MPD 2222 and Citybus 4348 being on the 26.

Mon 3rd:
Chris reports Olympian 4667 on the 24 & Excel 2998 on the 111 Pride Park & Ride (all day). Minibus 1370 appeared on the 29.
2999 on the 109 to Ashbourne - so what was on the 19!

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Sat 29th July:
One of 30th of thier former Trent Dennis Lance Optare Sigmas (N358/9VRC) are for sale.

Fri 26th May:
There are two white Optare Solos here, (CE52 UXF) & (CE52 UWZ) and both came from BEBB's. Thanks Chris.


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Fri 14th July:
Probably old news but (TAZ 8112) is now with AOT Coaches, Nottingham.

Tue 13th June:
Chris reports that minibuses (G967 NAO) & (G697 NUB) are now withdrawn. These are stored at the unused Prospect court depot near Ripley, along with National Greenway (JIL 2195) which is also withdrawn.
Thanks Chris.

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Thurs 27th:
Dart (X711 GJU) on the IF today. Thanks Chris.

Wed 26th:
Volvo/Alexander Strider (M301 KRY) on the Ilkeston Flyer, before being replaced by Dart (X711 GJU). Thanks Chris.

Tue 25th:
Dart (X711 GJU) on the Ilkeston Flyer today - thanks Chris.

Tue 13th June:
Former Felix Volvo B10LB/Alexander (S590 KJF) has been sold on by Suffolk operator Beestons of Hadliegh, and is now with Go-Ahead Group, operating with Go North East.
Thanks Chris.        

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Thurs 29th June:
Another coach here is Volvo B10M/Plaxton thought to be (L776 LUJ) and carries Travel Master names. Thanks Chris.

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Harpurs Coaches

Mon 31st July:
Metrobus (B287 WUL) is now withdrawn, and is being used for spares.

Mon 22nd May:
Another arrival here is Volvo/Plaxton coach (P403 MDT). 


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Hawkes Coaches

Fri 24th April:
Coach (NBZ ****) has got new black coloured fleet names on the white livery, as has one of the other coaches. 

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Hulleys of Baslow

Tue 4th July: 
Dennis Javelin / caetano algarve C53F number 8 (H179 EJF) has been sold to Scania coach sales, Worksop.
Volvo B7R/Plaxton Profile (C53F), (MX04 AAE) is the replacment from Swan, Chaderton. It has been painted the wrong colour, for photos click below:
PHOTO 3 Thanks to Ian for this information and photos.

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Johnson Bros tours/Redferns Travel

Fri 21st: 
New here is Ford Transit/Optare Bonito mini-coach! (YJ06 YRA).

Fri 14th: 
Two more Leyland Olympian/ECW have been acquired, from Go North East, one of them is (C672 LJR).

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Littles Travel

Fri 7th: 
(VKE 565S) onb until late afternoon when it was replaced by the Metrorider.

Thurs 6th: 
National (VKE 565S) on route 9 today, following the faliure of the MetroRider.

Thurs 29th June: 
National (TAE 638S) on route 9 today.

Sun 18th: 
Mark reports Van Hool B10M (R5 ONH) - ex national holidays.

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T M Travel

Fri 16th June: 
The second ex Dublin Olympian has now entered service here and has been regestered J628CEV. Thanks Chris.

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Mon  31st:
The nines started today, and 413 is out, the last to be refurbished for that route. Thanks Chris.
Frio Excel 199 has gone to Dove Holes (from Sutton where it was on loan).

Sat  29th:
Solo 412 has appeared in the nines livery.
Bowers are selling both former Trent/N+D Dennis Lance/Optare Sigmas (former 358/9).
Dukes travel are selling at least 1 of their ex trent Deltas through Stafford Bus Centre. 303 is one of them.

Fri  28th:
411 is the latest Solo in the nines livery. 412/3 should be the last done. Solos 401-5 expected in Trent Barton livery (404 already done).
Villager Dart 943 has yet to return to Meadow Rd, still away for refurbishment.

Tue  25th:
407, and 410 are the lastest Solo to appear in "the nines" livery.

Thurs  20th:
Former Skyline Excel 210 has joined 198 at Hunts of Alford.
225 has branding for Skyline on the front panel. Seems asthough its swapped panels with 262!

Mon  17th:
Solos 406/7/8/9, 443/4/5/6 have been repainted for the nines. And 412/13 are currently at Langley Mill for repainting.  This leaves just 410/1 I think.
No sign of Villager Dart 943 as yet.

