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***Arriva: Fleet changes following route alterations. ***Hulleys: Several Darts join the fleet. ***Midland Classic: Scania painted into Stevensons livery. ***Trent: Royal Solos repainted

Here you will find all the latest bus fleet news for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here


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Whippets now operate Flixbus services that pass through Derby, often using former National Express Levantes. (BV67 JZN) is seen here in Derby bus station.
(C)Geoff Girling


Andrews of Tideswell




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Arriva Derby



30th June 2022
The E200 MMC 4113 is no longer in use at Derby.
Streetlite 4278 (GN14 DXW) has been seen in Derby recently.

24th May 2022
A different E200 MMC, 4113 (SN67 WUA) is now in use at Derby.

19th May 2022


E200 MMC 4086 is seen here in Burton, before departure on an X38 service to Derby. 4086 is now back in service on the Stansted Airport route for which it is branded, after briefly being on loan whilst an Omnicity from Derby was assessed for suitability for the airport service.
(C) Geoff Girling

9th May 2022
E400 4406 is the first to be repainted into standard Arriva livery.

Stansted Airport branded E200 MMC 4086 (YX17 NHD) is currently on loan here, swapped with Omnicity 3556 which is currently being assessed for use on the airport route. It is expected to be a short term switch.

Gemini 4203 is an addition to the fleet in place of one of the departed VDLs. The PVR on 1/1A/1C increased by following service changes (incorporating the withdrawn F1,single deck pvr of 2), leading to 1 extra decker being required.

21st April 2022
Due to service alterations from Saturday, and a reduced PVR, Wright bodied Scanias 3513/4/5 are set to leave Derby and transfer to Luton.

Repainted VDLs 3744/6 are set to transfer to Thurmaston.

29th March 2022
Five Commanders have arrived here primarily for use at east midlands airport: br />
3483 (CX06 BHP),
3484 (CX06 BHU),
3486 (CX06 BHW),
3497 (CX06 BJZ),
3498 (CX06 BKA).

Route 9 is being withdrawn, along with changes to other services in April seeing the overall pvr cut by 4 buses.


Commander 3497 (CX06 BJZ) is seen here in Pride Park on the soon to be withdrawn F1 service. It still carries its old fleet number, 2597. The vehicles have joined the fleet for use on a contract at east midlands airport.
(C) Geoff Girling

20th January 2022
VDL 3744 has now been repainted into the new blue livery.

Gemini 4204 and VDL 3746 are now back in use after being repainted.

17th January 2022
Omnilinks 3511/2 are here on loan whilst buses are repainted.

Gemini 4204 is set to be painted soon, along with VDL 3746.

Former North West "click" branded Sprinter minibus 1024 has been renumbered 1124 (RX18 LNR) and is in use at Derby of staff shuttles. Mercedes minibus 1003 in new Arriva livery (BF67 WGG) is also now based at Derby.

Saturday service on routes 5/5a was reduced to every 30 minutes (from every 20) last August, despite the council only publishing the timetables on their website recently, and also advising this change was effective from Janauary 2022. Minor changes have been made to route 4 and P&R which will also see the return of a Saturday service on the F1 from this weekend.


4204 is seen on its first day in service (11th January 2022) after repaint into new arriva blue. Seen here working a 2a service to Derby bus station, on Sinfin Avenue, Shelton Lock.
(C) Jon Ridge

12th November 2021
Omnilink 3511 is now in use at Derby. This worked here from new for a short time (when number 3811).


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Derby minibus


27th May 2020

Derby Minibus has now closed following the passing of David Mansfield on 5th May 2020. Starting in 1995 the company operated 7 vehicles.


DW Coaches, Clay Cross


16th September 2021

A recent addition here is former Lawsons Volvo Alexander PS (L623 TDY).


Volvo Alexander PS (L623 TDY).
(C) Chris Gaskin

23rd September 2020

New additions to the fleet here are ex Stagecoach London Trident ALX 400 (LX03 BZC) and ex Arriva London Volvo B7 ALX 400 (LJ05 BJU).

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G&J Holmes

9th September 2017

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Glovers of Ashbourne



15th September 2021.

