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Merry xmas & happy new year

December 2005

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Arriva Derby

Fri 23rd:
Excel 2999 is away for repaint.

Tue 20th:
Excel 2999 is currently at Thumaston!

Fri 16th:
Optare Excel 2999 (P316 FAW) has joined 2998 at Derby. Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) is back in service, now transfered to Swad. Dart 2252 (X252 HBC) could return to Derby from Swad in exchange for an MPD! Thanks to Richard for this info.

Wed 14th:
Former Arriva Citybus (A129 DTO) has been written off. It was involved in an RTA a few weeks ago. Fowlers have retained it for spares.
Several service changes from 29th January. routes 22/24 will run as circulars and be extended to cover part of route 27, which will be withdrawn. Routes 101/2 will also no longer run.

Fri 23rd:
Olympian 4640 on the Oakwoods, and MPD 2217 on route 19.

Thurs 22nd:
Citybus 4343 on the Chellaston route 68. MPD 2222 on route 19.

Tue 20th:
Schoolbus liveried Citybus 4355 was out on the 61 to Chellaston this afternoon.
Volvo B10BLE 3605 was on the 38 to Sinfin, and MPD 2218 on the 111 PP&R.

Sat 17th:
Chellaston branded Dart 2236 on the 20 (has broken electronic display).

Wed 14th:
MPD 2218 on route 29, 2222 on route 68 and Volvo B10BLEs 3604/5 on Oakwoods. 2 DAFs reported on schools.

Mon 12th:
44/45 branded Olympian 4631 on the Oakwoods this evening.

Sun 11th:
A Citybus, 4330 was out on route 44 to Alvaston today! And Volvo B10BLE 3604 was on the Oakwoods.

Sat 10th:
Dart 2194 on the 36 along with a minibus. Both Volvo B10BLEs 3504/5 on Oakwoods.
John reports DAF 4736 on the 44's, and Olympian 4643 on the 29's.

Tue 6th:
An olympian out on the Oakwoods again this evening.
MPDs 2223 on the 109 to Ashbourne and 2224 on the 111 PP&R, in place of one of the branded Darts.

Mon 5th:
Olympian 4640 on the Oakwoods today.

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Mon 17th:
Mark reports (P17 FUG) on route 331.

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Mon 19th:
Acquired here from Stagecoach Merseyside (GTL) is Dennis Dart/Alexander (J506 GCD) and is still in GTL red. Thanks Chris.

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T M Travel

Fri 16th:
The second Plaxton Primo is due here within the next week.

Fri 2nd:
Solo (V197 KNB) is not sold to Somerbus, as previously reported on here!!!

Thurs 24th:
A Solo acquired is (MX04 VLM).
The Plaxton Primo in service here is regestered (YN55 KMV).

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Tue 20th: 
Dart 939 is back in use from Belper garage. On the 71/2 today.

Mon 19th: 
Chris reports that Dart 939 is at Cummins, Lincoln to have a new engine fitted.
Some news on former Trent Nationals is that Dunn Line have scrapped 545 (UFX849X), 547 (VFX985S) and 504 (ACH504T) which it acquired with MASS, Lincoln. Another, 543 (EPT879S) has been sold to Need-A-Bus, Nottingham for further service.

Sat 17th: 
Excels 265/6 are painted for "the one" route, which will replace the 107 between Derby and Ashbourne - Trents first bus route. The livery is the same, or v similar to Rainbow 1!!!
Frio Excel 201 is now withdrawn at Langley Mill. College Paladin 121 is also stored there, may need a new floor!!
X38 Dart 929 is having the new style seats fitted.
National Express Coaches 9 to 15 will be surplus to requirements in the new year. Trent will stop operating NX duties on 31st December. The coaches are expected to be sold.
The last remaining Trent varios at Langley Mill are now thought to be withdrawn.
Darts 896, 921/3/4/5 are with Kinchbus branded for route 2, all are at Langley Mill but will be in service soon.

Of the ex Belper Darts:
917 - spare at Derby
918-20 - Kinchbus Airline Shuttle,
921 - Kinchbus route 2,
922 - spare at Derby,
923 - Kinchbus route 2,
924/5 Kinchbus route 2
930 - Spare at Derby
931 - Spare at Langley Mill
937 - stored at Langley Mill awaiting repairs.

Thanks to Adrian for much of the above.

Tue 13th: 
Reported as withdrawn are Trent Vario 278 and and Connect 5 minibus 299.
Solo 449 at Nottingham as the replacement for 299.

Mon 12th: 
Notts + Derby Paladins with rear adverts, 108 for GB Estate Agents and 109 for Chucklebutties.

