May 2003

Arriva Derby

Thurs 22nd:
Scania K92 2186 (E26 ECH) has gone to Arriva Scotland West.
Chellaston Routes 60/61/68/69 branded Dart 2231 (W231 SNR) was on route 20.

Sat 3rd:
An unidentified Fleetline was spotted parked up at Derby bus station today.

Thurs 1st:
Coalville ECW/Leyland Olypian 4514 (B514 LFP) is now back at Coalville after visiting Derby. Its now an open-topper. Its thought it will move elsewhere after being painted at Coalville.
Most of the stored Mercedes minibuses are believed to have moved on:
1113 (P113 HCH) to Petes Travel.
1115 (P115 HCH) to a dealer.
1360 (P222 MML) to an Arriva Midlands North depot.
1372 (N472 XRC) to an Arriva Midlands North depot.

However the following are unaccounted for:
1117 (P117 HCH)
1325 (L325 AUT)
1345 (N345 OBC)
1348 (N348 OBC)
1349 (N349 OBC)
1352 (N352 OBC)
1353 (N353 OBC)
1355 (N355 OBC)
1356 (N356 OBC)

Felix of Stanley

Tue 20th:
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Ilkeston Flyer.

Fri 16th:
Volvo B10B/Alexander Strider (M301 KRY) was on the Black Cat.

Thursday 8th:
New Wright/Scania Solar (YN03 WRA) was operating on the Black Cat service alongside Leyland Lynx 2 (J564 URW). Both were photographed today and will be on the photos page later.
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Ilkeston Flyer.

TrentBarton/notts and derby/Kinchbus
Wright/Scania update page. Click here

Sat 31st :
Kinchbus school bus Olypian 720 (C720 NNN) was parked up in Derby bus station.

Fri 30th :
Wright Scania update page updated.
The S reg Ex Rainbow 5 Excels are still to be sold. The newer X regs are being kept for other routes, the first 4 for Kinchbus.
Unibus liveried B10B 103 (L103 LRA) was on Trent route 107 today alongside Barton B10B 112 (L112 LRA), the two meeting at Macclesfield Bus Station.
Derby Trent Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the X38 to Burton.
TrentBarton Scania 625 (FJ03 VWM) was on the Rainbow 4.

Thurs 29th :
TRANSFER: Trent Barton Mercedes Minibus 823 (R823 MJU), Langley Mill to Derby.
Barton Excel 202 (V202 ENU), was in use on the Rainbow 4.
Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO), was on The Allestree.
Optare Vectas: 801 (M801 PRA), - Barton, 809 (M809 PRA) - Trent Buses, 810 (M810 PRA) - Kinchbus all at Derby today. 810 Looks to be withdrawn with the blinds removed. 801/9 both displayed Sorry Not In Service, with no L plates, althought 809 is regularly used as a Driver Training veichle. I got some photos and they are now on the site, on the photos page.

Wed 28th :
Notts and Derby UNIbus liveried 102 (L102 LRA), was on the Transpeak.
Optare Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the Spondon Flyer.
Trent Barton Dennis Dart 913 (P913 CTO) was on The Rainbow 4.

Tue 27th :
Keyworth Connection Dart 907 (P907 CTO), is back at Langley Mill for repair. It is reported that it was smashed into a wall at Broadmarsh bus station, the day after it came out of repairs at Langley Mill!!
Derby Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) on The X38 Derby to Burton.
An unidentified Trent buses Langley Mill Solo was operating on the Black Cat.
Frio Excel 201 (V201 ENU) on Rainbow 4.
Trent buses Excel 189 (T789 XVO) on Rainbow 4.
Trent buses Mercedes Minibus 282 (R282 RAU) on Notts and Derby route 9.

Sat 24th :
Wright Scania update page updated.
Nottingham Dart 915 (C915 PTO) is now in Trent Barton livery.
Nottingham Solo 421 now carries Barton names not Trent.
Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Rainbow 4.

Fri 23rd :
Trent Mercedes minibus282 (R282 RAU) on Notts and derby route 9.
Derby Dart 924 (R924 RAU) as on the Red Arrow to Nottingham.
Similar 925 (R925 RAU) was parked up at Derby Bus Station Not In Service.
B10B 137 (M137 PRA) on the R61/2/3/71/2 Belper routes.
TrentBarton Excel 236 (X236 WRA) on the Rainbow 4 yet again.
Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was also on the above routes.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Mickleover.

Thurs 22nd :
Commuter Express liveried B10M coach 57 (P57 ETO) found its was onto the Belper routes R61/2/3/4 etc.

Tue 20th :
Frio Excel 199 was on Derbys D1 Park and Ride service.

Mon 19th :
New Trent Barton liveried Scania 625 (FJ03 VWM) was operating on the Rainbow 5.

