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October 2006

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Andrews of Tideswell 

Thurs 14th September:
Andrews have a new Neoplan 14metre Euroliner registered (YN06 FTX) in full fleet livery. They have also had a 14 metre Setra on demo. Thanks Ian.

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Arriva Derby

Tue 24th:
Olympian 4665 has returned - and has been repainted and had a new tree guard fitted.   Citybus 4341 is now restricted to schools (not due a repaint!)
Thanks Mr "Eagle Eye". 

Sat 14th:
4 new coaches are expected at Ascot Drive for use on National Express workings.
Olympian 4639 has been repainted, pic on the photo site. Thanks Richard.

Fri 22nd September:
Olympian 4665 is back at Derby. Thanks Richard.

Mon 30th:
Dart 2229 on the 111 Pride Park & Ride. Volvo B10BLE 3605, and Olympian 4639 on the Sinfin routes. Thanks Chris.

Sat 28th:
DAF 4718 on the 45, Citybus 4349 on the 44. Thanks Richard.
2234 on the 111 PP&Rm 3605 on the 24 (then route 60).
Excel 2998 on the 68, 2999 on the 20.

Fri 27th:
MPD 2217 on the 111 PP&R.
Citybus 4327 on the 24. Thanks Richard.

Thurs 26th:
Dart 2252 on the PP&R.
Olympian 4642 made an apearance on the 68 to Melbourne. MPD 2218 and Excel 2999 & Volvo 3605 also on Chellaston routes.

Wed 25th:
Dart 2231 on the 111 Pride Park & Ride.

Tue 24th:
Citybuses 4320/6 on the Alvaston routes. 4324 on the 22 to Oakwood. 3604 on the 26. Thanks "Eagle Eye"
Dart 2090 and Olympian 4639 on the Sinfins, 3605 on the Chellastons, and MPD 2224 on the PP&R.

Mon 23rd:
Chris reports Citybus 4328, Volvo B10BLE 3605 and MPD 2222 on Chellaston routes.  Thanks Chris.

Fri 20th:
DAF 4734 and MPD 2224 on the Sinfin routes today.
Chris reports: Citybus 4325 on the 45, and Olympian 4626 on the 37.

Thurs 19th:
Park & Ride Dart 2215 on route 20, MPD 2222 on the 111 PP&R!

Tue 17th:
Dart 2228 on the 26 now, joining Volvo 3605. The Star trak times for the oakwwod services are now online, at www.star-trak.co.uk

Mon 16th:
Chellaston Dart 2234 on the 20, & East Lancs Dart 2197 on the 37 to Sinfin. Thanks Chris.
4604 on the 26, 3605 on 22.

Thurs 12th:
Chellaston Dart 2236 on route 20 for a short while before going onto the 24, after one of the DAF's was involved in an RTA. 2236 was in Melbourne on the 68 at 6pm, so must have switched routes again!

Thurs 12th:
DAF 4745 broke down in Derby City Centre whilst on route 26. Citybus 4389 replaced it, and 4745 was towed away by Burrows.
Dart 2237 on the PP&R 111, and 2232 & 2252 on route 20, Olympian 4630 on the 29.

Wed 11th:
3604 on the Sinfins.

Tue 10th:
2089/90 - one was on the 33 to Littleover, the other on Sinfins. Excel 2998 on the 68 to Chellaston this afternoon.

Mon 9th:
Chris reports: Olympian 4630 on the 37, and Chellaston Dart 2238 on the 38 both to Sinfin. 3605 on the 109 to Ashbourne & Excel 2998 on the 20 to Chaddesden.

Thurs 5th:
Chris reports Citybus 4391 on the 45 to Alvaston, & Chellaston Dart 2232 on route 19 to Spondon.  4348 on the 68, 4391 on the 44 for a time.

Wed 4th:
Excel 2998 on route 20, along with Citybus 4345. Spare Dart 2227 on the 111 PP&R. Citybus 4347 was on the 45. Thanks Chris.

Tue 3rd:
MPD 2224 - 109, Volvo B10BLE's 3604 on 111 PP&R & 3605 on 26.

Mon 2nd:
MPD 2217 on the 111 PP&R. Dart 2238 on the 24.
Three Darts on the Oakwood routes in the evening, 2226 and 2228 and 1 more (possibly 2238).
Volvo B10BLE 3604 on route 61 & 3605 on the 109 to Ashbourne.