The latest addition to the fleet is former Parks of Hamilton tri axle Plaxton Panther (SA13 YPH).

26th January 2021.

A new arrival here later last year was Volvo B12M (W V02 EUP), which has gained registration (AIG 4549), Ex Panther Travel, Parkeston. It was (AB02 PAN) for a while at Panther Travel.

The Volvo B10M that was (AIG 4549) has reverted back to (W898 RRU) before being withdrawn and possibly sold?

23rd September 2020.

Former Burnley and Pendle Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown (Y162 HRN) is here. Last operated by Square Peg, Leeds.

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Harpurs Coaches


28th September 2021

Temsa (YJ13 GUE) has been destroyed by fire.

16th September 2021

2 former Belle Vue (new to London General) Volvo Geminis are here and in use in yellow livery:
(LX05 FBB/D).

Quite a few fleet changes lately, will try to cover the rest soon.


Former Belle Vue Gemini (LX05 FBD)is seen here in Derby.
(C) Chris Gaskin

28th July 2021

Grey Dennis Trident / Plaxton President bodied (SGZ 3536) is a fleet addition within last few months. Believe this was new to London General as (PN03 UMA), before passing to Norse where is was used on park and ride in Norwich. It was later with Belle Vue, Manchester where it was painted yellow, before being painted grey (and re registered) by an unknown subsequent owner?

Disposals late 2020/early 2021 reported to include:
Olympian (S831 DGX),
Volvo coaches (N644 AHP),
(CN55 MUE) - now (ESU 282) , and (FJ55 XBA) now (DSU 130) - both are now in the Shetlands with Andrew Morrison, Whiteness trading as Andrews coaches.
(NX53 UBC),
LDV minibus (PJ53 OEO).

16th July 2021


MPD (BU05 HFA) is now in fleet livery.
(C) Geoff Girling

17th May 2021

Volvo Gemini (LX53 AZU) is here and in fleet livery. New to London General is was previously with Xelabus.


Volvo Gemini (LX53 AZU) on the A6 near Allestree.
(C) Adrian Healey

31st March 2021


(YK06 DNU) now carries fleet livery. Seen here on Ascot Drive.
(C) Rob Hadfield

7th March 2021

A new arrival here is MPD (BU05 HFA), ex Abellio.

17th February 2021

New additions to the fleet reported here are DAF Geminis (LJ05 BHP/V) and Volvo Gemini (LF52 UTJ).

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Hawkes Coaches




6th May October 2021
Another Volvo B7/ ALX 400 here is (YJ51 RCU), ex First Manchester. This still carries First livery.


(YJ51 RCU) is seen here on a school service in Kirk Hallam.
(C) Rob Hadfield

1st October 2021
A second Volvo B7/ALX 400 reported here is (KP51 VZW) - ex First Cornwall 32070 (again in dark blue Bath Unibus base livery).

30th September 2021
A new arrival here in all over dark blue livery is Volvo B7/ALX 400 (KP51 WCX). New to First Leicester, it has most recently seen use with First in Cornwall (fleet no 32096). Prior to that it was with First in Bath branded for the Unibus services,in the livery it still carries.


(KP51 WCX) is seen here in Derby, outside the Eagle Centre Market, on a football service.
(C) Chris Gaskin

7th March
Two new additions to the fleet are Autosan Eagle coaches (BX06 NZV/U).

Condor (E10 MDC) reported to have been sold for preservation, whilst the second example is withdrawn.



High Peak



17th June 2022
High Peak are cutting back the transpeak service from 10th July 2022. It will run hourly Monday to Saturday between Matlock and Buxton only, two hourly on Sundays. One journey will start from Derby at 7:50 and return back to Derby arriving after 6pm, Mon to Sat. This is likely as it covers part of the Uni contract, and 1 bus is based at Derby, which is likely why operates on Saturday too.

Other services are being cut back and altered in line with demand, including some evening services on skyline 199 not serving the airport.

E200s 593 (YY64 GWL) and 594 (YY64 GWM) are now in use here. Both were used on the transpeak when new.

22nd March 2022
Two brand new short E200 MMCs have joined the fleet (YX22 OGH/G).

668 (YJ60 GGP) now withdrawn for scrap after a peariod in use here.