Sun 18th :
New R5 Scanias noted and photographed are: 614/6/21 (FJ03 VWC/E/L). Photos are on the fleetlist.
Also at the Derby Depot was Dove Holes Skyline Excel 208 (V208 ENU), complete (or not) with missing panels.
Vecta 809 (M809 PRA) was also parked there.
Commuter Express B10M 58 (P58 ETO), has at some point recently been on the Ilkeston Flyer - managing to display IF Ilkeston Flyer in the display.
A suprise appearance on the Rainbow 5 was trentBarton Excel 236 (X236 WRA).

Sat 17th :
TrentBarton Scania 625 (FJ03 VWM) is reported at Langley Mill.
601 - 624 are thought to be branded for the Rainbow 5, although all details are not known. 2 are thought to have been damaged on the Ferry over from Ireland.
A white coach branded for the red Arrow has been spotted. Could this be the coach demonstrator we've been expecting?
Veichles on the hit list are:
Vectas - 802-5/10/11/15 (M802-5/10/11/15 PRA).
Kinchbus Leyland National 2, 20 (RSG 820V).
Kinchbus Leyland Atlantean, 682 (RTV 443X) (in NCT livery).
ex-Oakham Hopper mini, 297 (T297 LCH) is on loan to kinchbus.
B10B 112 (L112 LRA) is a spare at Derby.
B10B 121 (L121 LRA) was on the D1 P&R.

Fri 16th :
Barton Optare Excel 202 (V202 ENU) was operating on the Rainbow 4.
Vecta 809 (M809 PRA) was seen in derby carrying L plates for driver training.
One of the Transpeak veichles was in use on the D1 P&R - which is back to using anything now that the loaned mini excel has moved on.
Unibus branded Olypian 723 (C723 NNN) was on a School bus service.

Mon 12th :
114 (L114 LRA), B10B Paladin has transfered to kinchbus Loughborough from Barton Nottingham. It is in full Kinchbus livery. 121 is set to do the same.

Sat 10th :
Loaned mini Optare Excel (YJ51 JXH) has moved on to Paul James.
volvo B10B 121 (L121 LRA) is set to go to Kinch - currently in Barton livery at Derby.
Driver Training veichles, Vectas and Darts in trent and kinch livery seem to be turning up all over the place. Trent vecta 806, and Kinch Dart 889 - both Langley Mill based were reported in Loughborough today.

Thur 8th :
Trentbarton liveried Merc 823 (R823 MJU) is now at Derby, and has had its old (Kinch) destination blinds removed.
Trent Buses Dennis Dart 931 (R931 RAU) is now at Derby from Barton Langley Mill.
Under maintenance at Derby depot today were Dennis Dart 930 (R930 RAU) and Mickleover Excel 190 (V190 DRC).
Noted on the Mickleover was Optare Excel 198 (V198 DRC) and Commuter Express B10M coach 57 (P57 ETO).
Barton B10B 121 (L121 LRA) has transfered to Derby from Nottingham. It was operating on the D1 P&R today.
Trent 284 (R284 LNU) is now a regular on N+D route 9. Similar veichles were used when the route was operated by Trent as Route 18.
Nottingham City Transport Optare Metrorider 8204 (L204 ONU) has been parked up at Derbys meadow Road depot for the past few days.
A glimpse was caught again of a Kinch Vecta in Derby - presumably on driver training duties again.
Further Wellglade Photos will be added to the photos page on the site later.

Wed 7th :
Mickleover Excel 190 (V190 DRC) was under maintenance at Derby today.
Dart 930 (R930 RAU) has been parked at the back of Derby depot for a while now, displaying IF (Ilkeston Flyer).
I saw 2 Vectas in Derby today - both on driver training duties. 1 Kinch the other Trent.

Tue 6th :
MAN/Vectas 805/10/11/15 (M805/10/11/15 PRA) are noted Withdrawn at Langley Mill. It is thought that they will be sold eventually along with the others (801-15).
Wright/Scania update: Langly Mill - 604 (FJ03 VVR), 607 (FJ03 VVU), 616 (FJ03 VWE).

Sat 3rd :
The Langley Mill Frio Excel (no anyone?) on the Black Cat route, whilst branded 216 (W216 PRB) remained at the LM depot.
Trent 284 (R284 LNU) on N+D route 9 again.
Kinchbus Vecta 810 (M810 PRA) was today at langley Mill for driver training duties.
Kinchbus Mercedes mini 823 (R823 MJU) is reported in trentbarton livery, allocation unknown (presumed LM).
An unidentified Nottingham City Transport double decker has also been reported at the Langley Mill depot.
Accident damaged Derby Excel 193 (V193 DRC) was today under maintenance at Derby depot.
Driver trainer, 809 (M809 PRA) is still at Derby depot.
Amongst others under maintenace at Derby were Transpeak B10M 53 (M53 PRA), B10B 137 (L137 LRA), Villager branded Dart 941 (S941 UAL), and notts and derby Olypian 717 (C717 LTO).

Fri 2nd :
Nottingham based Barton buses Optare Excel 236 (X236 WRA) is now in the new trentbarton livery, operating on the Rainbow 5 today.
Trent buses Mercedes Vario 0810, 284 (R284 LNU), was today operating on notts & derby route 9.

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