Sat 30th September:
Minibus 1387 on the 36, and MPD 2217 on the 33.
AMN had MPD 2246 on the lunch run on the X38.

Fri 29th:
Dart 2235 on the 11 PP&R.

Thurs 28th:
Excel 2998 on the Sinfin routes. Cheelaston Dart 2233 on the 19/peak time 111's. Alvaston Olympian 4627 on route 29.

Wed 27th:
Excel 2999 on the 109 to Ashbourne, 3605 on the 22.  Ram FM Citybus 4354 parked in the Market Place today. 

Tue 26th:
Richard reports 2222 on the 33, and Citybus 4336 on the 44 to Alvaston.
Chellaston Dart 2233 on the 109.

Mon 25th:
Richard reports: Citybus 4324 on the 44, spare Olympian 4666 and 4667 on the 45, with branded 4640 on the Sinfin routes. Dart 2090 on the 36.
Dart 2237 on the 38 to Sinfin, 3605 on the 61 to Chellaston.

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Sat 29th July:
Both of thier former Trent Dennis Lance Optare Sigmas (N358/9VRC) are for sale.

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Mon 9th:
Another Dart/UVG to arrive here is (R556 UOT). Thanks Adrian.

Tue 5th September:
Another Solo has arrived here (W678 DDN), from Bevan of Lydney, Gloucestershire.
Here is a photo in Alfreton Bus Station.  (C) John Moore.

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Mon 30th October:
Dan reports Volvo (V708 GRY) on the Black Cat. it was later swapped for Dart (X711 GJU) after the Volvo had a problem with the door (wouldn't shut).

Mon 23rd:
Dart (X711 GJU) on the Black cat today. Thanks Chris.

Mon 9th:
Black Cat branded Volvo/Alexander Strider (M301 KRY) was on the Ilkeston Flyer this afternoon. Thanks Chris.

Sat 30th September:
The Dart was on the Ilkeston Flyer today, and Thurs/Fri.

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Fri 27th October:
A recent arrival here is Volvo B10M/Plaxton Caramount coach (G945 JPW), from local operator Hulleys of Baslow.  Thanks Ian.

Weds 18th October:
Former Stagecoach Dart (J506 GCD) has been re-registered (AIG 4698) and now carries an interesting livery.  See the updated Glovers fleet list page.  Thanks Phil. 
Chris Gaskin reports some new arrivals to the fleet. (OIB 5401) is a Royal Tiger Doyen in all over white livery.  It was new as (D892 PNB). 
(G794 RNC) is  a Leyland Tiger with Duple bodywork and is also white. This was new to Shearings.
The third and final one, is (F869 RFP) a Volvo B10M with Plaxton Paramount body. This is a former Hollinsheads of Stoke on Trent vehicle, and still carries their red and cream livery, although Glovers fleet names have been applied.  It was new to Dunn Line.   

Tues 19th September:
A minibus acquired here is Iveco/Mellor (P13 PSV).

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Harpurs Coaches

Mon 31st July:
Metrobus (B287 WUL) is now withdrawn, and is being used for spares.

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Hawkes Coaches

Fri 24th April:
Coach (NBZ ****) has got new black coloured fleet names on the white livery, as has one of the other coaches. 

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Hulleys of Baslow

Sun 29th: 
The new Solo has arrived and is number 10 (MX56 ACF). It is the 7.8M version (B28F) with a Mercedes Euro 3 engine. Thanks Ian.
The former no 10, Volvo B10M/Plaxton Paramount coach (G945 JPW) has been sold to local operator Glovers of Ashbourne.
Here are two photos of the new Solo in Bakewell on Saturday 28th October, its first day in service:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photos are (C) Ian Moorcroft

Sat 7th: 
A brand new Solo is due here within the next week. More details soon.

Fri 1st September: 
Tendered services 63 and 63, Matlock - Ashover - ClayCross have been won from TM Travel. As a result a new short (7.8M) Solo is on order. Coach 10 may also be sold.

Fri 5th August: 
The three ex Trent Lances have been on Park and Ride work along the Monsel Trail, due to the Bakewell Show this week. As a result Hulleys were forced to use theyre wonderful! Optare Excel. It is seen in this
PHOTO on the 178 to Over Haddon. Thanks to Ian Moorcroft for the photo.

