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June 2006

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Arriva Derby

Tue 20th:
Andy reports that due to summer changes in the Fox County area, R reg Varios 1174/5/6 will replace N reg Mercedes minibuses 1377/8/81. This will just leave 1379 (the repaint) from this batch in service at Derby. More changes will probably happen later in the year when Leicester recieve their 56 reg buses.

Sat 20th May:
Minibuses 1372 and 1376 (now at Hinckley) are now withdrawn. Thanks Richard.

Fri 30th:
Olympian 4626 on the 38, DAF 4742 on the 37. MPD 2224 on 109.
4393 on the 26 this afternoon.

Thurs 29th:
Citybus 4320 on the 24, & 4334 on the 68A. Thanks Chris.
MPD 2217 broke down on the 36 too.

Wed 28th:
3604 on the 26, later on the Chellaston routes (4742 the replacement on 26). A DAF break down on 26 led to Excel 2999 appearing on the route. This was later replaced (in the afternoon) by Citybus 4391!
2999 later appeared on the 24!
Richard reports Olympian 4639 on the Chellaston routes & Derby Citybus 4335 on the 45.

Tue 27th:
Volvo B10BLE 3604 on route 19, and the peak time 111 PP&R.
Excel 2999 on the 111 PP&R all day.
Chellaston Dart 2231 on the 109 to Ashbourne.

Mon 26th:
Citybus 4333 was on the 26 during the morning.
Dart 2089 on the 36 to Sunnyhill. Thanks Chris.

Fri 23rd:
Chellaston Darts on Oakwood routes today. 2233 on the 22 & 2234 on the 26, along with 3604.
John reports: Minibus 1391 was on the 20, Alvaston branded Olympian 4642 was on the Sinfin, Excel 2299 was on Chellastons, minibus 1381 was on the 36.

Tue 20th:
Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 22, and DAF 4718 unusually on route 20.

Mon 19th:
A Minibus (thought to be 1379) was on the 26 first thing, did at least 2 trips. Was later replaced by MPD 2217.
3604 on the 26 & 3605 on the 22 or 24.

Fri 16th:
Volvo B10BLE 3605 and MPD 2223 on the 26.
MPD's 2222 & 2224 were on the Chellaston routes.
Chellaston Dart 2234 on the 109 to Ashbourne.
Alvaston Olympian 4626 on the 38 alongside Volvo B10BLE 3604.

Thurs 15th:
Excel 2999 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 26.

Wed 14th:
Excel 2998 on the Chellaston routes.

Tue 13th:
Dart 2232 on route 26, Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 22.

Mon 12th:
Dart 2227 on the 22, 2228 on the 26.
Excel 2999 on the Chellaston routes, aswell as Olympian 4639!

Fri 9th:
Volvo B10BLes 3604 on the 24, 3605 on 26.
Dart 2228 on the 44.

Thurs 8th
Citybus 4335 on the 68 during the afternoon. Thanks Richard.

Wed 7th
Dart 2234 was on the 26 after a DAF broke down on the 26 early on in the day. A B reg, and an ex London Citybus were used before the dart was allocated.

Sat 3rd:
Citybus 4320 on the 45 today, and Dart 2090 on the 33.
Excels 2998/9 both on the 20 along with Dart 2089. 2999 was later replaced by Olympian 4640.
DAF 4734 on the 29, and then the 68.
Dart 2231 on the 40/41 this evening.
Volvo B10BLEs 3604 on the 24, 3605 on the 26.

Fri 2nd:
Citybus 4329 on the 26 this afternoon.

Wed 24th May:
A minibus (1378?) on the 41!! Thanks John.

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Fri 26th May:

There are two white Optare Solos here, (CE52 UXF) & (CE52 UWZ) and both came from BEBB's. Thanks Chris.


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Tue 13th:
Chris reports that minibuses (G967 NAO) & (G697 NUB) are now withdrawn. These are stored at the unused Prospect court depot near Ripley, along with National Greenway (JIL 2195) which is also withdrawn.
Thanks Chris.

Sat 27th May:
New here is Mercedes Minibus (M273 URC) from Notts + Derby (Wellglade).  Thanks Duncan. 

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Tue 13th:
Former Felix Volvo B10LB/Alexander (S590 KJF) has been sold on by Suffolk operator Beestons of Hadliegh, and is now with Go-Ahead Group, operating with Go North East.
Thanks Chris.

