September 2003

Arriva Midlands
(Ascot Drive depot, Derby)

Mon 29th:
It has been reported that Fleetline 4313 (MTV 313W) was in service on route 61 last Friday.

Wed 17th:
4 Fleetlines now remain in service, these being 4301 (GTO 301V), and 4310/2/3 (MTV 310/2/3W). Of the other three, 4306 (GTO 306V) and 4315 (MTV 315W) remain at Ascot Drive withdrawn from service with defects, whilst 4311 (MTV 310W) (the last in City Rider livery) has been sold to a dealer (Stafford Bus Centre) for re-sale.

Tue 16th:
All of the remaining Fleetlines are reported back in service here, mainly for Schools.

Dunn Line - Nottingham

Mon 22nd :
3 veichles are said to have been damaged in a recent fire at the Nottingham depot. Metrobus (GOG 97W) along with (SIL 1901) and (WJI 9364) are damaged. Arson is expected yet again, for the second fire within a year at this depot.

Felix of Stanley

Fri 26th :
Dart (X711 GJU) on the Ilkeston Flyer. Leyland Lynxs continue on the 59.

Mon 22nd :
Optare Solo (FG52 WUC) is out of operation due to accident damage. Lynx (J564 URW) has been covering on route 59.

Wed 17th :
Bedford/Duple (WRC826S) has been sold as a non PSV to West Hallam Community Centre.

Glovers Travel Ltd

Sun 14th :
It has been reported that Glovers has been taken over, following the retirement of Mr and Mrs Glover. The Company now operates as Glovers Travel Ltd, controlled by minibus operator Mason Travel of Roston.

Fri 5th :
Leyland Lynx (G43 VME) has been aquired here, from Hulleys of Baslow. It was spotted in Derby on Tuesday 2nd by Chris Gaskin. Another Lynx is set to arrive here from Hulleys (F730LRG), when hulleys recieve the Vectas from Trent.


Mon 15th :
Two Metrobuses acquired here are (B204 WUL) and (B287 WUL).

Sun 14th :
A red Ex Metroline Metrobus is in operation here.

Hawkes Coaches

Wed 3rd :
The Coach is a Volvo/Plaxton Coach with the reg (PIJ 5751). I forgot to add it to the list for some reason - im sure all others are there though.

Tue 2nd :
Noted here is a white coach with Hawkes Tours vinyles in the windscreen. The registration is (*IJ ***) posibly PIJ?

Mon 29th :
Kinchbus Excel 149 (P201 BNR) has been sold to Littlebus Ilkeston.
notts + derby Merc 298 (T298 LCH) is reported de-licensed.
Dart 918 (R918 RAU) on the Spondon Flyer.
Dart 928 (R928 RAU) on the V2 again.
Vecta 806 (M806 PRA) seen making its way to Derby out of service, possibly from Belper garage.
Another Vecta is currently parked at the back of the Derby depot.

Sat 27th :
An Ex Spondon Flyer Dart on the X38 today.
Mercedes minibus 282 (R282 RAU) on the Allestree.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Ilkeston Flyer this evening.

Fri 26th :
Dart 928 (R928 RAU) again on the V2 this morning.
vecta 806 around Derby today - not in service though.

Thurs 25th :
Trent Vecta 808 (M808 PRA) (or possibly 806? I thought it was 808 - but thats in Kinch livery according to my list) was in Derby city centre this morning.
Ex Spondon Flyer Dart 928 (R928 RAU) was on the Villager route V2. The names on the side etc had been covered in a white substance, and left a shabby image. On the Spondon Flyer was Solo 447 (FE02 KDO). This later being replaced by a Trent buses Dart.
The Allestree had Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) today.

Mon 22nd :
Dart 902 (P902 CTO) (Ex Calverton Connection), is now in Trent Barton livery and working from Sutton depot.
Dart 929 (R929 RAU) (Ex Spondon Flyer) is currently on loan to N+D, and was noted on route 73 this morning complete with Spondon Flyer names.
Optare Excel 198 was noted on the Spondon Flyer.