Tue 4th July: 
Dennis Javelin / caetano algarve C53F number 8 (H179 EJF) has been sold to Scania coach sales, Worksop.
Volvo B7R/Plaxton Profile (C53F), (MX04 AAE) is the replacment from Swan, Chaderton. It has been painted the wrong colour, for photos click below:
PHOTO 3 Thanks to Ian for this information and photos.

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Johnson Bros tours/Redferns Travel

Thurs 21st September: 
Another Olympian/ECW has arrived from East Yorkshire, (C536 DAT). And another two from Go Ahead Northern are (C658 LJR) and (C661 LJR).
Thanks to Chris Gaskin for this info.

Wed 20th September: 
Six Leyland Olympian/ECW have been purchased from East Yorkshire for recently gained school contracts. These are: (A530 OKH), (A531 OKH), (A532 OKH), (B533 WAT), (B534 WAT), & (B535 WAT). Thanks Chris.

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Littles Travel

Fri 27th Oct: 
The Metrorider is still here! On route 9 today in place of the Solo.

Sat 23rd September: 
A new Solo has arrived here for use on route 9. It is (MX04 VLV) and is in service today!!

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Midland Classic

Fri 20th: 
The Olympian expected here shortly is (C184 YBA), which was new to GMPTE. Thanks John

Sat 14th: 
A C reg Olympian has been purchased, and the proto type Metrobus is now fixed and in service. Thanks John.

Wed 20th September: 
Former WMPTE Titan (WDA 4T) is no longer in operation with the company.

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T M Travel

Thurs 12th Oct: 
The new Solo here is (YN56 AHY), and was on the 33 (Orbital Link) today. A 2nd new Solo is due here too.

Sat 7th Oct: 
A brand new Solo has arrived here in all over red livery. More details soon.  Thanks John. 

Thurs 28th September: 
A fourth ex Dublin Olympian here is (L726 SNO).
Volvo coach (R7 TMT) has been sold

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Mon  30th:
R5 Scania 618 is apparently being prepared for repaint at Langley Mill - for the Radcliffe Line! 306 is expected to go purple for the R5 at some point too, to replace 618 and allow the Tempo to be tested on the R5!
Sutton Excel 252 is in Langley Mill for a repaint.
The final bus that carried the Barton fleet names, Dart 916, is reported at Langley Mill for repaint.
Frio Excel 201 is also at Langley Mill, for accident repairs, after its mishap on the transpeak as few weeks back?
Excel 233 was towed back to Meadow Rd from Belper garage, after water was put in the fuel tank. The coolant tank on Darts and Scanias is in the same position as the fuel tank on Excels! So if your a bit careless and can't read :) lol
Excel 900 is back at Dove Holes working for Trent.

Fri  27th:
Sixes Solo 419 and one of the Scania had a collision at Matlock on Wednesday.
Kinch Vario 288 is currently at Meadow Rd.
The refurbished Route 15 Solos start running on Sunday.

Mon  23rd:
H1 Solo 433 cought fire last week. The damage is expected to be repaired, so the bus will return to service. Thanks Adrian.

Weds  18th:
Duncan reports former National Express coaches 9/11 and 12 with Bus Eireann for use as schoolbuses. 10 and 14 should also now be there, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Tue  17th:
363 (N363 VRC) appears to be the Unibus Dennis Lance/Optare Sigma that has been sold. It has had destination blinds removed. Paladin 138 has replaced it at Derby, where Dove Holes 105 seems to have been based for the last few weeks.

Mon  16th:
There is a "rumour" that the Radcliffe Line Optare Tempo is to be painted into Rainbow 5 livery, to try out the type on that route.  In return one of the R5 Scanias would be painted brown for the RL.  The new adverts on the backs of the R5 Scanias are now begining to appear too. 
Dart 935 is now based at Langley Mill. Excel 189 is on loan to Trent at Derby, and 900 is on loan to Notts + Derby.

Sat  14th:
Unibus Paladin 138 is now in service at Meadow Rd.
Corgi's Original Omnibus Company is to create a Villager Dart model next year - but its not out until Dec 2007!