Fri  14th:
The two former Arriva Citybuses are set to be repainted, and will be the first deckers to carry this notts + derby livery.
Solo 443 is the latest Solo to appear in the nines livery. 
Dart 931 is currently at Manvers St, on loan. Its been used on several routes - including the 18 which it has blinds fitted for.
The preserved PD3/Titan thats stored at Belper has been moved and is now parked on the ramp.

Sat  8th :
Adrian reports that Excels 168 and 195 (ex R5/Mickleover) have disappeared! Kinch minibus 817 may also be withdrawn.
Paladins 124, 131, 134 and 137 are now being used as driver trainers.

Tue  4th :
Adrian reports both Lances 355 and 356 with Go Goodwin, Eccles.
Vario 296 is with Mabberley (t/a Sureline) of Portland, Dorset.

Fri  30th June:
Nines Solos 409 & 444 are back from Langley Mill, repainted and refurbished.
Dennis Lance 356 is now with Go-Goodwins, Eccles.
The Tesco Xprss route will be withdrawn from 4th September, and the day time frequency of the 23 increased to every 15 minutes.
Amber Line - the new name for the 125 - will start from the same date, with two Darts likely to be branded for this. The route will terminate at Eastwood (the Eastwood to hucknall section removed).

Mon 31st:
Allestree Solo 464 appeared on the Villager!! This broke down and was replaced by Unibus Lance 367! 937 also on Villager. Thanks John.
Solos 447/8 both on the Allestree, though 447 later on Mickleover!
667 on the Spondon Flyer, 669 R4. Thanks Chris.

Sat 29th:
Dart 937 on the V1/3, Scania 665 on the SF, 639 on BC.

Fri 28th:
Belper Dart 939 appeared on the Mickleover whilst Solo 447 appeared on the 71. Dart was back on 71 by late afternoon, 447 on Mickleover.
Dart 930 and Excel 233 on the transpeak.
Derby College Paladin 121 on N+D route 17.
Dart 937 on the Villager.
Paul reports: Barton Dart 916 (P916 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection, & Solo 441 (FP51 GXV) on the Radcliffe Line.

Thurs 27th:
Unibus Lance 368 on the Mickleover!! Solo 447 on the V2 (early morning). Thanks John.
Solos 447 & 448 on the Mickleover (Solo replaced the Lance?)! Dart 935 on the V3.
Scania 665 on the Red Arrow, 667 on Spondon Flyer and 636 on the R4. Thanks Chris.

Wed  26th:
Solo 447 on the V2, 448 and Excels 234 and 189 on the Mickleover.
Paladin 101 on the transpeak, & 899 on the AL.
Both Scanias 665 & 667 on the SF. Darts 930/5 on the V1/3 also. Thanks Chris.

Tue  25th:
Chris reports: On the Mickleover: Unibus Lance 367 (later replaced), Solo 448 Scania 667 and Excel 189.
Solo 457 on H1, 669 - R4, 937 - TP.
665 on SF, and 233 on the ONE yet again.

Mon  24th:
Derby College Paladin 121 did at least one run on the Allestree RED route this afternoon.
Unibus Lance 363 on the Red Arrow along with Coach 62.
Dart 937 on the TP. 665 on the SF and 667 on the Mickleover.
Solo 447 also on the Mickleover with 448 on the Allestree and Scania 668 on the R4.
899 on the AL once again.
there was also a red Dart on the Villager and a ONE Excel (and a TP one) in Meadow Rd.

Sat  22nd:
In Derby: Scania 667 and Dart 935 on Mickleover, 930 on the V1/3 and 937 on V2.
63 on RA, 665 on SF, and Kinchbus 899 on the AL.
Unibus Lance 365 on the TP aswell as Excel 234.
Rainbow 4 Scania 670 broke down in Sandiacre at about 7pm.
668/9 on the Radcliffe Line aswell as a Dart! thanks Paul. Scania 637 on route 15.

Fri  21st:
John reports Paladins 105 & 106 on the Mickleover this morning!! Both had been replaced by the afternoon.
Both Scanias, 665 & 667 on the Spondon Flyer today.
Excel 233 on the ONE, and Solo 447 & Dart 935 on the Mickleover aswell as 189.
Lance 364 was on the short TP to Buxton, although this was later replaced by Paladin 105. 234 was also on the TP to Buxton.
Kinchbus had Dart 897 on the AL.
Jim reports Tesco Xprss Dart 948 on route 23!