Fri 19th :
Barton buses B10B/paladin 121 (L121 LRA) was on the Transpeak yet again.

Thur 18th :
Vecta 803 (M803 PRA) has gone to Hulleys. 804 (M804 PRA) remains here.
Merc 828 (R828 WBC) was on the Rainbow 1 this morning.
On the Black cat was trent Barton darts 935 (R935 RAU).
Barton B10B/Paladin 121 (L121 LRA) was again (aswell as yesterday) on the Transpeak.
Trent buses Optare Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) has recieved an allover rear advert, that is also carried on a B10B/Paladin.

Tue 16th :
The new Irizar Coaches due for the Red Arrow are not low floor as I stated earlier.
Vecta 803 (M803 PRA) has returned from Hulleys, with Vecta 804 (M804 PRA) going in its place.
Ex Calverton Connection Dart 901 (P901 CTO) is now at Langley Mill with Trent.
Kinchbus Titans sold are 673 (CUL 119V) and 682 (RTV 443X). 673 to Roberts Coalville.

Sun 14th :
Kinchbus Optare Excels149/50 (P201/2 BNR) are withdrawn.
Bowers Vecta 805 (M805 PRA) has returned and 801 (M801 PRA) has gone to Bowers in its place.
8 New Irizar bodied, Low Floor Coaches have been ordered (Due January) for the Red Arrow, which will have an increased frequency of every 15 minutes.
It is rumoured that Solos off the 90 routes could be sold to Wilts & Dorset, being replaced by Darts.
Calverton Connection Darts noted in service have been the following, all in the CC livery. 901/3/5 (P901/3/5 CTO) Notts + Derby, 904 (P904 CTO) Driver Trainer, and 906 (P906 CTO) working from Sutton. Just 902 unaccounted for. All are set for repaints soon.
The Ilkeston Flyer Solo is set to be replaced by a Dart, with the Solo going to the Borrowash Flyer replacing the Merc.
New Coaches may be ordered for the Red Arrow, with a possible increased frequency for the route.
The Kinchbus livery on B10B/Paladin 113 and Solo 436 is said to have to much blue. But this may indeed just be the new livery.
B10B/Paladins 112/3/4 (L112/3/4 LRA) are with Kinchbus.

Fri 5th :
100th Excel, Barton 253 (Y253 DRC) was on the Rainbow 4 today.
The Calverton Connection Darts appear to be moving around, and being prepared for thier new roles in the fleet.

Thurs 4th :
Dart 906 (P906 CTO) (ex Calverton Connection) noted on the 92 today. It is operating from the Sutton depot, carrying Trent buses names. The blue stripe remains from the Calverton Connction livery.
A Dart is expected to replace the Solo on the Ilkeston Flyer in the near future.

Wed 3rd :
Solo 436 (FP51 GYE) has transfered from trent Langley Mill to Kinchbus Loughborough being repainted in the process.
Both Darts 895/8 (P407/10 BNR) are now in trentbarton livery and operating from Sutton Junction, transfering from kinchbus.
The Commuter Express is now operated from Nottingham, so the two B10M coaches branded for the service, 57/8 (P57/8 ETO) have also tranfered from Derby to Nottingham depot.
Ex Calverton Connection Darts 901-6 (P901-6 CTO) are in storage for the moment at Langley Mill.

Tue 2nd :
Notts + Derby Unibus B10B/Paladin 107 (L107 LRA) was on The Allestree along with Trent Buses Mercedes Minibus 287 (S287 UAL).
Fares have risen also as a note.

Mon 1st :
Trent buses Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) on the R64.
Trent buses Mercedes Minibus 284 (R284 LNU) on The Allestree.
Barton Excel 202 (V202 ENU) on the Rainbow 4.
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