Tue  10th:
Paladins 130 - 5/7/8 (M130-5/7/8 PRA) are thought to be the 8 buses that will replace the Dennis Lance/Optare Sigmas 363-370 (N363-70 VRC) on the Derby Unibus network. 138 has already been painted and is now at Meadow Rd.

Sat  7th:
Dart 937 is now in Trent Barton livery at Langley Mill. 
Excel 900 has been repaired and is currently based at Meadow Rd where it has been working for N+D.
All the refurbished Y reg Excels for the Skyline (former Rainbow 4) are now in service at Dove Holes. 263/4 were the last to be done.

Sat  30th September:
Paladin 138 has been painted into Unibus livery, for service at Derby. The Lances that are currently used, are to be sold, and the Paladins that are in reserve will be painted to replace them.
All the route 15 Solos are off the road, some at least for refurbishment (into a shade of orange - prob like Amber Line!), for the relaunch of the route at the end of the month. 189 is on loan to Langley Mill as a result.
Skyline Excel 264 has entered service at Dove Holes replacing 208.
Adrian reports 207 (meant to be sold to McKindless - awaiting departure?) and 209 (still taxed till Feb, but replaced by 208 on hospital shuttle for some reason) at Langley Mill. The NX coaches remain there too, although sold.
The Black Cat is also set for a new look soon, with the possibility of leather seats and a new livery - with the corporate circle and font.

Thurs  28th September
Excel 161 is now in Derby College livery, replacing 153, which is still in the garage at Meadow Rd.
Former Skyline Excel 209, which has been used on the Hospital car park shuttle at Derby, has been withdrawn. Similar 208 has taken up its duties.
Frio Excel 201, and 234 have been based at Dove Holes for a while, one covering for 900 which is meant to be having a new engine, and the other for Skyline refurbishments - which should be about complete! Excel 189 has turned up at Langley Mill.

Mon 30th:
Excel 234 on The Allestree, along with spare Solo 447.
Scania 665 on the Mickleover, 667 on the sixes 6.2, and Dart 930 on the Villager V1/3.
63 on the RA.

Sat 28th:
College Excel 161 on the D1 P&R. 447 on Allestree, 62 on the RA, Excel 234 on the sixes 6.2.
Airline shuttle Dart 918 broke down in Derby at about 6pm.

Fri 27th:
Transpeak Excel 156 reported on the ONE to Ashbourne at around midday. Scania 667 also on there! Thanks Chris.
Excel 234 (and a Scania 665?) still operating out of Matlock on the sixes 6.1/4/X.
Perry reports, 62 on TP, 63 on RA, 431 - 22, 441 - Radcliffe Line, Scanias 636 - 18, 664 - R1, 666 - Cotgrave Connection, 668 - R5, 669 - Xprss.

Thurs 26th:
Coach 62 on the Mickleover first thing later replaced by Excel 233.
Excel 234 on the sixes along with Scania 667. Both on the 6.1/4/X. Solo 448 on the short 6.1's.
665 on the sixes 6.2, then later on the Red Arrow. Dart 946 on Amber Line, 636 on R5 Dart 930 on the V1/3. 897 on AL, 447 on Allestree.

Wed 25th:
Excel 233, Scania 665 and coach 63 on the Red Arrow.
Scania 667 on "the sixes" 6.1/4/X, 669 on the R5, & 161 on the D1 again. Thanks Jim.
Solo 447 on Allestree, 457 on H1, Dart 930 on V1/3. Thanks Chris.
Excel 234 on the TP - thanks John.

Tue 24th:
Nottingham had the strangest workings of the day. Rainbow 4 Scania 680 on the Cotgrave Connection, and rainbow 5 liveried 617 on the Keyworth Connection! Thanks to Andy Allen for these sightings.
Scania 665 on the SF, 667 on the RA. Coaches 62 and 63 both out, one on TP one on RA.
Solo 448 on the V2, then the 6.1 to Bakewell from Derby.
Dart 902 on the nines 9.2, 935 on Amberline.
161 on the D1 P&R again, with Asda Paladin 117 on the 73.

Mon 23rd:
College Excel 161 on the D1 P&R.
Solo 447 on Allestree, 448 on V2. Coach 62 on RA. 234 on TP. Thanks to Chris for all of todays sightings.

