Fleet News

March 2003

Felix of Stanley

Wed 12th:
Volvo B10B/Alexander Strider M301 KRY on the Black Cat presumably in place of the troublesome S reg Volvo B10BLE.
Dennis Dart X711 GJU on the Ilkeston Flyer in place of the usual Solo.

Sun 9th:
A new Wright/Scania veichle is set to arrive and replace the S reg Volvo B10BLE on the Black Cat service.

Arriva Derby

Wed 26th:
Fleetline 4306 (GTO 306V) was back out of the depot again yesterday. It was seen and photographed at Derby Bus Station, by Neil, after operating a School contract.

Wed 19th:
Schoolbus liveried Scania K92 2183 (E23 ECH) was out on driver training duties today.

Tue 18th:
The DAFS have been out on routes 22, 24 and 26 all day every day including Sundays.

Thur 13th:
Fleetline 4315 (MTV 315W) was out on school services, being parked up at Derby bus station beside schoolbus liveried citybus 4344.

Wed 12th:
A mystery Fleetline was parked up in Derby bus station today.

Tue 11th:
Scania K92 (E26 ECH) was spotted last week.

Sun 9th:
Veichles are begining to lose their serving Derby descriptors.

Tue 4th:
Ex Fox County stored mercedes minibuses 1101 & 1102 (P101/2 HCH) have left the fleet for the Coalville Leicester depot.
There hasnt been many sightings of the Fleetlines lately.

TrentBarton/notts and derby/Kinchbus

Mon 31st :
The Darley branded Optare Solo, 466 (FG02 BGO), was parked up at Derby Bus Station today displaying R63 on the blinds. The Darley Route is now withdrawn.
Langley Mill based Trent Buses Optare Excel 204 (V204 ENU), was operating the Black Cat route between Mansfield and Derby.
The new Rainbow 5 liveried Wright Solar/Scania L94, is thought to have been on a test run from the Worksop Scania dealer, as there is no sign of it at Langley Mill, although they should begin to arrive around mid April.
It is thought that a Wright bodied Scania coach demonstrator will be brought in, before a possible order.

Sat 29th :
It has been reported on the Wellglade group and Uk Bus Fleetnews group that the delivery of the new Scania/Wright Solar Eclipses may have begun. A purple rainbow 5 branded version (FJ03 VVM) was spotted heading from Birkenhead Ferry Terminal on Friday 28th March 2003. No doubt more to come soon.
The mini Excel 2 veichle (YJ51 JXH) has been operating the Meteor centre Park and Ride service D1 for the last 2 days.
Trentbarton liveried Dennis Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was operating on the Spondon Flyer service today.
Barton dart 933 (R933 RAU) was out on the Rainbow 5 yesterday.
The fleetlist on the site has been updated recently. Please take a look and let me know of any corrections.

Tue 25th :
Todays fleetnews thanks to Iain.
Merc mini 297 (T297 LCH) broke down today whilst operating the Oakham Hopper. It was replaced by trentbarton liveried Dart 913 (P913 CTO).
B10Bs 112/3/21 (L112/321 LRA) and Vectas 802/4 (M802/4 PRA) on the 2/2a today.
297 (T297 LCH) was later seen heading to Beeston to work the C5.

Mon 24th :
Trent buses Optare Excel 252 (Y252 DRC) was operating on the rainbow 3 alongside the regulars and a Solo.

Wed 19th :
Derby B10B 138 (L138 LRA) was out on route R71 to Belper today in place of a regular Dart.
Mickleover Excel 197 (V197 DRC) and Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) were reported on maintenance at Derby.
Also at Derby, Dart 932 (R932 RAU) now in trentbarton livery.

Tue 18th :
Merc 827 (R827 WBC) was noted working route 125 Hucknall to Derby. I have this veichle at Loughborough, but it seems likely it has transfered to Hucknall.
Solo 431 (X631 ERB) was noted working route Pride Park Shuttle Derby. I have this veichle at Sutton Junction, but it seems likely it has transfered to Derby.
Derby Dart 925 was seen heading into Derby from the Nottingham direction, out of service.
Frio branded Excel 201 (V201 ENU) was operating on the Rainbow 5.
Nottingham veichles on the 2/2a today were Volvo B10Bs 112 (L112 LRA) 113 (L113 LRA) 114 (L114 LRA) 121 (L121 LRA), and Vecta 803 (M803 PRA).
Other notes: Mystery Excel on the Spondon Flyer, and a Langley Mill Vecta on Driver Training duties (one of the three 806/7/9, think that right anyway).

