November 2004

Arriva Derby

Mon 29th
MPD 2222 (T52 JJF) on the 111 PP&R, and Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) on the 22/24/26.

Thurs 25th
Dart 2227 (W217 SNR) was the 111 PP&R.
Volvo Olympian 4640 (R640 MNU) was on the 22/24/26 Oakwood services.

Wed 24th
A Dennis Dart SLF (2227!?) was reported on the 111 Pride Park & Ride service.

Sun 21st
Tiger 9508 (F36 ENF) is being used as a driver trainer here along with Derbys very own Scania (F28 JRC) - now 9512 and yellow scania K92 9513 (E23 ECH). A Leyland national Greenway 9519 (SJI 5569) is also used as a training bus from Ascot Drive - its been there a few weeks now.
The latest addition to the yellow school bus fleet is Northern Counties 4350 (E150 BTO). This joins Citybuses 4344, 4351/3/4/5. ,br> Scania 4393 (N433 XRC) has been repainted. Is it me or is there not enough stone/cream paint on it!
Photos now on the fotopic site.

Tue 16th
MPD 2217 (T47 WUT) was on the 111 Pride Park & Ride. Both ex Health Hopper MPDs 2217/8 (T47/8 WUT) were on this route yesterday.

Mon 15th
An unidentified East Lancs Volvo Citybus (Hreg/ex London type) was on the Oakwood DAF routes 22/24/26.

Fri 12th
MPD 2247 (T47 WUT) reported on the 111 PP&R.
Citybus (A129 DTO) is now with Fowlers - purchased from Ensign.

Thurs 11th
MPD 2224 (T54 JJF) was on the PP&R 111 route.

Sat 6th
MPD on the Pride Park & Ride.
An MPD and 2 Volvo B10BLEs 3605/6 (V605/6 DBC) were on the Oakwood DAF services 22/24/26.

Tue 2nd
Leyland National Greenway (SJI 5569) is back at Derby as a driver trainer. In Arriva livery.
Fleetline 4301 (GTO 301V) was parked up at the back of the bus station today.

Mon 1st
Citybus 4328 (H669 GPF) was on Chellaston route 61.
Volvo B10BLEs 3605/6 (V605/6 DBC) were on routes 22/24/26.

Littles Travel

Wed 24th
Leyland National (TAE 638S) is still in use, but MetroRider (R232 SCH) seems to be the regular bus on route 9 now.

Tue 16th
Ex NCT Optare MetroRider (R232 SCH) has been in use on the number 9 route this week. Has the Leyland National broken too?

Fri 12th
Leyland National (TAE 638S) was on route 9 on Monday to Friday.

Sat 6th
Leyland National (TAE 638S) was on route 9 (Mon to Fri). MetroRider on Sat.


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Tue 30th
Coach 62 (R62 RAU) was on the Spondon Flyer.
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Allestree.
Solo 425 (W425 RTO) on the 125.
And Excel 205 (V205 ENU) on training in Derby.

Mon 29th
2 breakdowns today. A Dart on the "Belper routes", and later an Excel on the Mickleover. The Dart was being towed, but i think the Excel just about managed to get back to the depot - sorry i didnt get the numbers!
Dart 930 (R930 RAU) was on the Spondon Flyer all day.
Rainbow 1 Excel 173 (T173 LCH) was on training duties.
Trent Barton Coach 63 (R63 RAU) was on the R71.
Trent buses coach 56 (P56 ETO) on the Transpeak.
Darts are appearing more often on the 107 lately. Today was no exception with Trent Barton liveried 939 (S939 UAL) making an appearance.

Sat 27th
Hucknall Solo 413 (W413 YAL) was on Derbys Borrowash Flyer route.
A trent Barton coach was on the Red Arrow.

Fri 26th
Trent Barton Excels 234/6 (X234/6 WRA) were reported on the Cotgrave Connection.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Borrowash Flyer.
Dart 918 (R918 RAU) was on the Allestree.
There was also a Barton Dart on the 125 to Hucknall.
All of the H1 Solos are now repainted.

Thurs 25th
Dart 907 (P907 CTO) and Dart 932 (R932 RAU) are the replacements for the two Solos at Dove Holes (414/9). They are used on the Buxton town services. The two Solos have transfered to Derby.
Merc vario 284 (R284 LNU) may also be a spare at Dove Holes.
Trent Barton Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was on the 107 yet again.
Trent buses Volvo B10M Coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the Transpeak.

Wed 24th
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was reported on the R62 to Ripley.
Trent Barton Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was on the 107 to Ashbourne/Mayfield.

Sat 20th
Optare Solos 414 (W414 YAL) and 419 (W419 YAL) have transfered to Derby from the Dove Holes out station. They are now used for the short R61 journeys, replacing 2 Mercedes minibuses!! They are thought top have been replaced at Dove Holes (on Buxton town services) by spare Darts 907 and 933, although this isnt confirmed!!
Barton Dart 948 (T948 BNN) was on the H1.