Sat 21st:
Paladin 117 on the Allestree first thing before being replaced by Solo 448. Thanks Adrian.
Scania 665 on the X38. Thanks John.
Coaches 62 on TP, 63 on RA. Dart 934 on H1. 669 on R5.
Red N+D Vario 284 on the X17 to Borrowash. 107/8 and 152 on the D1 P&R.

Fri 20th:
Dan reports Solo 448 on the 141 this evening - on loan to Sutton garage.
Chris reports Scania 638, and Solos 425 & 466 on the H1. Dart 930 on V1/3, 669 on R5.
447 on Allestree, Paladin 108 on D1 P&R, Unibus Olympian 723 and Asda Paladin 117 on the 17.

Thurs 19th:
667 on the Mickleover by day, and the 71 to Belper by night (on 19:10 ex Derby).
Coach 63 on the RA, 62 on TP. 669 on the R4, 447 Allestree, 448 V1/3, 900 V1/3.
Scania 639 on H1, 664 on BC. Kinch Dart 897 on Airline Shuttle.

Wed 18th:
John reports Excel 234 on the 199 Skyline route.
900 on the Mickleover, 665 on SF, 447 on Allestree, Dart 935 on the BC.
Scania 636 broke down on the R5 in Derby. 668 also on that route.
Paladin 123 on the D1 P&R. Thanks Chris.

Tue 17th:
College Excel 161 needs a new starter motor. Problems occured earlier when the engine was turned off, and would not re-start! The problem has been there for a while - but its ok if the engine is left running - even on the fairly lengthy layovers! After a few missed trips this morning it was back in service.  Thanks Chris.
Dart 937 on the Amberline today, and Solo 466 on the H1.
Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer, 447 on Allestree.
A Notts + Derby Paladin on the D1 P&R (128?) and 105 on the Unibus route 6 with 138 which has replaced 363.

Mon 16th:
A coach reported on the Mickleover first thing.
Excel 900 on the V2, Dart 930 on the V1/3 and Excel 189 on the Mickleover. All three were later replaced by branded buses.
Scania 665 on the 6.1/4/X then the RA joining coach 62. 667 on the Spondon Flyer (
Solo 425 on the H1, and Dart 935 on the AmberLine.
Local Bus Paladin 127 on the D1 P&R. Thanks Ian.
Paladin 115 on the Derby College Shuttle, with Asda 117 (on the 73 earlier) also making an appearance. 111 was on Unibus route 6, and Olympian 717 was on route 17. Thanks Chris.
233 on TP, 447 on Allestree.

Sat 14th:
A coach was on the Villager, and later on "the ONE" to Ashbourne. The 3rd time a coach has appeared on LF services this week. Thanks Paul.
Solo 426 and Scania 638 reported on the H1, and Solo 466 on the Amber line - Thanks Ian.
Dart 930 on the Allestree once again. Excel 189 on "the ONE".
665 on Mickleover then the 6.X in the afternoon. 667 on Spondon Flyer.
On the D1 P&R - Excels 152, 900 and Paladin 128.
All Darts on route 15.

Fri 13th:
Dart 930 on Allestree, Solo 457 on H1, Scania 667 on Spondon Flyer, Excel 189 on the Allestree - then Mickleover.
Arriva liveried Citybus 738 on the 17A, and Unibus Olympian 723 appeared on the 17. Paladin 128 on the D1 P&R.

Thurs 12th:
Scania 636 on loan to Derby from Nottingham. It was on the Allestree where it replaced coach 62. 636 was then later on the Villager or "the One" (on that stand on Albert St).
Scanias 665 & 667 on the Spondon Flyer, Excel 189 joining these in the rush hour - it was on the V2 in the morning.
Solo 402 on the 9.2, Solos 425 & 466 on the H1, Scania 666 on the R5 and 949 on Amberline.

Weds 11th:
667 on Mickleover, 665 on Spondon Flyer and 414 on the H1. Thanks Chris.

Tue 10th:
A coach on the Mickleover this morning, later replaced by Scania 665. Thanks John. All the Mickleover Excels were on this afternoon, and 665 was back at Meadow Rd.
189 was on loan from Derby, on the Allestree along with Solo 447 and Dart 930. 930 later appeared on the sixes, 6.X.
Unibus Paladin 138 is now at Meadow Rd, and Excel 900 continues in service with Notts + Derby.  Citybus 739 on the Asda free bus. 
Sixes Solo 419 was in the garage at Meadow Rd, 448 out on the 6.1. 233 on the TP, 667 on the SF.
Allestree Solo 460 reported broken down on Kedleston Rd at 6pm.

