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August 2006

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Arriva Derby

Fri 1st:
Volvo B7/Hispano Habit demonstrator (BX03 OVZ) is to go to Fox County and be used on the new East Midlands Airport to Leicester Skylink service. This bus was first in service at Derby when new.

Sat 12th August:
Fleetline 4301 is amongst buses on loan to Cannock where extra buses are needed for V festival shuttles. It was today in service on the 862 to Cannock!

Mon 7th:
School bus liveried Citybus 4344 has recieved damage to the near side top deck pillar.
Excel 2999 is now repaired, 2998 should be done soon!

Sat 5th:
Excel 2998/9 are in for repair at Ascot Drive.
Citybus 4335 was having suspension problems in Derby today! Apparently in service, at an angle.

Sat 29th July:
Ian Morrish found former Derby Volvo Ailsa 112 (SCH 112X) at Pastures Garden Centre (between Conisburgh & Mexborough) in South Yorkshire. It has been used as a "smarties fun bus" at some time. Ians photo can be seen by clicking HERE.

Fri 21st:
Richard reports the following in the workshop at Ascot Drive:
4134, 4137, 4157 and 4570. They are likely to remain withdrawn from service.

Thurs 20th:
The front Near Side top corner has been destroyed on one of the NC yellow schoolbus Citybuses. Thanks David.

Fri 1st:
DAF 4734 on the Chellaston routes.
Chellaston Darts 2227 & 2236 on the 26.

Thurs 31st:
Dart 2237 & Volvo B10BLE 3604 on the 26.
Excel 2998 on the Chellaston routes.

Wed 30th:
Richard reports Olympians 4643 & 4666 on the Chellaston routes.
Chellaston Dart 2233 was on the 111 PP&R. Thanks Chris.

Tue 29th:
Richard reports Citybus 4325 & Olympians 4627 & 4666 on the Chellaston routes!!
Citybus 4324 was on the 22 to Oakwood.

Sun 27th:
Richard saw former London Citybuses 4324, 4325, 4327 & 4331 out today. Unusual for a Sunday!

Wed 23rd:
Dart 2237 on the 20.

Tue 22nd:
Chellaston Dart 2234 on the 26 along with 3605.

Mon 21st:
Olympian 4666 on the 68 to Melbourne, & Citybus 4336 on the 44 to Alvaston. Thanks Richard.
Alvaston Olympian 4631 on route 20, some of these on the Sinfin routes too, aswell as Volvo 3605.
Dart 2089 on the 36.

Fri 18th:
Chellaston Dart 2236 on the 26, then later on the 40/41 when it swapped with DAF 4744.
Citybus 4320 on the 45 & Excel 2999 on the 109 to Ashbourne.

Thurs 17th:
Pride Park & Ride Dart 2216 on the 109 to Ashbourne. On route 20 in the evening.
Chellaston Dart 2238 on route 29, whilst DAF 4745 was on the Sinfin routes.  2224 on the 111 PP&R.

Tue 15th:
Chris reports: East Lancs Dart 2194 on the 29 to Mackworth.
3604 on the 111 PP&R, 3605 on the 26 & MPD 2217 on the 109.

Mon 14th:
44/45 branded Olympian 4639 on the Chellaston routes today (as it was last Monday).
3604 on the Sinfins whilst 3605 was on the 26.

Sat 12th:
Dart 2090 on the 41! Excel 2999 on Chellastons.
Darts 2226/7/9 on route 20.

Fri 11th:
Chris reports MPD 2223 & Dart 2229 on route 29.
MPD 2218 on the Chellastons & 2226 on the 22 to Oakwood.

Thurs 10th:
Excel 2999 back on the 19.
MPD 2223 & Dart 2226on the 29 to Mackworth.
Chris reports Citybus 4331 on the 45, & 3605 on the 60 (Chellastons).

Wed 9th:
Dart 2226 on the 19. Volvo B10BLE 3604 on the Chellaston routes, 3605 on route 20. Thanks Chris.

