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October 2005

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Arriva Derby


Sat 8th:
Forgot to mention before, but Volvo Olympian 4665 (N165 XVO) has been at Tamworth depot for a while. Is this a loan or a permanent transfer?


Mon 24th:
Chellaston dart 2237 on route 20, DAF 4742 on the Sinfins and a Volvo B10BLE on Oakwoods.

Sun 23rd:
Excel 2998 was out on the Chellaston routes today.

Sat 22nd:
Excel 2998, Volvo B10BLE 3604 and MPD 2222 all on the Chellaston routes. The branding on the Chellaston Darts has been altered, for the the service changes which begin tomorrow.
On the Oakwood routes Volvo B10BLE 3605 and Dart 2228, which still has Chellaston branding in the back window.
John reports that Citybus 4330 was taken off the Sinfins with a fault and replaced with 4336. Minibus 1380 was on route 36.

Mon 17th:
MPD 2217 on the Wyvern/Meteor centre services (101/2).
MPD 2223 and Volvo B10BLEs 3604/5 on the Oakwoods.
44/45 branded Olympians 4631/9 on the Sinfins.

Thurs 13th:
Excel 2998 on the Oakwoods today, as it was on Tuesday. It was used on the Chellaston routes on Monday and Wednesday.
Olympian 4630 reported on the Sinfins on Wednesday.

Tue 11th:
Excel 2998 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the Oakwoods.
Alvaston branded Olympians 4627/31 on the Sinfin routes. Chellaston Dart 2237 also on these routes, but reported to have broken down near Asda at 8:30pm.

Sat 8th:
Dart 2228 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the Oakwoods.
MPD 2217 was on route 101 Wyvern Centre to Meteor Centre, 2221 on the 111 PP&R and 2223 on the Chellaston routes.
Minibus 1391 was on the 36 to Sunnyhill. Thanks to John for todays sightings.

Fri 7th:
Optare Excel 2998 and Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the Oakwood routes today.

Thurs 6th:
Michael reports the Optare Excel 2998 on the 69 to Swad. There was an MPD on route 29 today too.

Wed 5th:
Olympian 4643 and Chellaston Dart 2233 were on the Oakwood services.
Michael reports Volvo B10BLE 3605 on the 69 to Swad along with an MPD.

Sat 1st:
Alvaston branded Olympian 4626 was on route 20. Its also worth mentioning the spelling error for "Chaddesdon" on Excel 2998!

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Tue 11th:
Former Trent Vecta 814 (M814 PRA) is now with Timetrack (Upper Halliford).

Mon 3rd:
Dennis Dart/UVG P17FUG and former Trent Vecta M814PRA have been put up for sale.

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Littles Travel


Sat 29th: Have Littles aquired a third Bova Futura.  (YF02 VVF) is hown on their website.

Sat 29th:  Paul reports that Scania N113 DRB/East Lancs H47/33F (F719 LFG), (G721 RYJ), (G724 RYJ), (G730 RYJ) have arrived here, all ex Brighton & Hove. (W635 WSB) is another arrival, its a Bova Futra C49FT coach - ex Jay, Greengairs (new as W2 JAY).

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T M Travel


Sat 29th:
Dart (W923 JNF) is now in use. It carries an all white livery with T M names applied.
Recent arrivals are ex Nottingham Scania N113/East Lancs (H49/35F) (L351/2/3 MRR).
(H157 UUA) and (L838 MWT) have been sold to Hardwick, Carlton for scrap.
(M785 VJO) has returned to the rental company.

Mon 17th:
Alexander Dennis Dart (W923 JNF) is new here from a Liverpool/Merseyside operator. It is not in use yet, and carries an all white livery.
ex Nottingham (L351 MRR) is due repaint this week, when the first of the two Plaxton Primos should arrive!

Mon 3rd:
Leyland Olympian/Optare (E155 OMD) has been sent back due to a rotton floor! Thanks Chris.

Sat 1st:
More double deckers acquired are Leyland Olympian/ECW (D191 FYM) from Arriva London and Leyland Olympian/Optare (E155 OMD) from Northern Blue, Burnley.
Leyland Titan (OHV 806Y) and Metrobuses (OJD 828Y), (A984 XYF), (B192 WUL), (B230 WUL) and (C330 BUV) have all been withdrawn and sold to Speedwell, Glossop. Also withdrawn are Volvo B10M coaches (L927 NWN) and (M127 UWY) and these are sold to Coniston Coaches, Stourport on Severn. MetroRiders (H157 UUA) and (L839 MWT) have been sold to Hardwick, Carlton (dealer).
Lance (N357 VRC) has entered service, still in the former owners livery (Notts + Derby).
Thanks to Chris for keeping us up to date with the fleet.