Thurs 8th: 
Dart 923 reported at Kinchbus with branding for route 2. No seating fitted yet though!
Dart 913 and Solo 414 transfered to Langley Mill.
"the Sixes" Scania 684 was involved in some sort of incident today, leading to the bus being taken out of service, and replaced by coach 63.

Tue 6th: 
Darts 918/9/20 are said to be destined for the Kinchbus Airline Shuttle.

Mon 5th: 
Langley Mill Varios 278, 294-6 should have been withdrawn from today, but at least one was out on the 125 today.
Paladin 133 now in use from Derby one N+D services. Trent buses names are still applied.
Excel 202 reported at Unitec for repairs. Excels 265/6 reported there for refurbishment for Route 1 (current 107).

Sat 3rd: 
4 former Belper Darts are believed to now be with Kinchbus. 3 are branded for the AL service replacing the Varios, and a 4th in Kinch livery. More soon....
X38 Dart 929 is at Manvers St Nottingham for repairs. P&R Excel 202 was towed away for repairs earlier in the week, and hasnt been seen since.
The first refurbished Excel for the Skyline is 258, parked up at Langley Mill today.
259-64 are parked in the yard at LM in the old R4 livery. many have been re-panelled and 262 has had all seats removed. All are destined for the Skyline.
Excels 265/6 are missing. These are expected to be branded for the "Route 1", what will be current Derby to Ashbourne 107 route from January.
Stored minibuses are N+Ds 40, 274, Trent 47, 292/3/6 and Kinchbus 817.
Paladins stored are 126/9/30/2/4/8.
Stored Excels are ex Mickleover 191/2/5/6, now joined by Frio 199. The other former Mickleovers (190/3/4/7) are believed to be stored at Sutton.
The only former Belper Dart stored here is 937.
The Driver Training fleet consists of ex Micklover Excel 195, N+D Lances 355/6 and Kinch Darts 890/4.
Sutton Solos 405/8 and Nottinghams Dart 913 in for repairs at Langley Mill.
Vectas 808/11/13/15 remain stored, and Excel 200 has moved into the corner by the brook.
Coach (Y158 EAY) is on loan from Silverdale for NX work. It carries Leger Holidays names.

Fri 23rd: 
John reports Excel 189 and Dart 917 on V1/3 and Solo 447 on the V2. 922 on X38.
Unibus Paladin 104 on the transpeak.
Scanias 665 on the Mickleover, 667 on the Spondon Flyer and 669 on the R5.
Mark reports Darts 930/1 on route 125.
Chris reports Kinch Solo 436 on the AL service.
Frio Excel 201 seems to be back in use - Mark spotted it on the R3 today.
Paul reports: Solo 442 (FE02 KCZ) on the Keyworth Connection Solo 449 (FE02 KDV) on the Long Eaton Xprss.

Thurs 22nd: 
Sam reports Solo 447 on the 71/72. Missing Dart 938 was on the Villager, along with Dart 917. 922 on X38.
Chris reports Paladin 122 on the V3! Unibus Paladin 103 on the transpeak and Excel 189 on the Mickleover.
Blue N+D Vario 275 was on Midland general route 145. Thanks Mark.
Paul reports: Scania 664 (FN54 AEC) on the Rainbow 2.

Wed 21st: 
John reports Solo 447 on the V2 this morning. What else will appear this week!
Chris reports Unibius Lance 369 on the 73, Excel 189 on the Mickleover and Scania 667 on the Spondon Flyer.
Paladin 101 was on the Transpeak to (Notts to Buxton runs).
Paul reports: Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Rainbow 4.

Tue 20th: 
Villager Dart 944 was out on "the sixes" 6.3 this afternoon.
John reports coach 62 on the V2 this morning, later on the Mickleover.
Chris reports that Paladin 133 was on the Mickleover and Dart 922 on the X38 - same as yesterday! Paladin 101 was also around (on transpeak??) and Dart 891 was on the 73.
Paul reports: Solos 431 (X631 ERB), 442 (FE02 KCZ) both on the Radcliffe Line Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Rainbow 5.

Mon 19th: 
Chris reports Paladin 133 on the Mickleover, and Dart 922 on the X38. Olympian 715 and a Unibus Lance noted on route 17.
Unibus Paladin 102 on the transpeak to Manchester. Another Unibus Paladin was on the D1 P&R - 202 still not back!
John reports Unibus Lance 365 on the V2.
Mark reports Lances 355/6 on driver training in Sutton. Excel 252 on the R3 and Scania 639 on the Rainbow 1.
Paul reports: Excel 252 (Y252 DRC) on the Rainbow 3, Scania 637 (FD53 WWJ) on the Raibow 1 in the morning, on the Rainbow 2 in the afternoon, Scania 668 (FH05 TKJ) on the Rainbow 4 and Scania 669 (FH05 TKK) on the Radcliffe Line.