Tues 8th:
Citybus 4335 on the Chellaston routes. Thanks Richard.
2252 on the 111, 2089 on the 36 & 3604 on the 24.
3605 on the Chellastons & Dart 2226 on the 109.

Mon 7th:
Quite a few today. 44/45 Alvaston branded olympians 4629 on the 20 & 4639 on the 68 - a low floor route.
Excel 2999 back out but on route 20.
Chellaston Dart 2236 on the 111 Pride Park & Ride, whilst 2237 was on the 19 and 2233 on the 109 to Ashbourne.
2090 on the 36.

Sat 5th:
Olympian 4629 on the 22 to Oakwood.
MPD 2223 on the PP&R.

Fri 4th:
Dart 2252 on the 109 to Ashbourne.
MPD 2224 on the 19, & 2222 on the 111 PP&R.

Thurs 3rd:
Citybus 4329 and an Olympian on the 26 first thing these quickly replaced though, by a DAF and Volvo B10BLE 3605, which joined 3604 on the route.
Chellaston Dart 2238 on the 19 - thanks John.
MPD 2218 on the 111 PP&R.

Wed 2nd:
Dart 2089 on the 28!! usually minibuses.
Chellaston Dart 2232 on the 111 PP&R, and MPD 2224 on the 19. Thanks to Chris for todays sightings.

Tue 1st:
MPD 2224 on the 111 PP&R. 2226 on route 19.
Citybus 4347 on the 44.

Mon 31st July:
Dart 2215 still missing on the Pride Park & Ride route 111. MPD 2222 was out today, and 2217 was on route 19 - still no sign of the Excels! Thanks John.
Dart 2226 & Volvo B10BLE 3604 on route 26, & Chellaston branded Dart 2231 on the 109 to Ashbourne.
Chaos caused in Derby today due to road closures, leading to Citybuses 4335/6 appearing on the 26, and Dart 2235 on the 44 and probably many more! Thanks Chris.

Sat 29th:
Alvaston Olympian 4639 on route 20, and MPD 2222 was on route 60 in the morning.
Volvo B10BLEs 3604/5 on the 26 once again.

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Sat 29th July:
Both of thier former Trent Dennis Lance Optare Sigmas (N358/9VRC) are for sale.

Fri 26th May:
There are two white Optare Solos here, (CE52 UXF) & (CE52 UWZ) and both came from BEBB's. Thanks Chris.


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Fri 14th July:
Probably old news but (TAZ 8112) is now with AOT Coaches, Nottingham.

Tue 13th June:
Chris reports that minibuses (G967 NAO) & (G697 NUB) are now withdrawn. These are stored at the unused Prospect court depot near Ripley, along with National Greenway (JIL 2195) which is also withdrawn.
Thanks Chris.

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Fri 4th:
The Dart was today on route 59.

Fri 4th:
The Dart on the IF today.

Thurs 3rd:
The Dart on the BC today.

Thurs 27th July:
Dart (X711 GJU) on the IF today. Thanks Chris. 

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Thurs 29th June:
Another coach here is Volvo B10M/Plaxton thought to be (L776 LUJ) and carries Travel Master names. Thanks Chris.

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Harpurs Coaches

Mon 31st July:
Metrobus (B287 WUL) is now withdrawn, and is being used for spares.

Mon 22nd May:
Another arrival here is Volvo/Plaxton coach (P403 MDT). 


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Hawkes Coaches

Fri 24th April:
Coach (NBZ ****) has got new black coloured fleet names on the white livery, as has one of the other coaches. 

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Hulleys of Baslow

Fri 5th August: 
The three ex Trent Lances have been on Park and Ride work along the Monsel Trail, due to the Bakewell Show this week. As a result Hulleys were forced to use theyre wonderful! Optare Excel. It is seen in this PHOTO on the 178 to Over Haddon. Thanks to Ian Moorcroft for the photo.

Tue 4th July: 
Dennis Javelin / caetano algarve C53F number 8 (H179 EJF) has been sold to Scania coach sales, Worksop.
Volvo B7R/Plaxton Profile (C53F), (MX04 AAE) is the replacment from Swan, Chaderton. It has been painted the wrong colour, for photos click below:
PHOTO 3 Thanks to Ian for this information and photos.

