October 2002

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FELIX of Stanley

The ex Ilkeston Flyer, (before the dart and the solo) Merc mini is now in allovr white, carrying the Felix name in red lettering on the front. It has been seen in service on route 59 which they began to operate earlier this week.

Arriva Derby


An unusual sighting on Saturday was of Fleetline 4312 in service.

Scania K92 2183 is now back at Derby after being on loan to Fox County for a short while. However it is now thought that this veichle will now be used for school duties as it has been painted yellow and had the appropriate lettering applied.

Ex Wilmorton shuttle bus MPD 2224 is now in corporate livery.

Only 8 of these buses are now going to Derby. The other 5 are going to Arriva Fox Counties Wigston depot to replace those damaged in the fire a few weeks ago. This means that he new buses will operate on services 44/45. Instead they will be introduced on routes 22/24 and 26. No fleet numbers or registrations avaliable yet.

No veichle changes yet bus 13 new East Lancs ALX400 low floor double deckers are to be introduced next month, on routes 22/24 and 44/45. The Olypians currently on the 44/45 have already lost there route branding, as they will be used on other routes. the new veichles will displace older veichles, probably the fleetlines and some of the older citybuses (hopefully the ex London type).

Trent/Barton/notts and derby/kinchbus


It has been revealed that Trent and Barton are to introduce a new livery on Friday.

Saturday 26th Merc mini 285 has been transfered to Kinchbus from Trent Derby. It is branded for the new Airport shuttle service which begins on 28th October.

B10B 121 is reported to have had an accident whilst in service on the 22.

Reported in the latest buses mag is the news that there is only ONE Leyland National left in service withib the whole of the Wellglade company. The remaining veichle is 526 and was transfered from Trent buses to notts and derby earlier this year. However i am sure that there is a Kinchbus national left as there was one in derby bus station a couple of weeks ago.

The latest on the B10B transfers, some of which have been previously mentioned from trent/barton to notts and derby are as follows:

101-9 (L101-9 LRA)
111 (L111 LRA)
116/7 (L116/7 LRA)

Liveries are as follows:
101/111/6-7 are in trent red and cream livery with no fleetnames.
102-7 are in UNIbus livery.
and the remaining 108 and 109 are in notts and derby livery.

Other movements from trent and n+d are as follows:
Merc minis 271-274 (M271-4 URC).
271 is in notts and derby the livery. 272-4 are in trent red and cream with n+d fleetnames.

Other notes.

Yesterday, Saturday 6th Octobers saw Derby Frio excel 199 in use on the D1 meteor centre Park and Ride service, alongside one of the UNIbus vectas. Nottingham Frio excel 201 was in use on the Rainbow 5.

Wednesday 2nd

271 is now ith notts and derby, in their livery, from trent Hucknall. 272 is the other merc mini now with n+d from trent. It is operating in trent livery with notts and derby (n+d) fleetnames.
B10B 108 joins others with n+d at Derby. It is in n+d livery, unlike 111 another B10B still in trent livery with no fleetnames at all.
One of the commuter express b10M coaches was involved in an accident last week. Last thursday (26th sept) derby dart 930 (R930 RAU) was covering for it.

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