November 2003

Arriva Midlands
(Ascot Drive depot, Derby)

Fri 28th:
Fleetline 4310 (MTV 310W) has been sold to Roberts Coalville.
A very unusual working today was an Ex london Citybus on the Pride Park and Ride. Also DAFs seemed to be in short supply with Low Floor Darts and Volvo B10Bs on routes 22/24/26, including Dart 2226 (W226 SNR).

Thurs 27th:
Fleetlines 4301 (GTO 301V) and 4312 (MTV 312W) are still in service, mainly on schools. They are expected to stay until at least 2004.
Fleetline 4313 (MTV 313W) is now withdrawn. 4310 (MTV 310W) is also thought to be withdrawn.

Wed 26th:
It appears that the remaining Fleetlines have not been withdrawn from service. At least 4312 is still in service - noted on a school service on Tuesday.

Mon 24th:
Remaining Fleetlines 4301 (GTO 301V), 4310/2/3 (MTV 310/2/3W) are reported to be withdrawn from service. They were in operation mainly on School services until the half term holiday.

Sun 23rd:
Leyland Fleetline 4315 (MTV 315W) has been Sold to Coach and Truck Services, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Tue 18th:
New Mini Pointer Darts 2276 (SE53 ESG) and 2277 (SE53 ESO) have recieved route branding for routes 101/102.

Fri 14th:
Plaxton bodied B10M Coach 3235 (GIL 6949) has been on driver training here. It is not known if this is on loan from Fox, or if it will stay at Derby.

Dunn Line

Tue 18th
Rare Plaxton Bodied Leyland Lion (E935 CDS) was reported on the Derby College shuttle today. Only 32 Lions were built. This vehicle was purchased from NCT and was new to Clydeside. Thanks to Chris for this info.

of Stanley

Wed 19th
Dart (X711 GJU) was on the IF (Ilkeston Flyer).

Littles Travel

Fri 28th
Unibus liveried Leyland Natioinal (TAE 638S) was used on route 9 to Borrowash for part of the day.

Wed 12th
Excel (P201 BNR) broke down on the 9 today. Ex Trent National (TAE 638S) was used as a replacement still carrying Unibus livery.

Tue 11th
Excel (P202 BNR) is not with this company, and is still in storage (for sale) with Kinchbus. Similar (P201 BNR) is in service here.

The Wellglade Group - TrentBarton, notts + derby and Kinchbus
TrentBarton - Bus Operator of the year

Fri 28th
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was in use on the D1 Park and Ride.

Wed 26th
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Red Arrow.

Mon 24th
Further repaints here are former Ilkeston Flyer Solo 449 (FE02 KDV), now at Langley Mill and former Calverton Connection Dart 905 (P905 CTO), now based at Sutton Junction. Both were repainted into Trent Barton livery. Although not confirmed it is thought that Dart 928 (R928 RAU) will replace Mercedes Vario 276 (R276 RAU) on the villager as Dart 927 has replaced Mercedes Vario similar 277. It is also thought that Dart 904 will join others at Sutton - or possibly the Borrowash Flyer.
Also of note is the Kinchbus B10B/Paladin in the December Buses mag. It states that this (mainly blue) livery is the new standard for Kinch. This is false. It was painted in this livery by mistake - the same livery as route 11/12 branded Excels 226-9. Further repaints have been in the predominantly yellow livery.

Sat 22nd
Dart 927 (R927 RAU) has been branded for Villager routes replacing Mercedes Vario 277 (R277 RAU).
Merc Vario 275 (R275 RAU) and Dart 905 (P905 CTO) are in for painting at Langley Mill.
Dart 916 (P916 CTO) and Merc Vario 824 (R824 MJU) are currently stored at Langley Mill Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Red Arrow to Chesterfield this evening.
Dart 919 (R919 RAU) on V2.
One of the two Trent solo on Mickleover.

Thurs 20th
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Spondon Flyer.