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Johnson Bros tours/Redferns Travel

Fri 21st July: 
New here is Ford Transit/Optare Bonito mini-coach! (YJ06 YRA).

Fri 14th: 
Two more Leyland Olympian/ECW have been acquired, from Go North East, one of them is (C672 LJR).

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Littles Travel

Fri 1st: 
National (VKE 565S) was on route 9 in the morning.

Fri 18th August: 
National (TAE 638S) on route 9 today during the morning (replaced in afternoon), and all day Thursday.

Mon 14th August: 
National (TAE 638S) was used for most of the day on route 9, but the Metrorider returned in the afternoon.

Fri 7th July: 
(VKE 565S) on until late afternoon when it was replaced by the Metrorider.

Thurs 6th: 
National (VKE 565S) on route 9 today, following the faliure of the MetroRider.

Thurs 29th June: 
National (TAE 638S) on route 9 today.

Sun 18th: 
Mark reports Van Hool B10M (R5 ONH) - ex national holidays.

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Midland Classic

Tues 29th August: 
Minibus (JJZ 3576) has been on loan here but is due to go back any time now.
Former Petes Travel Dart (K859 PCN) has also been on loan, and another (also ex Petes), possibly (K559 PHR), is due here soon on a more perminant basis.
The Metrobus (TOJ 592S) is part way through repaint and can be seen HERE .  You can see this bus at Showbus. 
Information and photo thanks to John Mitcheson.

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T M Travel

Thurs 17th: 
Two new Centro buses are due here, and should be in service on the 1st September with 56 reg plates.

Fri 5th: 
Metrobuses (OJD 822Y), (B161 WUL) and (C331 BUV) have been sold to Speedwell, Glossop for school contracts.
All remaining Metrobuses, (KYV 800X), (OJD 814Y), & (A929 SUL) have been withdrawn.

Another two ex Dublin Alexander bodied Leyland Olympians are due from Ensign's at the end of this month.

On order is a second VDL/Plaxton Centro, due at the end of the month and a pair of Optare Solo's are due in October.

On loan from Mistral (dealer) is white Optare Solo (MX03 YDB). Vario (R107 GNW) was involved in an RTA in the Buxton area on Tuesday while on the 66.

Acquired from Volvo Coach Sales, Loughbrough (dealer) is Leyland Tiger/Plaxton Paramount (KGS 489Y), which is to be preseved by TM. This was new to Travellers, Hounslow.

Fri 16th June: 
The second ex Dublin Olympian has now entered service here and has been regestered J628CEV. Thanks Chris.

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Tue  29th:
10 Excels are expected to go to New Zealand. At least 3 from the former Mickleover batch (190-5) are at McKindless, Wishaw. They are probably being stored there before being shipped out. All 5 of these should go aswell as 4 former Skyline Excels, though this has not been confirmed.
The last 3 Rainbow 4 Excels to be refurnished and repainted for the Skyline 199 service should be ready any time now.
Notts + Derby Paladin 127 has recieved "Local Bus"names for the local bus services that it is used on around Nottingham.
Long Eaton Xpress Solo 440 is at a place in Bestwood for repaint into Trent Barton livery.  Thanks Paul. 

Weds  23rd:
It looks like College Excel 153 will be scrapped die to corrosion. Former R5 Excel is currently at Unitec for repairs, and is likely to replace it.
10 Excels are thought to be sold to a New Zealand operator, these include 212 amongst other former Skyline and Mickleover Excels. These are likly to depart at the weekend.
Excel 236 is to be the replacement for fire damaged 220. It will be in service at Derby soon.
Former R4 Excel 261 is ready for Skyline 199. The other 2 will also be ready soon.
Amber Line refurnishments are underway, and the 3rd bus is to be 948, which has already been took off the Tesco Xprss, for attention prior to repaint.
Kinchbus minibus 821 is being prepared for a new Midland General service in the Nottingham area. Not sure if this will include a repaint. It has been used as the Sutton taxi bus for quite a while, Excel 195 is currently at Sutton for this purpose.