Wed 26th April:
Sold here are Volvo Coaches (R705/706 MNU).  The two new coaches have replaced these. 
Also Sold are Leyland Tigers (F697 HNU) & (D345YDO), the later going to a Birmingham operator for schools work (it was already painted yellow).  Thanks to Chris for this information.       

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Thurs 29th June:
Another coach here is Volvo B10M/Plaxton thought to be (L776 LUJ) and carries Travel Master names. Thanks Chris.

Fri 26th MAY:
Acquired from Dove Valley Poultry, Ashbourne is former Colchester Leyland Lynx (E35 EVW), currently operating in Dove Valley grey.
Sold for scrap is another Lynx, former Hulleys (G43 VME) along with one of the Leyland Tiger coaches.  Thanks Chris. 

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Harpurs Coaches

Mon 22nd May:
Another arrival here is Volvo/Plaxton coach (P403 MDT).

Fri 5th:
A recent arrival (one of a few??) is Volvo B10M/Plaxton coach (D922 UOD), still in Grey Cars, Newton Abbot. 


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Hawkes Coaches

Fri 24th April:
Coach (NBZ ****) has got new black coloured fleet names on the white livery, as has one of the other coaches. 

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Hulleys of Baslow

Mon 5th: 
Ian reports that Dennis Javelin/Caetano number 8 (H179 EJF) is to be replaced shortly by an 04 registered Volvo B7R / Plaxton Profile ex Swans of Chadderton.

Thurs 2nd March: 
The slim line Optare Solo here is (MX06 ACV). It is no1 and replaces Minibus (N847 YHH) which has been sold to Abbey Coaches of Hull. Thanks to Ian for this info, and this

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Littles Travel

Thurs 29th: 
National (TAE 638S) on route 9 today.

Sun 18th: 
Mark reports Van Hool B10M (R5 ONH) - ex national holidays.

Tue 13th: 
National (TAE 638S) remained on route 9 on Sat/Mon, and much of Tuesday - although the Metrorider has now returned!

Fri 9th: 
National (TAE 638S) on route 9 this afternoon.

Thurs 27th April: 
The MetroRider minibus is back on route 9 today. 

Fri 21st: 
National (VKE 565S) on route 9 today & yesterday.

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T M Travel

Fri 16th: 
The second ex Dublin Olympian has now entered service here and has been regestered J628CEV. Thanks Chris.

Fri 26th May: 
The second ex Dublin Olympian/Alexander has now arrived, its Dublin regestration being (92 D 126). Once this enters service Metrobus (KYV 800X) will be withdrawn.
Several sales to report: Mercedes VarioPlaxton Cheetah (W44 TMT) has been sold to Plaxton, Anston (dealer). DAF SB220/Ikarus (J25 GCX) to Wealdon PSV, Tonbridge (dealer). Leyland Titan (OHV 713Y) to Hardwick, Carlton for scrap and DAF SB220/Ikarus (J53 GCX) and Mercedes Benz/Alexander mini (K855 ODY) have both gone via auction at Bell Vue, Manchester.  Thanks Chris. 

Thurs 18th: 
The Plaxton Centro has suffered accident damage already! A double decker reversed into the front of it at the depot last Friday and is now at Plaxton, Anston for repairs.
Ex London Olympian (D147 FYM) has also had an accident, suffered at Brimington and this is now withdrawn. The other Dublin Olympian is now due at the end of this month.
Thanks to Chris for this info.

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Fri  30th June:
Nines Solos 409 & 444 are back from Langley Mill, repainted and refurbished.
Vario 296 is now with Portland in Dorset.
Dennis Lance 356 is now with Go-Goodwins, Eccles.
The Tesco Xprss route will be withdrawn from 4th September, and the day time frequency of the 23 increased to every 15 minutes.
Amber Line - the new name for the 125 - will start from the same date, with two Darts likely to be branded for this. The route will terminate at Eastwood (the Eastwood to hucknall section removed).

Mon  26th:
John reports Villager Dart 942 back at Meadow Rd after refurbishment.

Fri  23rd:
Dart 935 has been transfered to Derby. It is expected to be refurbished some time soon! Dart 936 has been working from Ashfield/Sutton Junction too. Both buses are fitted with correct blinds.

Mon  19th:
Former Skyline Excel (now de-branded) 209 is with N+D, for use on a tempory extra shuttle for Derby City General Hospital. The new service links the car park with the new Kings Treatment Centre (which is having a car park built). The bus operates between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday. The service should run for approx 3 months.