Mon 9th:
Trent buses Excel 900 on the N+D D1 Park & Ride again.
Excel 233 on TP again, Dart 930 on V1/3 & spare Solos 447/8 both on Allestree.
Scanias 665 on SF, 667 on Mickleover. Solo 424 on the H1.
Unibus Lance 363 on the Masons Place Derby College shuttle, & Asda Olympian 717 on the 17. Thanks to Chris Gaskin for todays sightings.
Jim reports Dart 898 in Derby on the BC/IF stand at about 6:35pm. On the BC, on loan to LM??

Sat 7th:
Excel 900 out of Meadow Road garage and in service with N+D on the D1 P&R.
Coach 63 on the RA and a Trent Barton Dart on Mickleover.

Fri 6th:
233 on TP, 447 Allestree, 930 on V1/3 (replaced 943), 665/7 on the sixes 6.1/4/X.
105 Unibus 6 then the 17, Citybus 739 on 17A, Olympians 717 on the 70, 723 and 271 on 73. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 5th:
299 recieved a broken window whilst on the X17 this morning. 636 on the R5, 637 - H1, N+D Paladin 109 on High Peak Unibus route 7, and 687 was was replaced by a red Scania on the sixes.  Olympian 716 was on Unibus route 6.  Thanks Chris.

Wed 4th:
Coach 63 was involved in an RTA near on Station Aproach at lunch time yesterday. It was on a Manchester Transpeak working. Thanks Richard.
Excel 233 on Mickleover along with Scania 665. 667 was on the sixes in the afternoon, on the 6.1/4/X.

Tue 3rd:
Excels 191 & 207 should depart Langley Mill very soon, joining others at McKindless.
Paladin 115 on the D1 P&R, and Citybus 739 (in Arriva livery) was over in Nottingham on the EX service. Thanks Duncan.
Frio Excel 201 on the Transpeak from Manchester. James saw this in Derby at around 6pm on its way to Nottingham.
Scania 667 was on the Allestree, as was spare Solo 448. 665 on Mickleover, Dart 935 on the 71/2.
Dart 930 on the V1/3, although this later replaced 935 on the 71! Thanks Chris.

Mon 2nd:
Coach 63 on the V1/3 during the morning!
Scania 665 on the RA most of the day, before it was replaced by coach 62. 665 then replaced branded 232 on the Mickleover, joining 233. Thanks Chris.
Chris also reports: Dart 930 on V1/3, 935 on the Allestree, 667 on the V2, 636 & 669 on the R4.
Minibus 44 on the X17, later replaced by the usual 299.
In Chesterfield, John reports Solo 402 on the Pronto service!

Sat 30th September:
Dart 930 on the Allestree, although taken off later in the day. Both 665/7 on the Mickleover during the morning.
Coach 63 on the RA, and Paladin 121 on the X17 - this being on the 73 earlier in the day!
The branded Solos on route 15 are being refurbished, as a result Excel 189, Scania 639 and Darts 934/6 & 946 were in use.
Jim reports: 899 on the AL (in place of 920), 666 KC, 669 Xprss, 636 Cotgrave Connection, 668 R4.
233 on the TP - 156 replaced this at 1pm at Derby, but it could have gone out again as 157 later failed. Coach 60 also broke down!

Fri 29th:
Trent Barton Dart 930 on N+D's X17 route to Borrowash replacing 39.
Scanias 665 and 667 on the Mickleover. Excel 233 on the TP, Solo 448 on the Allestree Blue route. 935 on th 71/2. Thanks Jim.
Citybus 739 on the 17 to Duffield, and Dart 899 on the Kinch AL.

Thurs 28th:
Scania 667, Excel 233 and Dart 930 on the Mickleover.
62 & 63 on RA (63 later on TP), 935 on IF, and 448 on Allestree.
Chris reported X17 Vario 299 on suspended tow in Derby yesterday evening (6pm). 39 was on the route most of the day. Asda Paladin 117 was on the Unibus route 6 for at least part of the day.

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