Sat  12th:
A bit late, but Excel 168 has joined Vecta at Kent Coach Tours, Ashford.
Former Mickleover Excel 191 appears to be still with Trent, not sold as first thought. Former R5 Excel 161 remains at Langley Mill too.

Sat  12th:
Solo 402 has been repainted into Trent Barton livery.

Frio 201, and Excels 236 & 253 from Sutton to Langley Mill to cover Route 15, BC & Amber Line refurbishments.
Dart 937 has also transfered to Langley Mill from Derby to cover whilst refurbishments are done.

Training buses
Kinchbus Paladin 113 & Darts 889 & 894.
Trent Paladins 124, 130, 131, 134 & 137 & former Mickleover Excel 195.

Stored @ Langley Mill
Trent Paladins 118 (has N+D names) 132 & 138. Kinch Paladins 112/4/6.
kinchbus minibuses 38 & 817. Darts 890/3.
Former Mickleover Excels 190-4, & former Skyline 207.

Thurs  10th:
Mickleover Excel 220, which caught fire earlier this year, will now be scrapped, joining 200 as a Christmas tree at Langley Mill. I wonder what/if anthing, will replace it long term at Derby. 189 is there at the moment.
The last Villager Dart, 943, has returned to Meadow Rd after repaint and refurbishment. It has not yet re-entered service - apparently it has no MOT as yet.
Barton Darts 945/7 are in at Langley Mill for refurbishment for "Amber Line", which will be the new name for route 125 (Derby to Hucknall) from September. This leave Dart 916 as the last bus in Barton livery. A third Dart will be required for the route, although this is unlikely to be 916 (perhaps 948 the tesco Xprss Dart?).
The last of the former Rainbow 4 Excels are now going in for refurbishment too, the remaining 3 should replace MK 1 Excels on the Skyline 199 route soon.

Mon  31st July :
The nines started today, and 413 is out, as are all the others. Thanks Chris.
Frio Excel 199 has gone to Dove Holes (from Sutton where it was on loan).

Sat  29th:
Solo 412 has appeared in the nines livery.
Bowers are selling both former Trent/N+D Dennis Lance/Optare Sigmas (former 358/9).
Dukes travel are selling at least 1 of their ex trent Deltas through Stafford Bus Centre. 303 is one of them.

Fri  28th:
411 is the latest Solo in the nines livery. 412/3 should be the last done. Solos 401-5 expected in Trent Barton livery (404 already done).
Villager Dart 943 has yet to return to Meadow Rd, still away for refurbishment.

Fri 1st:
The Unibus Olympian 723 was on the 73 to Weston On Trent. Lance 365 was on the 35. Thanks Chris.
Peter reports, Dart 931 & Unibus Paladins 104/7 on the TP!
665 on the V1/3, replacing 938 which ran in late, and then went back to Meadow Rd!
234 on Mickleover, 457 on H1 and 667 on the RA - again.
Dart 891 on the Hospital Shuttle today - Vario still off the road.

Thurs 31st August:
Scania 667 on the RA again. 107 on the TP (coach working), 441 on Long Eaton Xprss.
930 on Belper routes 71/2.
402 on the nines 9.1 and 447 on the Allestree.
John reports: N+D Dart 892 on the Hospital Shuttle H1 in place of the vario 276. Excel 234 on the Mickleover.

Weds 30th:
All sorts on the Allestree today: Darts 930 & 935, Excel 233 & Solo 448.
Scania 667 on the RA again.
Minibus 39 on the X17. Thanks to Chris Gaskin for todays sightings.

Tues 29th:
Scania 667 on the red Arrow.
233/4 on Mickleover.
Over in Nottingham Paul reports Solo 449 & Trent buses Dart 931 on the Radcliffe Line.
Solo 401 on the Connect, and Frio Excel 201 on the 141 (so hasn't been sold/gone).