Sat  17th:
Solos 445/6 are now in the new "the nines" livery and are in service. 444 shopuld be next out.
Rainbow 3 Excel 251 is back on the road after repaint/refurb. Villager Dart 942 should be back soon as its now repainted at least. 943 is now being done too.
On the list for refurbishment are 261/3/4 for the Skyline and Dart 935.

Wed  7th:
Minibus 45 has NOT been sold to Proctors.
Minibus 296 & Lance 356 are not on the latest allocation list so may have been sold.

Fri  2nd:
The Excels that are for sale are thought to be sold! These include the 3 recently withdrawn Skyline Excels and the former V reg Mickleover Excels. More soon.....

Thurs  1st:
Dart 944 now in service in revised Villager livery. 942 is at Langley Mill, and 943 is in service in the old style livery.
The three remaining former R4 Excels (261/3/4) are still untouched at Langley Mill. They are expected to go onto the Skyline 199 route. The Mickleover Excel 220 (that cought fire!) also remains at Langley Mill for what look to be fairly extensive repairs. Trent buses Excel 189 is its temporary replacement at Derby.

Sat  27th:
N+D Minibus 273 has been sold to Doyles, where it is painted up and in service.
402 has re-appeared at Sutton, although it hasn't been repainted. The advert has been removed from the back though for some reason!

Sat  20th:
Frio Excel 199 has gone back to Sutton Junction (Ashfield). 189 is now back on the road, and fitted with Mickleover blinds only (the ones out of fire damaged 220, and more recently 199).
Solo 404 is now in service from Sutton, in Trent Barton livery. The interior has not been refurbished.

Fri  30th:
Scania 668 on the rainbow 5, Dart 937 on the Transpeak.

Wed  28th:
Transpeak Excel 157 off the road today, a Trent Barton Excel out as the replacement.
Scania 667 on the sixes 6.3.
Scania 665, Excel 234 & 189 on the Mickleover, Solo 448 on Villagers. Thanks Chris.

Tue  27th:
Chris reports 666 on the R4, 189 on the Mickleover & Dart 935 on V1/3. Unibus Paladin 106 was the extra bus on the D1 P&R.
Paul reports: Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Xprss & Excels 201 (V201 ENU) & 252 (Y252 DRC) on the Calverton Connection.

Mon  26th:
Chris reports Minibus 44 on the X17 to Borrowash, this later being replaced by 284.
Solo 448 & Dart 930 on the Villager and Excel 234 on Mickleover.
Perry reports Scanias 636 & 666 were on the Rainbow 4. 252 on the R3 & 235 on the R2.
Both spare coaches 62/3 on the RA.
Excels 201 & 253 on the Calverton Connection and 199 on Pronto!
Vario 298 & Tesco Paladin 110 on the N+D EX route.

Sat  24th:
Barton Dart 945 on the Black Cat.
Dart 930 on the V2 & 935 on the V1/3 - although 935 was later on the 71 to Belper in place of 939. 939 was back at Belper on Sunday (ready for Monday).
Fri  23rd:
Scanias 665/7 & Excel 234 on the Mickleover today.
Strangly 189 (which only has Mickleover blinds) was on "the one" (showing the shabby white box), although this had been took off by late afternoon. Thanks to Chris for todays sightings.
Barton Dart 947 on the BC.

Thurs  22nd:
2 buses are now on the Meteor Centre Park & Ride service D1. Paladin 107 was used today.
Solo 447 on the V2.

Wed  21st:
Excel 233 on "the one", 234 on the TP.
448 on the V2.

Tue  20th:
Solos 447 on Allestree, 448 on Villager.
Scania 668 on R5. Thanks to John for the above.
Excel 189 on Mickleover, Excel 233 on "the one" (in place of 265 i think - this was parked at Meadow Rd on Mon night).
Chris reports Unibus Lance 366 on the Derby College Shuttle, replacing Excel 153 early in the day.

Mon  19th:
Former Skyline Excel 209 on the H1 shuttle today, with "NHS" on the number blinds. This is the extra bus for these routes, as three buses are required for a 3 months, as an extra bus is required for a shuttle service whilst a car park is built.
John reports Darts 930/7 and Solo 448 on the Villagers & Excel 189 on Mickleover.
Chris reports Solo 447 on the Allestree, coach 62 (and 63 i think) on the RA, Barton Dart 947 on the 125 and Unibus Lance 363 on the 17A.