Sat 17th: 
Darts 917 on the 71, 922 - X38, 931 - H1.
Solo 448 - V1/3, Scania 667 - SF Blue.

Thurs 15th: 
John reports Scanias 666 on the R4 and 668 on the R5.
Neil reports Paladin 111 and Vario 275 on the C1 (at Ikea).

Wed 14th: 
Darts 917 on the 71 and 922 on the X38. Paladin 122 on the D1 Park and Ride.
Scania 667 on the Spondon Flyer, and 669 on the R5. Thanks to Chris and John for today sightings.

Tue 13th: 
Solo 448 on the transpeak to Buxton, Excel 189 on the V3, and Scania 667 on the Red Arrow.
2 Darts noted on the 125, a Barton one and 915.
Chris reports N+D Paladin 110 on the Derby College Shuttle and former Arriva Citybus 738 on Asda free bus services.
Paul reports that Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) was on the Xprss, later replaced by Solo 431 (X631 ERB).

Mon 12th: 
Dart 931 out on the 125. 667 on the sixes and Dart 917 on the 71.

Sun 11th: 
Scania 664 out on the H1 and Coach 63 on the transpeak. Spare Scania 667 parked up at Belper garage, along with "the sixes" branded 684/90. Darts 917 and 938 parked up ready for the 71 tomorrow.

Sat 10th: 
John reports Dart 930 back in use, on the X38!
Transpeak Excel 156 was on Nottingham to Manchester journeys.
Dart 917 on the 71, Solo 450 on the H1, Scania 669 on the R5, coach 62 and 667 on the RA and Dart 913 on the 125.
Derby College Shuttle Excel 153 was on the D1 Meteor P&R.
Perry reports Excels 252 on the R3 and 253 on the Calverton Connection.

Fri 9th: 
Chris reports coach 62 on the RA and Dart 948 on the 125.
Dart 892 and Paladin 133 on the Derby College Shuttle.
917 on the 71 and 939 on the Mickleover.

Thurs 8th: 
Coach 63 on the 6.3 "the sixes" route after branded 684 was taken off. Dart 917 was on route 71 to Belper.
Dart 922 on the 107 to Ashbourne. A Scania and Dart 934 on the Black Cat.
Solo 447 and Trent Barton Dart 939 on the Allestree.
Paladin 138 on driver training again today.
Notts + Derby has one of the ex Arriva Citybuses on route 17, and Olympian 716 on route 73!
Blue N+D Minibus 275 was on Midland General route 145. Thanks especially to Mark, and Chris for todays sightings.

Wed 7th: 
Scania 667 and Excel 189 reported on the 107 to Ashbourne. Only one Excel missing though - 233.
Chris reports Scania 638 on the Black Cat and Dart 917 on the Spondon Flyer.
Perry reports Excels 253 on the Pronto, 252 was on the R3. Dart 933 was on the Calverton Connection.
Dart 913 on the 125 (Derby to Hucknall).

Tue 6th: 
Chris reports that Dart 939 broke down on the 71 today, and was parked up at Belper garage this afternoon. Solo 447 was the replacement - this being on the X38 earlier on.
Excel 189 on the 107 to Ashbourne, Dart 917 on the Blue Spondon Flyer and Scania 667 on the Red Arrow.

Mon 5th: 
Villager Dart 943 on the Ilkeston Flyer!!
Coach 62 on the Transpeak and Dart 930!
Scanias 665 on the Red Arrow and 636 and 668 on the R5.
Chris reports Olympian 715 on the Derby College Shuttle in place of Paladin 121 which is off the road.
Paladin 125 on the D1 P&R, Dart 922 on the X38.

Sat 3rd: 
Dart 920 in use from Derby on the Red Arrow.
Solo 414 now in use from Langley Mill on the H1, displaying Trent buses for the destination. Was it 425 on there too? (432/4 off the road).
216 was the only branded Excel out today. Didnt see what spare buses were out!

Wed 31st: 
Darts 907 on the Borrowash Flyer today (later replaced by 899) and 892 on the 73 with Vario 297 on it later. Paladin 108 has acquired a rear end advert for GB Estate Agents.

Tue 30th: 
Chris reports: Dart 907 on the V1, Scania 669 on the R5, Excel 189 on the TransPeak and Olympian 712 on the 17.
Paul reports: Scanias 637 (FD53 WWJ) on the R1, 666 (FH54 VRY) on the R4 and 668 (FH05 TKJ) on the R5.

Mon 29th: 
Chris reports: Darts 917 and 922 on the V1/V3, Olympian 715 on Unibus route 6, Solo 414 on the H1 and Scaina 667 on the Red Arrow.

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