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October 2017 

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***Trent: Rushcliffe Mainline E200s enter service. More for Skylink Nottingham and The Allestree due soon. ***Hawkes: Dennis Dragon joins the fleet***
Here you will find all the latest bus fleet news for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here.
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Andrews of Tideswell

29th April
Two new arrivals here are Volvo / Plaxton coaches (YX17 NGU) and (YX17 NGV).

15th October
Former NCT Excels (Y546 DTO) and (FD02 SFK) have arrived here from Go Goodwins.

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Arriva Derby

21st October 2017
Wright Cadet 2706 has been in use in Derby this week.

A Citybus back in Derby. Preserved 153 returned to Derby on Saturday 16th September 2017.

29th September 2017
Solo 2522 now carries the revised livery.
4217 is the only remaining Gemini at Derby that hasn't been repainted.

18th September 2017
4218 and 4223 are recent repaints into the new livery.

22nd July 2017
Geminis 4213 and 4220 are recent repaints into the revised livery.

Two of the recently refurbished and repainted Omnicities caught fire within a week of each other in early July 2017.

29th June 2017
Geminis 4216 and 4221 now carry the revised livery. 4222 is painted in all over blue in a different shade.
VDL 3801 (MX13 ANR) has also been in use here.

13th May 2017
A shortage of vehicles has seen MPDs 2159, 2162, 2168 and recently 2276 (old livery) in use here.

Sapphire Gemini 4001 (TUI 7931) has also been noted in service.

The two white Centros are no longer in use here.

8th April 2017
Omnicity 3563 is now in the revised livery.

Omnicity 3556 is now in the revised livery.

VDLs 3744/5/6/7 are now branded for the Fast one to Alvaston. They carry the same livery as the repainted Omnicitys.

Some more VDL saloons have joined the fleet. These are:
3763 (FJ61 FET),
3795 (FL63 DWV).

Gemini 4222 has been repainted in what is believed to be the new base colour for a new arriva livery.

VDL 3745 now carries the new connecting Derby livery along with branding for the new F1 service to Alvaston.
(C) Andy Allen

26th February
VDL 3747 now carries the revised MAX style livery also carried by the recently repainted Omnicities.

3555 now carries the above livery too, resulting in 3552/3/4/5/7/8/9 (but not 3556) being upgraded.

Gemini 4222 now carries a different all over light blue livery.

26th January
Former Derby Citybus 153 (E153 BTO) has been preserved by Andy Gadsby a member of the Bromley bus preservation group . The bus has been in use with Dews for some years since leaving Arriva Derby. It was the last Citybus delivered new to Derby and the last to be delivered in the blue and grey livery. It later carried an experimental two tone blue livery, the yellow with red and blue stripe city rider livery and Arriva livery before being painted yellow by Arriva for use as a dedicated school bus. Interestingly, at the time this vehicle was repainted yellow many of the B reg Marshall bodied retained Arriva livery and continued in all day service. Unfortunately 135, the last "Derby" Citybus to see service with Arriva was scrapped. 137 remains in use in Cornwall as a mobile bus cafe: Bus Fayre.

Back to the present and Arriva are currently facing competition from Yourbus who are currently competing with them on routes 20 and 26 in Chaddesden and Oakwood. Next month will see Yourbus going to Alvaston again competing with Arriva on services 1 and 1A. In response Arriva are reducing fares for day, week and monthly tickets across the whole of the Derby area. They are also introducing a new F1 "fast one" service between Derby and Alvaston via Pride Park, the same route as the new Yourbus services. However, although Yourbus commence operation on 12th February the Arriva "fast one" doesn't have its first departure until early March.

4 route branded VDL/Wrights are thought to be introduced to the fleet for the fast one.

Gemini 4217 is now based at Derby.

Gemini 4222 has been repainted. Much of the fleet is expected to be repainted and refurbished in 2017.

9th December
3557 and 3559 now carry the new connecting Derby livery.

The Cadets and ALX deckers that were in use here have now been withdrawn.

15th November
4 Omnicitys now carry the new revised "Derby" livery. 3552/3/4 and 3558. Arriva have also reduced fares on the 20/26 ahead of new Yourbus services which start operating next week. Day ticket £4, weekly tickets are now £12 instead of £17 and monthly £40 instead of £60. The fares are for the newly created Chaddesden and Oakwood fare zone only (routes 20/22/24/26).