Sat 15th :
Mini Excel YJ51 JXH was operating the D1 park and Ride service today alongside one of the Commuter Express veichles.
Barton liveried Optare Excel 202 (V202 ENU) was operating on Rainbow 5.
Trent liveried solo and Belper branded Dart on the Spondon Flyer.
Preserved News: Both the SOS, (RC 7927) and the Leyland Tiger Cub, (YRC 191) are parked up at Belper. The PD3 is believed to be at Hucknall. The SOS has been for sale for 30 000.

Fri 14th :
National 526 (FRA 526V), is thought to now be with bowers with 531 following soon.
Preserved SOS veichle RC 7927 is now stored at Belper.

Wed 12th :
188 (T788 XOV), Zig Zag Excel on Rainbow 5a.
189 (T789 XOV), Trent buses Excel on Rainbow 4.

Tue 11th :
448 (FE02 KDU) was operating on the Spondon Flyer today in place of one of the usual Darts.
Several barton liveried Excels on Rainbows 4/5 including regular 253 on the 4 and amongst others, possibly 203 (transfer?) on the 5.

Mon 10th :
Solo 450 now de-branded from the Ilkeston Flyer since frequency reduction earlier in the year. Thought to have transfered from Derby to Langley Mill after being spotted opererating the H1 last week.
On the 2/2a today: b10Bs 112/3/4/21 (L112/3/4/21 LRA) and Vecta 802 (M802 PRA).

Sat 8th/Sun 9th :
Saturday saw Barton Excel 236 (X236 WRA) operating on Rainbow 5.
Excel 900 (P508 NWU) is parked at Derby between two loaned Nottingham Metroriders.
Trent Solo 450 (FE02 KDX) on H1.
Trent may see damaged Excel 200 (V200 DRA) back in service if it can be repaired by Optare.

Fri 7th:
On Rainbow 5 were Barton branded Dart 933 (R933 RAU) (transfered from Langley Mill to Nottingham) and Excel 253 (Y253 DRC).
National 530 (FRA 530V) is Sold to Bowers but on loan to Trent Dove Holes. Nationals 526 and 531 (FRA 526/31V) are set to head for Bowers in the near future.

Thurs 6th:
Nottingham Dart 914 (P914 CTO) now carries trentbarton livery. Was operating route 2 today, alongside B10Bs 113 and 121 (L113/21 LRA) and vecta 802 (M802 PRA). Photo should appear on the fleetlist shortly along with others.
Dove Holes based Skyline Excel 211 (V211ENU) was spotted heading into Derby this evening (17:25) running empty,. showing no destination.
Derby Dart 917 (R917 RAU) was operating the Villager route V2 away from its usual Belper routes. .

Wed 5th:
Nottingham based Trent buses Optare Solo 421 (W421 RTO) was operating on the Rainbow 4 today.
On routes 2/2a and the 146 were B10bs 112/3, 121 Merc 297, Solo 418 and Dart 912.

Tue 4th:
MAN/Vecta 801 (M801 PRA) operating the 125 to Hucknall. This is operated from Langley Mill where I presume this veichle is now based (transfered from Nottingham).
National 526 (FRA 526V) remains at the Derby depot despite being rumoured to be sold to Bowers.
Barton Dart 936 (R936 RAU) was operating on the Black Cat.
Kinchbus driver trainer Dart 889 (L401 CJF) visited Derby today.

Mon 3rd:
Commuter Express liveried B10M 57 (P57 ETO) working Allestree Red route today displaying R51 (previously used route number). Dont believe me see Vinces photo on the Wellglade Yahoo group.
Fellow Trent liveried B10M 56 (P56 ETO) was operating on Villager 3.

Sat 1st:
It seems that Nationals 526 (FRA 526V), 530/1 (FRA 530/1V) have left the fleet,. having ben sold to Bowers.
Nottingham excel 235 (X235 WRA) on Rainbow 5, alongside Trent Excel 189 (T789 XOV).
Langley Mill Dart 934 is in trentbarton livery and retains the all over rear advert.
Solo 420 has transfered from Trent Langley Mill to Barton Nottingham.

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