Fleet News

October 2004

Arriva Derby

Sat 30th
B10BLEs 3605/6 (V605/6 DBC) and a Chellaston Dart were on the 22/24/26 Oakwood routes.

Fri 29th
Volvo B10BLE 3604/6 (V604/6 DBC) were on the DAF Routes to Oakwood, 22/24/26. 3606 was later replaced by Chellaston Dart 2234 (W234 SNR).
Yellow All over rear adverts for a Radio station (GEM FM I think) have appeared on B10BLE 3606 and Chellaston Dart 2229.
Not sure why but Scania 3493 (N433 XRC) has had a repaint. It was joined by the other of its type at Derby - 3492 - on route 20 today.
Volvo Citybus 4379 (A131 DTO) remains in service due to the contract for the rear advert.

Thurs 21st
Volvo Citybuses - East Lancs 4379 (A129 DTO), and Marshall 4383 (A133 DTO), and 4384 (B134 GAU) have been sold. 4381 (A131 DTO) was also expected to leave the fleet - but continues in all day service.
MPD 2224 (T54 JJF) was on the Oakwood routes.

Wed 20th
SLF Darts 2226/7 (W226/7 SNR) and B10B 3606 (V606 DBC) were again on Oakwood DAF services.
MPD 2223 (T53 JJF) was on the 109 to Ashbourne.

Tue 19th
Citybus 4345 (C145 NRR) was on the 22/24/26 DAF routes to Oakwood. A Dart SLF was also on these routes. One of the DAFs was being fitted with the Star Trak equipment whilst the other was on a schools working.

Mon 18th
DAF Lowlander 4742 (PN52 XRT) was on the 37 to Sinfin.
Chellaston branded Dart 2229 (W229 SNR) was on route 20 to Chaddesden.
Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) was on Oakwood routes, 22/24/26.

Sat 16th
Dennis Dart SLF 2226/7 (W226/7 SNR) were on DAF routes 22/24/26 along with Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC).

Fri 15th
Mercedes minibus 1391 (P491 CAL) was on route 53.

Fri 8th
Chellaston branded Dart 2236 (W236 SNR ) was on the DAF oakwood services. Non branded Dart 2226 (W226 SNR ) was also on these routes.
Yellow School Bus liveried Citybus 4344 (C144 NRR) was on the 38 to Sinfin. The second time a schoolbus has been used on these routes this week!!

Wed 6th
One of the Pride Park & Ride Darts is in for repair. Chellaston Dart 2252 (X252 HBC) was covering today.
B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) was on Oakwood services (as usual!).

Tue 5th
Schoolbus liveried Citybus 4355 (F111 TML) was on the 37 this afternoon.
Volvo B10BLE 3604 (V604 DBC) was on the 111 Pride Park & Ride.
Citybus 4329 (H671 GPF) has had a bit of re-paneling on the off side.


Sat 16th
UVG bodied Dart (P17 FUG) is reported here.


Mon 25th
Spare bus - Dart (X711 GJU) was today on the Black Cat.

Tue 19th
Spare bus - Dart (X711 GJU) was today on the Ilkeston Flyer - on the Black Cat on Monday.


Fri 29th
Another Carlyle Dennis Dart is reported here from MK Metro. It follows similar (G106 MOB). Both are reported still in MK Metro livery.

Littles Travel

Mon 25th
Ex NCT MetroRider (R232 SCH) has been on route 9 all week. Ex Kinchbus Excel (P201 BNR) is said to be useless and may not be repaired!

Mon 25th
Ex NCT MetroRider (R232 SCH) was on route 9.

Wed 20th
Former Trent Leyland National 553 (TAE 638S) was on route 9.

Tue 19th
Both Leyland National (TAE 638S) and MetroRider (R232 SCH) were used on route 9 today.

Trent Barton, Notts + Derby and Kinchbus (Wellglade Group).

Fri 29th
Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) is on the R64.

Fri 29th
Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the R63, and N+D Paladin 121 (L121 LRA) was on the R62.

Thurs 28th
Notts + Derby (trent livery) Volvo B10B/Paladin 135 (M135 PRA) was on the Mickleover RED route. This bus has recently transfered to Derby from storage at Langley Mill.
Similar N+D Paladin 121 (L121 LRA) was on the Transpeak. Problems with the B10M coaches? Trent buses 56 may be sold!!
Trent buses Dart 938 (S938 UAL) was on the Red Arrow.
Solos 447/8 (FE02 KDO/U) were on the Belper routes.

