November 2002

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Arriva Derby


New DAFs that have arrived at Derby are:
4734 (PN52 XRJ)
4736 (PN52 XRL)
4739 (PN52 XRP)
4742 (PN52 XRT)

The first four of the 8.

New DAF 4736 was off the road on Thursday as its starter motor caught fire.

Minis to arrive from Fox County are:
1112 (P112 HCH) for storage.
1114 (P114 HCH) for storage.
1115 (P115 HCH)for storage.
1348 (N348 OBC) in service.
1349 (N349 OBC) in service.
1353 (N353 OBC) in service.
1355 (N355 OBC) in service.

It looks like fleetline 4315 (MTV 315W) will be the only one left after the DAFs have arrived and the fleetlines sold. They are currently for sale, apart from 4315, although all are in occasional service, two being parked up at Derby bus station yesterday (Friday).

It is also rumoured that 2188 (F28 JRC) may be withdrawn in the near future.


The first of 8 DAF/East Lancs double deckers have arrived. It is:
4739 (PN52 XRP)

Another arrival at Derby is merc mini 1349 (N349 OBC) from Fox Countys Coalville (Ashby Road) depot, joining others (namely 1348/53/5) from the batch.


Three Alexander sprint merc minis have arrived at Derby from Fox Countys Coalville Depot. They are.
1348 (N348 OBC)
1353 (N353 OBC)
1355 (N355 OBC)

In the other direction Derbys Alexander bodied Dart 2251 has left Derby to Fox Counties Coalville Depot.

Repaints: Volvo Citybus 4344 (C144 NRR) has gained a new schoolbus livery, alongside Scania 2183 as reported last month.

It has also been reported on the Arriva Fox County Group that fleetline 4311, the only remaining City Rider liveried veichle is looking in a bad way at Derby.

Still no more news on the 8 new DAF deckers which are due to arrive this month.

Fleetline 4301 (GTO 301V) was out on the evening of Friday 1st on route 29 at around 1700.

Trent/Barton/notts and derby/kinchbus


Thursday 28th saw Derbys Frio excel 199 unusually in use on the Villager route V3. Why did they only only brand excels, it does limit their uses. After all, one of the darts is easily used on an excel route, but excels may be too wide for a dart route??

One of the Transpeak veichles was operating on this route earlier in the week.

The Pride Park shuttle bus at Derby has been out of action for a few weeks. Merc minis and solos have been covering.


trentbarton have placed an order with Wright for 64 new buses which are due over next year and into 2004. The vichles are thought to be wright/Scania L94UB.

The veichles which are due to enter service around May time next year on the Rainbow 5 route. The older s reg excels are set to be sold, some of which are going to Konnect. The newer ones are set to stay within the company.

More of the new veichles will later arrive replacing Dennis Darts on the Spondon Flyer, and Calverton Connection routes.

The one remaining National 526 is at Derby with notts and derby and carries trent livery with no fleetnames. It was out on a contract service today.

Langley Mill excel 235 (X235 WRA) has been painted in to the new TrentBarton livery. This is to be the new standard livery for the two companies.

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