Wed 19th
Dart 917 (R917 RAU) on the V2.
Trent buses B10M Coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the D1 P&R.
A Trent Dart on the Spondon Flyer, with a Spondon Flyer Scania noted parked up at the back of the Bus Station later in the day. An R5 Scania was also parked up at the Derby depot this morning.

Tue 18th
Transpeak branded B10M 55 (M455 TCH) was on the D1 Meteor centre P&R today.
Dart 917 (R917 RAU) was on the Spondon Flyer.

Mon 17th
Dart 940 (S940 UAL) and Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) were noted on the Spondon Flyer today.
Dart 928 was in use on the Borrowash Flyer.
Solo 449 (FE02 KDO) was on the Allestree Red route.
Transpeak B10M (M51 PRA) was on the D1 P&R.

Sat 15th
reported at the Try Drive today were 4 Vectas Trent 807 (M807 PRA) and Kinch 812/3 (M812/3 PRA) and another unidentified one. Two Unibus Lances were also there one being 366 (N366 VRC).
Dart 919 (R919 RAU) had been on the Black Cat, parked in Derby bus station displaying BC and the Trent buses logo.
A Transpeak B10M was on the R71 to Belper and Skyline Excxel 206 (V206 ENU) was noted parked up at the Derby depot.

Fri 14th
Trent buses Vecta 807 (M807 PRA) was on Driver Training duties along with Kinchbus Dart 889 (L401 CJF). Both are based at Belper.

Thurs 13th
Kinchbus Vecta 812 (M812 PRA) was on driver training duties in Derby today.
Trent buses Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Red Arrow.

Wed 12th
Darts everywhere: 920 (R920 RAU) on the Red Arrow, 931 (R931 RAU) on the Mickleover and 935 (R935 RAU) on the Black Cat.

Tue 11th
Reported temporarily stored at Langley Mill are Barton Dart 916 (P916 CTO) and Trent Merc Vario 824 (R824 MJU).
Reported at Langley Mill paint shop are: Ex Calverton Connection Darts 904/5 (P904/5 CTO), Ex Ilkeston Flyer Solo 449 (FE02 KDV), Ex X38 Merc Vario 275 (R275 RAU), and surprisingly Villager Merc Vario 277 (R277 RAU).
New buses: 4 Wright/Scania Solars are due before Christmas in standard Trent Barton livery.
Excel 150 (P202 BNR) is still here and not with Littles Travel as reported last month. Similar 149 (P201 BNR) is with Littles Travel.

Mon 10th
Kinchbus Dart 889 (L401 CJF) and Trent vecta 807 (M807 PRA) were on Driver Training duties around Derby today.
Transpeak B10M 55 (M455 TCH) was on the D1 Meteor Centre Park & Ride.
Dart 928 (R928 RAU) remains in service, again on the V2, still carrying Spondon Flyer branding.

Fri 7th
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on Belper routes R64/R71/R72 today.

Thurs 6th
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Spondon Flyer today.
Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was also noted on the Red Arrow today, along with 56 (P56 ETO) and two Darts.
Merc 284 (R284 LNU) was reported on the R61.
Solo 450 (FE02 KDX) has been reported on the Black Cat.
Dart 928 (R928 RAU) was on the V2 this morning - still in the old Spondon Flyer livery.

Tue 4th:
Dart 921 (R921 RAU) was on the Red Arrow.
Trent buses Solos 447 (FE02 KDO) on The Allestree with 448 (FE02 KDU) on the R62 (Belper routes).
Volvo B10B/Paladin 135 (M135 PRA) was on The Mickleover Blue route.

Sat 1st:
Dart 926 (R926 RAU) is now at Derby branded for the Ilkeston Flyer. The new livery is Trent Barton red with the same branding - fleet numbers are in white and the one on the back looked to be larger than usual.
Excel 900 (P508 NWU) was on the Spondon Flyer - but was replaced by another vehicle later on.
There was a Trent buses solo on the V3 also.

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