20th October
Omnicity 3552 now carries "MAX" style Arriva livery (dark front lighter towards rear) with connecting Derby branding.

Omnicity 3552 is the first to be painted in the "max" style livery in Derby. These buses are being repainted and refurbished for the Chaddesden and Oakwood services which will see competition from Yourbus later in November.
(C) Guy

The two Centros in use are numbered 5996/7 (not 5596/7 as previously stated on this page).

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Bakewell Coaches


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Bowers / High Peak

2nd February
Brand new Solos 292/3 (YJ66 AOG/H) arrived here in November. Seating B31F.
Ex Kimes Scania 703 (YN51 MJE) is now (TIL 4051).
Solo 332 (X232 MBJ) formerly (B5WER) moved to Centrebus East in November.
Solo 347 (VU52 UEC) was also withdrawn in November.

4th October
Solos (MX08 DGE/V) have been in use here in white, ex Holmeswood. Solo 392 (VU02 TSX) is another addition to the fleet. The vehicles arrived during the summer, at short notice due to taking on extra services following the collapse of GHA.
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NEWS & Sightings
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D W Coaches

8th April 2017
A further DAF/Alexander ex Arriva London is (X427 FGP).
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G&J Holmes

9th September 2017
Yje last two Solos have been sold. (LJ60 LTY) is now with Stephensons, Easingwold and (MX59 AVT) is now with Llew Jones, Llanrwst.

8th April 2017
New here is Enviro 200 (YX17 FGP).

4th October 2016
New here is (YN66 ENM) a Mercedes 921L minibus with a Turas 900 body.

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Glovers of Ashbourne


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Harpurs Coaches


29th September 2017
(S315 SRL) has been sold for scrap.

9th September 2017
Two new additions to the fleet are former Stagecoach Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse (MX55 HHM/N). The first (HHM) has been repainted into fleet livery, with the second due back shortly.

13th May 2017
Olympian (N297 CKB) departed for PVS Barnsley on 2nd May.

Setra (NH09 HRH) looking smart in the sunshine at Brooklands. Coincidentally the "NH" in the registration, for National Holidays, still has relevance today with the current owner being Nick Harpur.
(C) Geoff Girling

26th February
Setra (NH09 HRH) has been repainted a a new style fleet livery.

9th December
A second Setra to join the fleet is (NH09 SRH).

15th November
Former National holidays Setra (NH09 HRH) has joined the fleet. A 2nd Setra should have also now arrived. Whilst the NH registration was intended for "national holidays" it is also fitting for its new operator.

4th July
Metrobus (C373 BUV) has been sold to Watts, Leicester in running order for further use / spares. It left on 18th June.

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Hawkes Coaches


9th September 2017
Former Mass transit tri axle Dennis Dragon (B10 MDO) is here! A second example also reported here.

Dennis Dragon (B10 MDO) seen leaving Ascot Drive.
(C) Chris Gaskin

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Hulleys of Baslow

17th August 2017
A new arrival here is (TT57 BLU) as the new number 2.

MAN no 2 has been withdrawn. Centro 3 and MAN 16 are also currently withdrawn.

8th April 2017
The latest arrival here is MCV Dart (RR57 BLU) ex Stagecoach.
The Irizar here is (SCZ 7109). The registration was previously incorrect in the caption below.

Scania Irizar (SCZ 7109).
(C) Ian Moorcroft

9th December
Volvo B7/Plaxton coach (MX04 AAE) has been sold to Moseley (dealer) in part exchange for Scania Irizar (SCZ 7901) which entered service on 25th November 2016 as the new number 8.

The end of October saw E200 (MX62 GYC) returned to Mistral (dealer). Redferns Volvo Olympian (L829 BKK) remains on loan.

4th October
New here as number 7 is Enviro 200 (YX09 HZJ), B37F seating. The vehicle was new to Veolia and latterly was with Tates of Barnsley. This replaces the enviro 200 whichich was destroyed by fire during the summer.

25th August
White Enviro 200 (MX60 BXA) was destroyed by fire on 22nd August in Old Brampton whilst on the 170.