Sat  17th:
Coach 63 on the RA, Scania 667 on the sixes.

Fri  16th:
Scania 667 on the Mickleover, 447 on Allestree, 448 on V2. Thanks Chris.

Thurs  15th:
Red Arrow Coach 70 reported being towed into Meadow Rd this evening. Thanks Barrie.
Darts 930 and 937 on the V1/3. Solo 447 on there later in the day.

Wed  14th:
448 V2, 937 V1/3. Thanks John.

Tue  13th:
Shortage of low floor buses at Derby continues! Coach 62 was on the Mickleover until 3pm! Thanks John.
447 on the V2 once again, and Scania 667 on the Allestree. 636 on the R4.
N+D's Arriva liveried Citybus 739 was on route 70 to Barrow On Trent. Thanks Chris.

Mon  14th:
N+D Dart 891 on Trent Allestree route for much of the day. N+D Paladin 115 was on the Mickleover for a time during the morning too.
Scanias 665/7 on the sixes.
Kinch Dart 897 on the AL & Solo 447 on the V2, 448 on Mickleover (could have replaced 115).

Fri  9th:
A variety of buses on the "DOG" Donington Park, Download festival shuttle. These included former Skyline Excel 209, Kinchbus minibus 38 & Paladin 113, & Trent Paladins including 130/1/3/7 - which have been brought out of storage at Langley Mill for the event. Scania 667 on the Mickleover today.

Thurs  8th:
Solo 448 on the 71 to Belper.

Wed  7th:
Scanias 665/7 on Mickleover, 666 on R4, 466 on H1.

Tue  6th:
667 Mickleover 448, V2.
Transpeak Excels 157/8 both off the road today.

Mon 5th:
Scania 665 on the Sixes (replaced 683), 667 on Mickleover along with Excel 189. Thanks James.
Excel 233 & Solo 448 on the Transpeak, coach 63 on the Red Arrow.
Dart 937 & Solo 448 on the Villager & Solo 466 on the H1.

Sat 3rd:
Solo 448 & Dart 937 on the Villager routes, old style 943 and new style 944 also out.
Excel 233 on the Mickleover.

Fri 2nd:
Todays sightings thanks to Chris:
Mercedes 39 on the X17 today later replaced by Paladin 123.
Solo 447 on the V2, Excels 233 on the Villager and 234 Mickleover.
Derby College Paladin 121 on the 70 (Barrow On Trent).
Strange happenings on the "one" today saw both the blue Excels pass each other on Albert Street, one was going to Ashbourne and the other returning to Derby, this happening at around 13:40. Solo 448 was also on the "one" today.

Thurs 1st:
All over the shop today.
Villager. V1/3: 233 (later repainted 944), 234, Dart 937 and branded 941.
V2: 943 (old branding) & Scania 667 (later Solo 447).
Olympian 716 on the Mickleover this morning, replaced by Excel 233 which was took off the Villager route for freshly repainted 944.
Scania 665 replaced by 667 on the sixes 6.3!
447 on the Allestree (later V2 - replaced by 448!)

Wed 31st May:
Chris reports 39 on the X17 again. Dart 949 on the H1, Scania 666 on the R4 and Solo 447 on the Mickleover.
Jim reports 665 on the Sixes again - R63 this time.
Dart 930 broke down near Etwall on the V2. Thanks Adrian.
Perry reports: 948 (Tesco Xprss Dart!) on route 21!
There was a Derby Excel (233/4) on the R5 today!
Coach 62 on the RA, Scania 668 on the Bingham Xprss.
A mixture of buses on Nottinghams route 18. Solo 441, Scania 636 and Dart 916.
Excels 900 and 225 on the Skyline (199).

Tue 30th:
Mercedes 39 (L809 CJF) on the X17 today, and Excels 189, 233 and 234 and Scania 665 all on the Mickleover! (665 later on the sixes 6.1/4/X - Thanks Jim).
Scania 667 on the Spondon Flyer and Solo 447 on the "one".
Thanks to CHris for todays sightings.

Fri 26th:
Chris reports: Unibus Lance 370 is standing in for 202 on the D1 today and Excel 234 on the Mickleover.
John reports: Solo 448 on the V2, & 189 on the Mickleover.
Dart 937 and Excel 233 were operating on the sixes as extras, due to delays caused by accidents.
Paul reports: Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Rainbow 3, & Scania 666 (FH54 VRY) on the Keyworth Connection.

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