Thurs  20th:
Some very unusual workings today - and a quite a few free journeys as a result i expect.
Unibus branded Dennis Lance/Optare Sigmas:
365 - Red Arrow, then later on the Spondon Flyer,
366 - on the V1/3 - this replaced 369 which overheated. 369 was out because branded Dart 942 was took off with accident damage.
An unidentified one was on the Mickleover at about 9:30 in the morning.
Scania 636 on loan to Derby, on the Mickleover today. Still not enough LF buses available though!
Some less unusual ones were: Excel 233 - the ONE (on Mickleover in morning), 234 - TP, 665 - SF, 667 - 6.2, 447 - Allestree. I assume 448 was on HQ as the branded Solo was off the road.
Darts 930/7 on V1/3.
Dart 935 on the HQ, Solo 447 Allestree, 448 on the short 6.1.
Oh and 899 was on the AL - this has Kinchbus names on the side now.

Wed  19th:
Excel 233 replaced Scania 683 this afternoon on the sixes 6.2. 234 was on the TP.
Scanias 665 on the SF (in place of 634) & 667 on the Mickleover.
Darts 930 on the X38, 935/7 on the V1/3. Thanks to Chris for most of todays sightings.
Paul reports Scania 669 on the Radcliffe Line in place of Tempo 306. One of the LEX Solos did a trip on this too.

Tue  18th:
Chris reports Scania 636 on the R4, 937 on the X38.
Solo 447 and Darts 930/5 all on the Villager.
Solo 448 on the TP, later on Mickleover. 189 also on Mickleover.
665 - SF, 637 - BC, 234 TP, 425 on the 125.
667 on the R61.
Allestree Solo 465 on suspended tow also at about 5pm. This was replaced by non low floor N+D Dart 892.

Mon  17th:
Notts + Derby Paladin 127 on the Spondon Flyer this afternoon.
Solo 448 on the Spondons too this evening, and Scania 665 was on earlier in the day.
Solo 447 on the RA, later replaced by Scania 667. 447 replaced branded 230 on the Mickleover, 189 also on there. Thanks to Chris for much of the above.
Dart 930 on the V1, coach 62 and Excel 234 on the TP. 233 on the ONE.
Paladin 105 on driver training.

Fri  14th:
Hospital MPD 950 was out of use in the morning but returned later on. Out in its place was Dart 891.
Dart 935 on the V1/3, Excels 233 on the ONE and 234 on the TP. Dart 937 was on the TP to Manchester!
Scania 665 on Mickleover, 667 on Spondon Flyer.
Frio Excel 199 on the 93, Scania 664 on BC. Thanks Chris.

Wed  12th:
Excels 189, 234, Dart 935 and Solo 448 on the Mickleover earlier!
John reports Darts 930 & 937 on the V1/3.

Tue  11th:
Excel 233 on the Mickleover, and Scania 666 on the R4.
Solo 414 on route 15, and Sixes Scania 691 off the road at Derby.
Sixes Solo 419 appeared on the V1/3 in the afternoon, whilst an Allestree Solo was up at Matlock doing the short 61 run.

Mon  10th:
John reports Darts 930 on the V2 & 937 on the V1/3.
Excel 189 on the Mickleover, aswell as both spare Scanias 665/7.
Chris reports Excel 234 on the transpeak and Solo 447 on the Allestree.
Paladin 128 on the Derby College Shuttle, as 153 is off the road.

Fri  7th:
Dart 937 and Excel 234 on Mickleover. 930 on Villager.

Thurs  6th:
Dart 935 on the V1/3, Excels 233 TP, 234 Mickleover.
Scania 665 & Dart 930 reported on the Spondon Flyer.
Scania 665 on the 6.3 at 23:35 from Derby.
Coach 62 on the RA.
947 on the BC - later replaced by 217 - 947 put onto Rainbow 2.

Wed  5th:
Dart 930, Scania 665 (and Excel 234 later) on the Mickleover.
Solo 466 on the H1.
N+D Olympian 716 has a new advert for busads on the back.
Spare Solos 447 Allestree, 448 Harlequin. Both had been replaced by early evening though.
667 was put onto the ONE to Ashbourne in the afternoon.
Mickleover Excel 230 did a trip on the Spondon Flyer, due to all the buses on the route being stuck in traffic. Derby was at a stand still.
At Meadow Rd Excel 189, and Dove Holes Excel 212/25 were in for repair.

Tue  4th:
Dart 930 on the Mickleover this morning, although had joined 937 on the V1/3 by the afternoon. Thanks John.
Chris reports Excels 233 on the Transpeak, 234 on Mickleover. Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer.
jim reports coach 62 on the RA.
Ex trent Delta 310 (J310 BVO) is back in the area with Speedwell, Glossop. This has arrived from Norfolk area operator Konect, who have several former Trent buses.

Mon  3rd:
Dart 930 on the Mickleover.
Dale reports Kinchbus Titan (WYV 62T) on route 2 to Leicester.
Unibus Lance 369 on the Derby College Shuttle in place of Excel 153.

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