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


26th February 2017

Johnsons Bros Tourismo (BT66 TZK) in the blue pigeon travel livery. It is seen here outside Oswaldtwistle Mills, Accrington.
(C) Jonathon

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Littles Travel

29th September
Solo (YJ51 XSU) has been reregistered (YAZ 8645).

9th September
East Lancs Volvo (PG04 WHB) (which carried (VIL 9336) for a while) has left the fleet to Ensign (dealer). Former Go Ahead Volvo B7/Gemini (LB02 YXN) has arrived to replace it.

17th August

Former NCT Solo (W251 PAU) has been repainted and now carries registration (VIL 9336). This was previously carried on ex London Volvo B7/East Lancs decker which has not been seen in use since the Solo appeared, but has obviously been withdrawn, sold or reregistered.
(C) Chris Gaskin

29th May
Littles have acquired 6 former NCT Solos 134, 251, 254/5/6/7. Some have already seen use. Some are expected to be kept in the fleet long term whilst others are likely to be sold.

Former NCT Solo (YJ51 XSU) now with Littles.
(C) Dan Stone

8th April

Littles recently won the tender to operate the 9/9a service from Derby to Ocbrook. Red East Lancs bodied Volvo B7 (VIL 9336) is regularly used on this service and is seen here arriving at Derby bus station.
(C) Geoff Girling

15th October
REcent arrivals are two East Lancs bodied Volvo B7s from London United. (PG04 WHA) is in Littles livery whilst (PG04 WHB) is in use in red.

Former London East Lancs Volvo D5 (PG04 WHA) is seen here on layover in Buxton.
(C) Guy

4th October
Former trent barton red arrow Irizar coaches (FN04 BRX), (FN04 BSU/V) are now with Davies, Llanelli.

Similar (FN04 BSZ) is with Pickthall, Rowrah.

20th February
All 8 former Trent Red Arrow Scania / Irizars were purchased. Many have been painted white and are for sale.

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Midland Classic

21st October
The latest arrival here is former Tower Transit E200 (YX12 AZW). Currently dual door and in red, it is set to be converted to single door before entering service.

9th September
On loan here is Reading Omnidekka 1108 (YN08 MMA).

29th May
21 has been reregistered as (HK62 MCL).
87 has been withdrawn.

13th May
The Optare Spectra is now back in use here. It has been modified so that it is DDA compliant.

Former Reading Scania Olympus 58 has recently been repainted into fleet livery.
(C) Richard Woodhead

10h April
A new addition to the fleet is ex Reading buses Scania / Wright (YN57 FWG), Classic fleet number 75. It is currently away for repaint. Both of the fromer Reading deckers have now been repainted.

6th April

Both former London E200s have now been repainted into fleet livery. 33 (YX09 FLN) is seen here in Lichfield.
(C) Geoff Girling

E200 number 32 (YX09 FMP) is one of two that have recently entered service here.
(C) Geoff Girling

16th February
Two E200s have joined the fleet from Metroline, London and are in service in red. They are 32 (YX09 FMP) and 33 (YX09 FLN).

28th January
The Metrocity demonstrator has been returned.
The Spectra is currently on loan to Lynxbus, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I believe the company also own some former Trent Optare Excels.

Metrobus (TOJ 592S) on Saturday 31st December 2016 operating route 21. It was joined on the route by the Routemaster and Olympian 96 to mark the last day the vehicles could be used on regular services.
(C) Geoff Girling

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Nottingham buses

6th April 2016

Nottingham buses now operate former Arriva Midlands Scania (N429 XRC). This was in service with Arriva in Telford until late last year, and was based at Derby for many years (new in City Rider livery) .
(C) Calum Maclennan

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Skills, Nottingham

13th May 2017

New E400 (SN17 MVV) is seen here at Bilborough College.
(C) Calum Maclennan

Brand new Plaxton Leopard coach (YX17 OGC) has also recently joined the fleet.
(C) Calum Maclennan

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TM Travel

See Wellglade section.

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The Wellglade group
trent barton, kinchbus, notts+derby and T M Travel.

21st October 2017
5 new E200s are now in service on the Allestree. Details are:

165 (YX67 VGA),
166 (YX67 VGC),
167 (YX67 VGD),
168 (YX67 VGE),
169 (YX67 VGF).