17th February 2021
Versa (T23 TYB) reported to now be with D&G, repainted in their livery.

26th January 2021
A number of services are reduced or suspended from 27th January 2021. The 2 hourly Sunday timetable will be in use every day on the transpeak service. Hulleys are covering route 113 (Belper to Ashbourne) and the 394, whilst Andrews are covering the 442 (Ashbourne to Buxton).

23rd September 2020
A fairly new addition to the fleet, in new centrebus livery, is Optare Solo SR 296 (KX14 FHT). This was used in Malta when new.

Scanias 690 (high Peak) and 691/2 (skyline) remain in use here. Others from the batch have moved elsewhere in the centrebus group, including 693 which has had a repaint and in use on the busway in Luton.

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Hulleys of Baslow

13th June 2022
Scania Omnicity 24 is now for sale. A new arrival is open top ALX400 (SN03 DZM) from Aldermaston coaches, who operated it on their summer open top route in Portsmouth.

20th May 2022
A new addition here is Enviro 400 (LJ09 CCK), as fleet number 16. Ex Abellio London, it has arrived via Ensign painted in livery with centre door removed.

9th May 2022
Scania (YN56 NVB) is fleet number 24. Dart 24 is going for scrap, donating its engine to no 2.

6th May 2022
Scania Omnicity (YN56 NVB) has joined the fleet from Connexions. It is in use in the Ipswich buses livery with connexions branding.

MCV 19 now in use in livery, Dart 14 (WA56 FKO) now in use with blue skirt added to the white livery.

Scania (NK54 NVA), a short term addition to the fleet, has been scrapped.

22nd March 2022
Scania/Wright (NK54 NVA) has joined the fleet from Connexions. It is not expected to be painted and likely to be sold once other buses arrive and are in service. As it is a short term fixture, no fleet number has been allocated.

To recap, and cotrary to the report in buses, i am assured that the three MCV bodied E200s to recently arrive here are:
1 (LK58 CRZ) - in service (red),
19 (LK58 CRV) - not in service, away for repaint.
20 (LK58 CSU) - in service in fleet livery, with additional blue stripe above window.

The two green e200s (YX11 AEA/B) from A2B Travel will now not be joining the fleet as planned.

Enviro 400 (LJ09 CCK) is due next month from Ensign, where it is being painted and converted to single door.

Dart 5 (NK04 NPN) is in full fleet livery, but away for an engine replacement prior to MOT.

18th February 2022
A third MCV bodied E200 to arrive here is (LK58 CRZ) (Metroline DM966). 20 (LK58 CSU), now carries fleet livery.

Solo SR (L50 LOW) currently on loan from Connexions.

Former Trent sixes Scania (K200 CXB) is being returned to Connexions today - has been here on loan for a few weeks.

8th February 2022
The two former Metroline MCV bodied E200s to join the fleet are:
(LK58 CRV) (Metroline DM964),
20 (LK58 CSU),(Metroline DM969).

Versa number 1 (YJ62 FTN) has now passed to Lloyds coaches, via a S Yorkshire dealer. Lloyds have traded in former Fox County DAF (PN52 PAN) (previously PN52 XBH) in part exchange.

3rd February 2022
2 former Metroline dual doored 58 plate MCV bodied E200s are due here soon along with 2 11 plate e200s from A2B Travel (Cambridgeshire). These are expected to become number 1, 19, 20 and 25.

Tempo 19 sold to Stafford Bus Centre, leaving later this week.

Versa number 1 advertised for sale.

Former Trent sixes Scania 690 (K200 CXB) (former FJ55 BZS)) is on loan here from Connexions.

Tempo number 20 (R13 TYB) has been withdrawn, sold to Ripleys for scrap/spare or repairs.

Dart 5 (NK04 NPN) is away for repairs.

9th December 2021
Hulleys will operate the 55 Chesterfield to Alfreton from next month. The current Stagecoach service is to be cancelled.

The new number 5 Dart (NK04 NPN) is being prepped for repaint and MOT.

Former Stagecoach Dart (WA56 OJN), which arived recently, will not enter service, but be used for spares then scrapped.