Mon 25th
Trent Barton Dart 935 (R935 RAU) was on the Black Cat (BC).

Thurs 21st
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the Spondon Flyer.

Tue 19th
Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) was on Rainbow 4.

Mon 18th
Dart 919 (R919 RAU) was on the Mickleover.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Red Arrow.

Sat 16th
Silverdale Iveco Coach (FN02 VBT) is on loan to Langley Mill for National Express work.
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) is on loan to N+D.

All National Express Coaches are now in the new NX livery.
Barton Dart 946 (T946 BNN) now carries Trent Barton livery. This is an OOC model in Barton livery.

Langley Mill:

Amongst others in for repair was National Express coach 14 (X914 ERA), P&R Excel 153 (P153 CTV) and Dart 907 (P907 CTO).
Mercedes minibuses withdrawn and For Sale/Sold are: 47 (R47 LNU), 276 (R276 RAU) and 292/3 (S292/3 UAL).
Queens P&R Excels 151/2 (P151/2 CTV) are also here with 153. Still taxed but not for operational use. Possible driver trainers.
Withdrawn Rainbow 1 Excels here are 173 (T173 LCH) and 178 (T178 LCH). 178 now has the engine cover off Mickleover Excel 191! 191 has recieved the new advertisement of the back (Trents newsletter) that will appear on all of the M Excels. It could be possible that they are being repainted at Langley Mill and the engine covers swapped and fitted at Derby!
Ex Rainbow 5 Excels still stored and For Sale are 156 (S156 UAL), 157 (S157 UAL) and 168 (S168 UAL). 157 is still taxed and may be used as a driver trainer.
Withdrawn/For Sale Vectas: 805-11/13/15 (M805-11/13/15 PRA). Wheres 812?
Withdrawn/stored Volvo B10B/Paladins: 122/3/6/7/8 (L122/3/6/7/8 LRA), 129/36 (M129/36 PRA). 134/5 seem to have moved! 131 is at Derby I think.
Kinch Darts 894 (M406 HFP) and 899 (P411 BNR) remain withdrawn.
Kinch Darts 889/90 (L401/2 CJF) are looking worn down but still in use as driver trainers.
Kinch Atlantean 774 (MNU 694W) (still in NCT livery) was also parked in the corner (withdrawn).

Others not in use at Langley Mill today: National Express 9 (V209 JAL), Rainbow 1 Excels 180/1/6 (T180/1/6 LCH), Mercedes minibus 294 (S294 UAL), Solo 450 (FE02 KDX) and Barton Dart 936 (R936 RAU).

Fri 15th
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Spondon Flyer this afternoon. A Trent buses Dart was on it in the morning.
Dart 923 (R923 RAU) was on the Borrowash Flyer.
Dart 919 (R919 RAU) was on the Mickleover at some point and Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) on the Villager V3. Both were parked at the back of the bus station this afternoon.

Mon 11th
Trent buses Dart 930 (R930 RAU) was on the Allestree.
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) was again working from Derby, on an early V2 working.
Trent buses Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the Spondon Flyer.
A Trent buses B10B/Paladin was on the Allestree, and 125 (L125 LRA), in trent livery with N+D names, was on Red Route (either Mickleover or Allestree).
Unibus Lance 370 (N370 VRC) was on the V3 extra evening workings.

Wed 6th
Unusual workings on the Mickleover again. Villager branded Dart 941 (S941 UAL) and Trent buses Dart 931 (R931 RAU) were on the Red route. Less unusual was Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the blue route.

Tue 5th
Buses on order:
6 Optare Tempos for the Rushcliffe Lines - Due January 2005.
28 Scania L94/Wright Solars for the Rainbow 4 and R61-4 "Belper Routes. Dues Mid to Late 2005.
Scania 639 (FD53 WWL) on the 125.
A Trent Barton Dart on the Mickleover with the Derby Frio Excel 199.
56 on the TP.

Mon 4th
A Barton Dart was on the Belper routes. Possibly 933?

Fri 1st
Trent buses Volvo B10M Coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the V1 to Burton. This coach is reported to be For Sale!!
Trent Barton Dart 932 (R932 RAU) was on the RED Mickleover route.
Lance 356 (N356 VRC) was on the D1 P&R service in place of the usual Excel.
28 Scania L94/Wright Solars have been ordered for next year. It is thought they will be used on the Rainbow 4 and Derwent Valley routes (R60s/Belper) at the moment. The Rushliffe lines routes are also expected to be "relaunched" - possibly using the "new" Optare full size single decker!!

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