Tue 16th
Trent Barton Volvo B10M Coach 63 (R63 RAU) was on the Transpeak to Manchester.
Mercedes Minibus 287 (S287 UAL) was on the Villager service V1 to Burton.
Trent buses Dart 930 (R930 RAU) was on the 107 to Ashbourne.
Notts + Derby minibus 39 (L809 CJF) was on the Pride Park Shuttle, and white ex route RC minibus 40 (L810 CJF) was on route 10 to the Wyvern Shopping Centre. What has happened to the branded Pride Park Shuttle minibus?

Mon 15th
Trent Barton coach 62 (R62 RAU) was on The Mickleover whilst 63 (R63 RAU) was on the TP (transpeak). A Mercedes minibus was used on the early V2 run.

Fri 12th
Trent buses coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the Mickleover. Also reported on this route due to the unreliable Excels were: Dart 923 (R923 RAU), Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) and Excels 198/9 (V198/9 DRV/ERA).
Trent BArton coach 62 (R62 RAU) was on the Ilkeston Flyer.
And a Unibus Paladin was on the Transpeak.
Solo 466 was on the H1.
Frio Excel 225 has gained Trent Barton livery.

Thurs 11th
Dart 928 (R928 RAU) on The Allestree.
Coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the Transpeak.
Trent Barton Solo's 449 (FE02 KDV) and 450 (FE02 KDX) both reported on the H1 today. Two in the paintshop perhaps!
Plenty on the Micklover including Dart 923 (R923 RAU), Excels 198 (V198 DRC), Frio livered 199 (V199 ERA) and Solo 448 (FE02 KDU).
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) was on the Belper routes.

Wed 10th
H1 Solo 434 (FP51 GXT) has been repainted into the new route livery, that incorporates the Trent Barton image.
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) remains at Derby, in use on the Mickleover once again. Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Rainbow 4.
Trent Barton Coach 63 (R63 RAU) was reported on the Mickleover Blue route.

Tue 9th
The Mickleover saw several different buses throughout the day. At least 2 of the branded Excels were off the road. Noted on the route were, Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA), Solo 448 (FE02 KDU), Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) and two other Darts - one in Trent buses livery the other in Trent Barton.

Mon 8th
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) on the Borrowash Flyer.
Trent Buses Dart 931 (R931 RAU) on the Red Mickleover.
Trent Barton Dart 928 (R928 RAU) on the 107 to Ashbourne/Mayfield.

Sat 6th
All of the Rainbow 1 Excels are now withdrawn from the route, and all of the Scanias have arrived and are in service.
Also withdrawn at Langley Mill are N+D Mercedes minibuses 41 and 42 (L811/2 CJF).
Rainbow 1 Scania 651 (FN04 HSU) has Accident damage from Friday evening. The Chassis has been damaged. Fairly severe damage to the offside at the front, a scrape down the nearside and a dint at the back of the near side.
Kinchbus Excel 150 (P202 BNR) is confirmed to be sold to Central Buses of Birmingham where it in use in kinchbus yellow.
B10B/Paladins stored/withdrawn at Langley Mill today were 122/6/7 (L122/6/7 LRA), 129 (M129 PRA) and 136 (M136 PRA). Not sure what has happened to 123, 128 and 134! Back in use?
Ex rainbow 1 Excels 173 and 176 are being used as driver trainers. 205 is also being used for this as are Kinch Darts 889/90.

Thurs 4th
Dart 907 (P907 CTO) and Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) were in Derby again. Both were on the "Belper routes". These buses seem to be spares recently.
N+D Paladin (in trent livery) 118 (L118 LRA) was on the PPS.
Trent Barton Excel 234 (X234 WRA) and Scania 636 (FD53 WWH) were both on the Rainbow 4 route.
926 - the IF Dart is still off the road i think. Not sure what was in its place today

Wed 3rd
Dart 919 (R919 RAU) on Ilkeston Flyer. 926 under repair at Meadow Rd as it was on Tuesday too.
Trent Barton Solo 449 (FE02 KDV) on the H1 to Heanor.
Mercedes minibus 291 (S291 UAL) reported on Rainbow 1a - with passengers packed like sardines in a crushed tin box. The Solos they usually use arent that much bigger though! More to the point wasnt this sold to Norfolk Green!

Tue 2nd
Dart 918 (R918 RAU) was on the Blue Allestree route.
Odd workings reported today are Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Borrowash Flyer, Unibus Olympian 723 (C723 NNN) on the 73 this morning (one of the N+D Darts later) and Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) on the X38 (back at Derby again!!).

Mon 1st
Rainbow 1 Scania 664 (FN54 AEC) has entered service. Others of this batch are also thought to have arrived at Langley Mill, although not confirmed.
Langley Mill Dart 907 (P907 CTO) and Sutton Solo 431 (X631 ERB), were both on loan to Derby operating on the Allestree routes today.
Trent buses B10M coach 56 (P56 ETO) is still in use, despite being reported sold. It was on the Transpeak today.
Excel 157 and an ex R1 Excel were reported on driver training in Derby.

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