Wed 23rd:
Paladin 123 on the Red Arrow. Thanks Jim.
Solo 448 on the Villager - 3 branded Dart in Meadow Rd garage.
Scania 667 on the sixes.

Tue 22nd:
Dart 935 and Excel 233 on TP.
665 on the V2, 63 on RA - thanks Perry.

Mon 21st:
Perry reports Unibus Lance 363 on the Mickleover.
All TP Excels were off the road in the morning, with Solos 447/8 and Excel 233 out in their place. Branded 157 replaced 447 in the afternoon.
The coach section of the route wasn't any better, with Dart 935 struggling to Manchester aswell as Unibus Paladin 107.
63 on the RA, 667 - Sixes, 424 - H1, 235 - BC.
Thanks to Daniel & Perry, & Jerry Pest  for todays sightings.

Fri 18th:
Unibus Lance 363 on the Mickleover.
Scania 667 and Solo 447 on the sixes (6.1/4/X). 447 was later on the Mickleover (in place of 363). Thanks Chris.
Dart 930 on the V1/3, whilst Dart 935, Scania 665 & Excel 233 were all reported on the short TP workings (Nottingham - Buxton).
Excel 253 on the Rainbow 1 and Unibus Olympian 723 on the 17A (on Excel 152's usual duties).

Thurs 17th:
Dart 930 on the TP.
Solo 450 on the H1, Dart 935 on the Villager and Scania 665 on the Mickleover.

Wed 16th:
Paladin 119 replaced Vario 299 on the X17.
Solo 450 on the H1, Scania 665 on V2.

Tue 15th:
Shortage of LF buses at Derby continued with N+D Dart 891 on the V2 first thing. This was later replaced by Scania 665. Thanks John.
Darts 930 and 935 reported on the V1/3.
Frio Excel 201 on the BC once again, and coach 63 on the TP. Thanks Chris.
Former Airline Shuttle Vario 290 was on the V3 extra this evening. Thanks John.

Mon 14th:
Unibus Lance 364 was used on Belper routes 71 & 72 for most of the day in place of Dart 938. 938 was back on the route on the 17:10 from Derby though.
Another Unibus Lance 366 was used on the Mickleover into the afternoon too. Thanks to Chris Gaskin for these unusual sightings.
Scania 665 was on the Harlequin, which usually has a Solo! Thanks James
Dart 935 was on the sixes 6/1/4/X. Scania 667 later joined it on these routes after being on the Spondon Flyer earlier in the day.
Dart 937 and Solo 414 were on the H1. Scania 639 also made an appearance! Thanks Chris.
447 on Allestree, & 930 on the V2.
201 on the BC, 233 - TP

Sat 12th:
John reports 367 on the Villagers this morning!
Solo 447 on the Spondon Flyer. 448 was on the Ilkeston Flyer first thing, although 926 replaced it.
Solo 425 & Dart 936 on the H1. Scania 667 on the sixes (6.1/4/X).
937 on the 125, 201 on the BC (both now at LM).
Dart 906, Trent Solos 403/5 & Trent Barton Solo 404 on the nines.

Fri 11th:
Chris reports: Scania 667 on the Transpeak and Solo 447 on the sixes 6.3.
Dart 936 on the BC, Excel 234 on the Mickleover.
Solo 448 on the V2.

Thurs 10th:
N+D Paladin 135 on coach workings on the Transpeak today, Excel 233 on the short workings to Bakewell.
Dart 898 on the nines 9.2, whilst Trent buses Solo 424 was on the H1.
Dart 946 was on the Black Cat, and Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer.
Dart 935 was on the V1/3, but was replaced by branded 940 in the afternoon.
Chris reports that 665 replaced 234 on Mickleover - SF Scania 633 must have been fixed.

Weds 9th:
Jim reports 665 - 6.3, 667 - 6.1/4/x, 895 - 9.1, 638 + 466 H1.
Dart 930 on the Villager & 233 on the Mickleover. Solo 448 on the TP and Dart 937 on the RA!! Thanks Chris
John reports N+D Dart 892 on their Hospital shuttle route H1.