4th October 2017
The 9 new Nottingham Skylink E200s are now in service. Details for the new vehicles are:

120 (YX67 VEV),
121 (YX67 VEW),
122 (YX67 VEY),
123 (YX67 VFA),
124 (YX67 VFB),
125 (YX67 VFC),
126 (YX67 VFD),
127 (YX67 VFE),
128 (YX67 VFF).

New Skylink E200 121 is seen here in Long Eaton.
(C) Calum Maclennan

29th September 2017
TM Travel have Volvo B7/plaxton President 596 (PJ02 RBV) on loan from East Yorkshire!

Lynx have acquired the 4 former Keyworth Tempos aswell as mainline Tempo 302.

Former Trent Keyworth Connection Tempo (YJ07 VSM) is now with Lynx.
(C) Chris GaskinCalum Maclennan

9th September 2017
Former Mass tri axle Volvo B7/ East Lancs Nordic 1170 (SA52 DWC) has joined the fleet for use on a new school contract. This was new to First Glasgow.
Former zoom Scania 653 is reported to be with TM Travel.

The new E200s for Rushcliffe Mainline enter service next week.Details for them are:

109 (YX17 NTK) in Mango livery,
110 (YX17 NTL) in Mango livery,

111 (YX17 NTJ),
112 (YX67 UXR),
113 (YX67 UXS),
114 (YX67 UXT),
115 (YX67 UXU),
116 (YX67 UXV) ,
117 (YX67 UXW),
118 (YX67 UXY),
119 (YX67 UXZ),

New Mainline E200 112 is seen here in Radcliffe on Trent.
(C) Calum Maclennan

Solos 501/2/3 are now surplus at Nottingham following changes to the Rushcliffe Villager services. These 3 buses are expected to replace the 4 Spondon Flyer Versas at the end of October, from when there will be just one route around Spondon (currently green) operating every 15 minutes daytime (Mon to Sat), 30 minutes evening and every 20 Sunday daytime. The Versas are expected to be unbranded spares.

Former Cotgrave Connection Scanias 620/1/2 are now with notts+derby.

20th August 2017

Paladin 129 is now with Lawsons. It is now a 66 seater. It carries Meadway livery, its previous operator, who also owned 126 (126 is now preserved after passing to Regional Transport, Shrewsbury for a short time). Lawsons also operate former Arriva Derby Olympian 169 (P169 BTV).
(C) Geoff Girling

Two of the new spare E200s carry this livery to promote the Mango travel card system. 110 (YX17 NTL) is seen here in Nottingham.
(C) Geoff Girling

17th August 2017
Scania 599 and 632 are now in notts and derby livery. 599 is in service and 632 should be in use soon.

Former Mickleover Volvo 728 is seen here in Keyworth.
(C) Chris Gaskin

Former Mickleover Volvo 733 is seen here in Cotgrave.
(C) Chris Gaskin

Former Trent Optare Excel 251 is seen here in use with Lynx in Kings Lynn. It carries Kirkby Lonsdale livery, where is has also seen use. Lynx are set to receive the former Keyworth Connection Tempos soon. .
(C) Chris Gaskin

22nd July 2017
Solo 471 is now in trent barton livery at Langley Mill. It is one of 6 for the 21 service which will be an unbranded route.

467/8 are no longer on loan to notts + derby.

29th June 2017
Former Mickleover Volvos 728, 729, 730 and 731 have been refurbished and are now in service on The Keyworth (former Keyworth Connection).
733 and two others have been painted for The Cotgrave and are due to replace the Scanias soon.

6 of the former nines Solos are expected to be repainted for the 21 which will be more frequent and combined with route 23 from 23rd July.

Former nines Solos 472 and 479 are now with TM Travel. In nines livery with TM fleetnames.

Former Zoom Scania 652 is now in Kinchbus livery.

13th May 2017
25 ADL E200s are on order for Skylink Nottingham, rushcliffe mainline and the allestree, along with 3 Citaros for the Derby Leicester Skylink. July should see 9 arrive for the Rushcliffe mainline, then Skylink Nottingham in September followed by the 5 for the Allestree later in the year.

The former Mickleover Volvos are currently being painted and refurbished for the cotgrave connection (green) and the keyworth connection (pink). It is probable that the Optare Tempos will leave the fleet.

Excel 261 has been withdrawn.

8th April 2017
Paladins 132 and 133 have been sold to Stanways.