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Sat 29th:
Scania 638 has returned to Langley Mill.
Excel 253 is being repaired after hitting the railings at Belper garage when on the transpeak. Transpeak Excels 157/8 are also at Meadow Rd for repairs.
Some of the former "Belper" Darts are stored at Langley Mill. 921 is in use from there, and 917, 922, 925 and 932 remain at Derby. In addition 928, 938/9 are at Derby (Belper) for routes 71 and 72.
Kinchbus Titan 770 has been sold to Gilkes, West Kingsdown.

Tue 25th:
Scania 638 now at Belper/Matlock from Langley Mill.

Sun 23rd:
The registration for "the sixes" Scania 685 is (FJ55 BVM).
Excels 156-8 (S156-8 UAL) are now refurbished for the Transpeak and are on the road from today. Coach 56 has also been repainted in the transpeak livery, which has altered slightly when compared to that carried on 59-61.
Solo 419 has been refurbished and now carries "the sixes" livery. It remains out-stationed at Matlock and is used on the short 6.1 workings.
Dart 938 has also been refurbished for use on routes 71/72 joining 939.
Displaced "Belper" Darts will be re-used on other routes. 3 for the Kinch AL service, and 3 for Langley Mill to replace Varios (route 125). Where will the rest be used?
Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) is now based at Derby as a spare for the Transpeak.

Wed 13th:
Registrations for the Sixes Scanias are:
683 (FJ55 ABO)
684 (FJ55 ABV)
685 (FJ55 ???)
686 (FJ55 BZN)
687 (FJ55 BZO)
688 (FJ55 BZP)
689 (FJ55 BZR)
690 (FJ55 BZS)
691 (FJ55 BZT)
692 (FJ55 BZU)

Tue 11th:
Excel 151 (P151 CTV) has been sold to Kimes. It follows former Kinchbus Excel (P201 BNR) to this operator, which has now carries (WAZ 8276) as its registration.

Sat 8th:
Red Arrow Scania/Irizar coach 66 is away for body repairs.
Coach 56 is being painted into Transpeak livery.
Belper "the Sixes" Scania 689 was in Belper today to promote the new brands introduction. One of the Matlock Solos (414/9) should be painted into "that livery" too. Thanks Adrian.

Mon 3rd:
The Pronto Excels should be 254-7. 2 others (254/5?) are painted up besides 256 and 257 is ready for painting.
Excel 198 is confirmed as Sold to Hunts, Alford. 189 isn't.

Sat 1st:
At Langley Mill "the sixes" Scanias are gathered, although none have blinds and only 689 has registration plates.
Excel 256 is also there in the new Pronto livery.
Unless anyone knows different, 198 has been sold to Hunts of Alford and 189 continues in service from Derby.
In for repair at Derby are both N+D Excels 152/3, and the Flying Turd 899 (BF Dart).


 Tue 1st Nov:
Scania 665 and coach 63 on the transpeak.  2 coaches including 56 and a branded Excel were in Meadow Rd early this morning.
Dart 917, Scania 667 and Excel 189 all reported on the Mickleover. 189 noted back at Meadow Rd later in the day.
Solo 448 on the Villager routes early on, but later joined 447 on the Allestree.
Asda Olympian 717 on route 17, and Unibus 723 on the Derby College Shuttle.
Notts + Derby Excel 152 was on the D1 Meteor Centre P&R all day. A red N+D Paladin was on the 35 and later 17A, which the Excel usually works.
Scania 638 (FD53 WWK) on the Black Cat and Scanias 636/668 (FD53 WWH/FH05 TKJ) both on the R5.
Paul noted refurbished Dart 938 at Meadow Rd with its blinds removed!
Thanks to Chris, John, Jim and Paul for the above.

Mon 31st:
Solos 447/8, Excel 189 and dart 925 all reported on the Mickleover during the day.
Scania 665 and Dart 922 were on the sixes.
Coaches 62 and 63 were on the transpeak.
Chris reports Olympians 715 and 723 on the 17A.
Excels 201 and 205 on the R3.
Paul reports Excel 252 (Y252 DRC) on the Pronto (257 missing). Solo 442 (FE02 KCZ) on the Ruddington Connection, Scanias 636 (FD53 WWH) on the Cotgrave Connection, 664 (FN54 AEC) on the R2, 666 (FH54 VRY) on the Radcliffe Line and 668 (Fh05 TKJ) on the Long Eaton Xprss.
Dart 913 (P913 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection, and Dart 898 (P410 BNR) and SOlo 401 (V401 JTO) were also on the R3.

