September 2002

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Arriva Derby

Veichle movements:
4354 (F114 TML), Volvo citybus has gone from Derby back to Fox county, Wigston.
1356 (N356 OBC), mercedes 709D mini bus has arrived at Derby, from fox county.
2183 (E23 ECH) is on loan to fox county southgates as a driver trainer.
2249 (W249 SNR) Mini pointer dart, has gone to Fox county, Hinckley.

More of Fox countys (OBC batch of) merc minis may arriva here as they have been displaced at fox county. The new DAFs that were due here are no longer expected.

Other news is that MPD 2224 is presumably now in corporate livery after arriva stopped operating the Derby College shuttle for which it was branded. It is also thought that the two park and ride dart SLFs will loose their branding along with 1 or 2 of the 68/69 Chellaston darts, due to arriva not operating these routes any more from 28th October.

The fleetlines are still about regularly operating school services. 4344, volvo citybus is still in the City Rider livery, without fleetnames, as is fleetline 4311.

4344 the remaining City Rider liveried Volvo citybus as out on the 41 and 29 routes today (thurs 19th) after being missing for some while. It has an allover blue back. The other remaining City Rider liveried veichle Fleetline 4311 was parked up at Derby bus station on Tuesday (17th). Neither carry the City Rider fleetnames.

The Fleetlines appear to have made a comeback to schools services. they can often be found at Derby bus station in the day time Monday to Friday.

MPD 2224 will presumably recieve corporate livery after arriva have pulled out of the route 70 derby College Shuttle service which it is branded for. It only recieved the new branding a few monthes ago too.

Arriva have pulled out of quite a few routes in Derby. Click here for more details. This will probably free up some veichles.

Trent/Barton/notts and derby/kinchbus

274 M274 URC , Mercedes mini bus 811d is now with notts+derby at derby from Barton, Hucknall. It is operating in trent livery with n+d fleetnames. There is one other, unidentified minibus, hich looks the same.

B10Bs from Trent and barton are going to notts and derby. Presumably at least 101 to 111 will eventually transfer. However, only the following have been noted with n+d.
101 (L101 LRA)
106 (l106 LRA) (UNIbus)
107 (L107 LRA)
109 (L109 LRA)
111 (L111 LRA)(in trent livery minus fletnames)

The fleet movements follow Trents withdrawal from some of their Chesterfield routes and the recent intake of optare Solos. This has left the B10Bs spare so they have gone to n+d to replace some of the elderly leyland nationals.

Volvo B10B 117 (L117 LRA) has been transfered to Notts & Derby, Derby depot from trent Langley Mill. It is currently operating in trent livery without fleetnames. It follows other B10bs 101/5-7/9.

merc mini 44 the ex Connect 1 shuttle bus (replaced by similar 49) has gone to Notts and derby at Derby. It is in full N+D livery. It is often operating route 10.
Trent buses B10Bs 106-7/9 of Sutton junction are now with notts+derby at the Derby depot. 106 is in UNIbus livery wheras the others are in the green white and blue livery. This is presumably to replace some Leyland nationals of which the numbers are dropping.
B10Bs 133/5 have gone to Trent Sutton junction from Barton Nottingham.

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