Metrocity 99 (YJ16 DAA) has been painted into i4 livery and is on long term loan whilst the Tempo SRs are modified.

Volvos 718/9/20/1/2/3 have been refurbished and branded for the Ilkeston Flyer. The service now runs every 15 minutes.

This former Optare Metrocity demonstrator is currently on long term loan to Trent whilst the i4 Tempos are away for modifications. It was previosuly in use with Midland Classic prior to being painted for use with Trent.
(C) Paul Seaman

721 has been refurbished and branded for the Ilkeston Flyer.
(C) G W Girling

Former nines Solo 467 is currently on loan to notts+derby. It is seen here in Derby bus station.
(C) Geoff Girling

E200 Demo (YX65 RLO) was in use here in January. It is seen here on the nines in Alfreton shortly after the new E200s entered service on this route.
(C) Calum Maclennan

27th January
Excel 257 and Coach 56 are both for sale on ebay.

Ex nines Solos 467 and 468 are in use with notts and derby.

White B12M coach 1201 (YN08 NKW) has transfered from TM to notts and derby. It is now 64 and registered (YRC 181). 58, the former (YRC 181) has reverted to (P58 ETO).

Olympian 16 has ended up in France as a non PSV. 26 has been sold to Routemaster buses for further use. It was parked in Midland Classics depot in Burton last week prior to making its southwards journey.

26th January
The Nines E200s entered service earlier this month.

The Zoom service is to be axed in February. Notts and Derby are to operated a replacement service which will also incorporate and replace the X17. The new services will be numbered 12 and 12A. From the same date Trent barton will operate all journeys on the Ilkeston Flyer. Notts and Derby has had one bus on the service since they acquired the former Felix operations.

1st January
718/9/20 are expected to enter service on the Ilkeston Flyer in February.

The new E200s for the nines are:

151 (YX66 WLW),
152 (YX66 WLZ),
153 (YX66 WMA),
154 (YX66 WMC),
155 (YX66 WMD),
156 (YX66 WME),
157 (YX66 WMF),
158 (YX66 WMG),
159 (YX66 WMJ),
160 (YX66 WMK),
161 (YX66 WML),
162 (YX66 WMM),
163 (YX66 WMO),
164 (YX66 WMP).

New Nines Enviro (YX66 WMD) on display. The new buses enter service in January.
(C) Calum Maclennan

9th December
The 8 new E200s entered service on the Mickleover today, Friday 9th December. They are:

101 (YX66 WLK),
102 (YX66 WLL),
103 (YX66 WLN),
104 (YX66 WLO),
105 (YX66 WLP),
106 (YX66 WLR),
107 (YX66 WLU),
108 (YX66 WLV).

The Volvo/Wrights the new E200s have replaced are expected to replace the 07 plate Tempos.

Leyland Olmpian 20 has left the fleet after being sold for preservation. It is understood it will be kept at Ruddington.

New E200s for the nines are expected to enter service in the new year.
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Yourbus, Nottingham

17 August 2017
Another new E200 to join the fleet is 1410 (YX17 NSJ). Extra bus required for the 822 council funded service (Nottingham to Bingham) which replaced trents withdrawn Rushcliffe villager V2 route.

Streetlite 1401 now carries the new livery. The first Streetlite to be painted.

Citaro 3001 has been repaired (had fire here years ago) and is back in use at Presonbus.

Several more Citaros now carry the new livery.

29th May 2017
Three more old style E200s have arrived here. 1407/8/9 (YX17 NJJ/K/N) were all delivered white but are being painted before entering service.

Two Yourbus E200s in Derby bus station including one of the three latest additions to the fleet 1409.
(C) G W Girling

8th April 2017

Amongst the many recent repaints in E200 1401. The vehicle can usually be found further north on the Y10 route but is seen here in Derby on the 1A to Alvaston.
(C) G W Girling

The Yutong demonstrator is currently in use with Yourbus. It is seen here in Chaddesden, Derby.
(C) G W Girling

1st January 2017:
Yutong demo (YH66 VMO) is here.

15th November 2016:
3 white Enviro 200s have arrived here as (SN66 WLL), (SN66 WLO) and (SN66 WLP).

1st December 2015:
Citaros 3002, 3003 and 3009 have gone to Prestonbus.

The 6 dual doored Citaros are back in use here.

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