Sat 29th:
Darts 917 and 932 on the Transpeak in place of Excels 157/8.
Scania 637 on the R1 and 668 on the R4.

Fri 28th:
Paul reports: Scania 668 (FH05 TKJ) on the R4 and Solo 442 (FE02 KCZ) was on the Ruddington Connection.
Solo 425 on the H1, Dart 922 on the Borrowash Flyer.

Thurs 27th:
Vario 295 was on the 17:30 Black Cat from Derby!
Chris reports: Darts 917 and 925 on the Mickleover along with Solo 448. Scania 638 back at Langley Mill on the Black Cat.
Paul reports: Excel 189 on the TP again, Solo 431 on the Ruddington Connection, Scanias 666 on the R5, 668 - R4, 669 - Keyworth Connection.

Wed 26th:
Perry reports: Coach 63, Dart 922 and Scania 638 all on "the sixes"!
Dart 925 and 932 on the Mickleover.
Paul reports: Scania 666 (FH54 VRY) on the Radcliffe Line, Solo 431 (X631 ERB) on the Ruddingon Connection, and Excels 201 (V201 ERA), 205 (V205 ENU) & Dart 931 (R931 RAU) all on the R3.
Theres a Kinchbus Excel at Manvers St depot again too.

Tue 25th:
Scania 638 on sixes route 6.2 again today, thought to be a transfer from Langley Mill.
Chris reports N+D Paladin 131, Dart 925 and Scania 667 on the Mickleover, and Olympian 715 on route 73! Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer again.
2 Transpeak Excels out of use today, with Trent buses Excels 189 and 900 out in their places.
Over in Nottingham Paul reports: Solo 431 (X631 ERB) on the Ruddington Connection, Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) & 666 (FH05 VRY) both on the R5.
Excel 205 on the R3.

Mon 24th:
Excel 253 reported on the Mickleover, displaying Trent Barton on the desti blind - I wonder if its stay at Derby is just temporary? Thanks John.
Excel 189 was on a short TP to Buxton, whilst branded Excel 156 was on the route heading north to Manchester at approx 4pm from Derby.
Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer.
Paul reports Scania 666 (FH54 VRY) on the Xprss, 669 (FH05 TKK) on the Radcliffe Line.
Duncan reports Scania 638 on sixes route 6.2!

Sun 23rd:
Both coach 61 and Excel 157 were taken off the Transpeak today. They were replaced by coach 63 and Excel 189.

Sat 22nd:
Dart 917 on the Ilkeston Flyer, and Excel 189 and a Solo on the Mickleovers.
Scanias 665/7 both started the day on the Belper routes. 665 was then put on the Spondon Flyer later in the morning and 667 in the bus park.
667 worked a Derby to Langley Mill Black Cat working after Excel 216 broke down, and was taken to Meadow Road. Dart 915 was put on the route at LM and 667 returned to Derby.
Another bus broke down later in the day at the bus station, Vario 278 on the 125 to Hucknall (another LM bus).
Simon reports that Scania 639 was on the H1 in the evening - does this happen often?

Fri 21st:
Coach 63 reported on the RA and Excel 253 on loan to Ashfield on the Calverton Connection.

Thurs 20th:
Dart 930 on the Mickleover, 928 on the Ilkeston Flyer and Solo 466 on the H1.
Scania 668 on the Rainbow 5 and Dart 913 on the Commuter Express.

Wed 19th:
Perry reports: Excel 252 on the Calverton Connection.

Tue 18th:
Chris reports: Scania 667 and Excel 189 on the Mickleover, and N+D Darts 891 on the 17 and 892 on the Derby College Shuttle.

Mon 17th:
Scania 665 on the Mickleover along with Excel 189. 667 on the Allestree, and later the Borrowash Flyer.

Sat 15th:
Chris reports Darts 916 and 935 on route 125. Mercedes VArio 294 was on the 1A.
Jonathan reports Trent Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Rainbow 5.
John reports Excel 900 on the 199 Skyline route.

Fri 14th:
Jonathan reports Excels 205 (v205 ENU) and 252 (Y252 DRC) on the Rainbow 3.

Wed 12th:
Duncan reports a variety of training buses around Ripley today. ex Mickleover Excel 195, ex R4 259 and N+D Lance 355.