Tues 8th:
Solo 426 on the H1, 665 on the SF, 937 on V1/3 & 234 on Mickleover.
N+D have minibus 271 on the Hostpital shuttle.
Other workings today are of Solo 448 and Excel 234 on the Mickleover, Solo 450 on the H1 and coach 62 on Red Arrow. Thanks Chris.

Mon 7th:
Paul reports Rainbow 5 Scania 625 on the Radcliffe line, after Tempo 306 ran out of fuel, luckily at Broadmarsh bus station!! See the photo HERE. Solo 431 and Scania 669 also on this route today.
Dart 930 on the Spondon Flyer.
Spare coaches 62 & 63 on the TP.
Scania 667 & Dart 937 on the RA!
Solo 448 on Allestree & Scania 639 on the BC. 666 on the Rainbow 4 & 665 on the Sixes.
Dart 934 on the H1, and Solo 457 on route 125. 233 on the Mickleover. College Excel 153 on N+D route 35. Thanks to CHris Gaskin for the above sightings.

Sat 5th:
Dart 935 on the Transpeak to Manchester!
The H1 saw Scania 664, Solo 457 & Dart 949 in use on it today.
Scania 636 on the Radcliffe Line in Nottingham, 666 on the Bingham Xprss.
669 on the Keyworth Connection.

Fri 4th:
Excel 235 on the H1.
Dart 937 on the V3, Excel 233 on TP & Unibus Olympian 723 on route 17.
Minibus 271 on the X17, 450 on H1, 234 Mickleover.
Paul reports: Scania 664 (FN54 AEC) on the Rainbow 2 & Dart 914 (P914 CTO) on the Radcliffe Line.

Thurs 3rd:
Dart 937 on the X38 in the morning, then on the Mickleover, and back at Meadow Rd by late afternoon.
Excel 234 on the Mickleover.
Will reports Solo 426 & 450 on the H1 & 447/8 both on Allestree.
Scania 665 on the 6.4, and Dart 935 made an appearance for a couple of runs on the 6.3.
667 - SF, 666 - R4, 62 -RA.
Scania 639 on the BC.
Paul reports: Solo 442 (FE02 KCZ) on the Radcliffe Line Dart 931 (R931 RAU) on the Radcliffe Line.

Wed 2nd:
Lance 369 on the transpeak! Thanks Perry.
Dart 913 on the R4.
Darts 935 on the V2, 936 on the BC.
457 on the H1, 234 Mickleover, R5 Scania 606 parked at Meadow Rd.
Scanias 665/7 on the Spondon Flyer. Thanks to Chris for much of todays sightings.

Tue 1st:
Unibus Lance 364 on the Sixes today,on the 6.1/4/X. Later replaced by 665. Thanks Chris.
Chris reports minibus 271 on N+D route 35 (usually the Excel).
Scania 667 on the SF.
Dart 937 on the V2, Solo 448 and Dart 935 on the V1/3. 935 later on the Allestree.
Solo 450 on the 125, and Excels 233 & 189 on Mickleover.
Dart 930 on the Belper routes 71/2. 938 off.
Paul reports Volvo 63 (R63 RAU) on the Transpeak (aswell as a Unibus Paladin), Dart 914 (P914 CTO) on the Radcliffe Line, & Dart 915 (P915 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection.

Mon 31st July:
Allestree Solo 464 appeared on the Villager!! This broke down and was replaced by Unibus Lance 367! 937 also on Villager. Thanks John.
Solos 447/8 both on the Allestree, though 447 later on Mickleover!
667 on the Spondon Flyer, 669 R4. Thanks Chris.
Paul reports: Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Radcliffe Line.

Sat 29th:
Dart 937 on the V1/3, Scania 665 on the SF, 639 on BC.
Paul reports: Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Rainbow 4 Scania 664 (FN54 AEC) on the Rainbow 1 Scania 666 (FH54 VRY) on the Keyworth Connection, Scania 668 (FH05 TKJ) on the Calverton Connection, & Dart 914 (P914 CTO) on the Radcliffe Line.

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