Tue 11th:
Chris reports: Transpeak coach 60 on the Mickleover, along with Dart 938 and the two Derby Scanias 665/7.
Solo 466 on the H1.
N+D Excel 152 on the Derby College Shuttle, and later on the 17A. Olympian 712 was used on the 17A earlier in the day.
Coach 62 on the Red Arrow, 63 on the transpeak.
Jonathan reports: Dart 933 (R933 RAU) and Excel 252 (Y252 DRC) on the R3.

Mon 10th:
Chris reports: Scanias 665/7 and Dart 938 on the Mickleovers.
Unibus Olympian 723 and Paladin 122 were both used on the 17A today.

Sat 8th:
Scania 667 and coach 62 on the Red Arrow again today. Scania/Irizar Coach 66 is away for body repairs.
Scania 665 on the Borrowash Flyer.
Refurbished Dart 938 on the Mickleover, along with Dart 917 and SOlo 419.
Notts + Derby Excel 152 was out on the D1 Meteor Centre P&R.
Scania 668 and Solo 442 are reported on the Radcliffe Line, branded Solos 416/7 were in Manvers Street depot for repairs, and 420 said to have been taken off later aswell.
Also in for repair at Nottingham depot were Dart 912, R5 Scanias 613/23, and R4 Scania 680.
Excel 253 reported on the Xprss, Scanias 636 on the R4 669 on the Ruddington Connection with Dart 914 and Dart 946 on route 125.

Fri 7th:
Duncan reports both Derby Scanias 665/7 on the Red Arrow and coach 62. All seen in Ripley. 665/7 were both parked up in the bus park at Derby Bus Station by 5pm.
Excel 189 was on the Mickleover and spare Solo 447 was on the Allestree, and a red Scania (666??) on the R4.
Paul reports: Solo 441 (FP51 GXV) on the Radcliffe Line, Scania 638 (FD53 WWK) on the R2, and Dart 914 (P914 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection.

Thurs 6th:
Scania 667 on the RA again (same workings as yesterday). Duncan also reports Frio Excel 201 on route 90, and Solo 419 on the R63. Scania 665 reported on the R61.
In Derby Chris reports Dart 936 on the H1 and Olympian 715 on the Derby College Shuttle. Branded Paladin 121 and the N+D Excel 152 were also used on this, whilst branded Excel 153 is repaired.
Paul reports: Dart 912 on the Keyworth Connection, and 442 on the Ruddington Connection.

Wed 5th:
Scania 667 on the Red Arrow along with coach 62. Coach 63 on the TP.
Paul reports: Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Radcliffe Line, Solo 441 (FP51 GXV) on the Long Eaton Xprss, Scania 638 (FD53 WWK) on the R1, Dart 912 (P912 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection, Dart 914 (P914 CTO) on the Ruddington Connection, and Excel 205 (V205 ENU) & Dart 904 (P904 CTO) both on the R3.

Tue 4th:
Mark reports N+D Paladin 127 on the Midland General route 145 this morning in place of the usual Vario 286. Trent Barton Dart 903 was on route 90 too.
Paul reports: Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Keyworth Connection, Scania 638 (FD53 WWK) on the R2, 669 (FH05 TKK) on the R5, and 665 (FH54 VRX) & Dart 919 (R919 RAU) both on the Red Arrow.

Mon 3rd:
John reports Scania 665 on the Spondon Flyer and Dart 931 on the Villagers.
Chris reports: Dove Holes Dart 932 on the BF, Solo 424 on the H1 coach 62 on the RA and Excel 189 and Scania 667 on the Mickleover.
Notts + Derby used Asda Paladin 117 and Paladin 135 on route 17, unibus Lance 370 on the Derby College Shuttle and Vario 284 on the 35 and later 17A (in place of Excel 152).
Jonathan reports Excels 201 and 252 on the R3.
Paul reports: Solo 442 (FE02 KCZ) on the Ruddington Connection Scania 668 (FH05 TKJ) on the Xprss and Dart 912 (P912 CTO) on the Keyworth Connection.

Sat 1st:
Several Darts were out of use early on in the day due to them having no up to date tax discs! This led to some interesting workings:
Paladins 109, 121, 135 and Scania 667 on the Villagers. 125 was on these in the afternoon!
Lances 364 and 370 were used on the Belper routes, and Excel 189 was on the Red Arrow, though later put on the Mickleover.
Scania 637 was on the R2, 665 on the Mickleover, and Dart 936 on the 125 to Hucknall.
Paladin 131 was on the Borrowash Flyer, Dart 938 on Friday.

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