16th November 2021
Former number 2, Gemini (BX55 XNT) has been fitted with a replacement engine, and now in use with Hunters Coaches, Leeds. It was painted not so long ago, so still looks smart in Hulleys livery with cream Hunters fleet names.

12th November 2021
Snake route X57 is to be withdrawn from 9th January 2022.

Volvo/Wright 5, 14 and 25 have all been sold back to Connexions.

White Dart (WA56 FKO) is now in use as the new number 14.

Another Stagecoach Dart 34607 (NK04 NPN) has arrived in Stagecoach livery, and is expected to be the new number 5.

Dart (PX05 EKW) is the new 24.
Volvo Wrights (BK13 NXT) is the new number 8.

19th October 2021
Dart 24 (PX05 EKW) now carries fleet livery and is in use.

Wright Volvo 8 (BK13 NZT) is now in fleet livery and should be in use later this week.

7th October 2021
A second former Stagecoach Dart has arrived (PX05 EKW), still in stagecoach livery.

E200 17 (MX11 CZW) now carries the Express Motors livery.

Volvo / Wright 5 (MX55 FHH) and 25 (MX55 UAA) are advertised for sale.

All white former First/Go ahead Manchester Volvo / Wright (MX06 VPT) is currently on loan. This has also seen use with MP Travel.

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


31st January 2022 Redfern Travel Omnidekka (YN55 NGZ) has been repainted in the Redfern Travel livery after being off the road for just over 13 months. It should due to enter service soon.

ALX400 (S805 BWC) has also been repainted into the Johnson Bros livery, but still awaiting some finishing touches with sister (S811 BWC) now away being repainted, along with First Omnidekka (YN04 GLV).

Former Stantons of Stoke Omnidekkas (YN53 CFE) & (YN53 RYZ) arrived late December 2021, still in their full livery. (YN53 CFE) was new to Nottingham as their 722 and (YN53 RYZ) was new to Metrobus as their 6487. Both omnidekkas are due to enter service later this year.


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Littles Travel



24th May 2022 A second white streetlite, (SK68 TXN) has been reported here. The two vehicles were in use with Go NE towards the end of year, on loan in plain white. They may be on long/short term loan to Littles.

17th May 2022 A white Streetlite (SK68 TXO) is in use here in plain white with no fleet names.


Streetlite (SK68 TXO) is seen here in Derby Bus Station on route 73.
(C)Adrian Healey

30th November 2021 2 Volvo B7/Plaxton presidents reported here are (LX54 GZT/V). New to Go Ahead London, they were laterly with Go North East.

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Midland Classic

21st April 2022

85 has been repainted into Stevensons livery and re registered (TFA 13).


85 now carries Stevensons livery.
(C)Richard Woodhead

18th February 2022

Scania 75 has been repainted into the new style livery, with branding for route 1, the Tutbury Jinny. The Tutbury Jinny was the name given to the rail service between Tutbury and Burton, via Stretton and Rolleston, which ceased on 11th June 1960. The line remained in place into the 70s. Much of it is now a pedestrian walkway/cycle path.

Versa 41 now carries fleet livery.


75 has been repainted and now carries branding for route 1, the Tutbury Jinny.
(C)Geoff Girling


Versa 41 now caries fleet livery.
(C)Mark Kinson

31st January 2022

VDL SB200 Pulsar number 70 (JP54 MCL) has now entered service.

31st December 2021

The last of the six short Scania Irizar i3s, number 23, has entered service. VDL SB200 Pulsar number 70 (YJ08 EFW) has been reregistered as (JP54 MCL). Former Diamond 32122.

E200 32 (YX09 FMP) and Volvo B7/President 101 have both been withdrawn.

9th December 2021

A new addition to the fleet is Versa 41 (NK09 FVE). Ex Go North East.

Scania Irizar i3 number 26 is this years Christmas bus.


26 is this years Christmas bus, seen here in Lichfield.
(C)Mark Kinson


Former Go NE Optare Versa, now fleet number 41, is seen here passing Burton Railway Station.
(C)Geoffrey Girling

30th November 2021

Former E400s 91 and 93 are reported to be in Cornwall with Roselyn of Par.

A new addition to the fleet is Wright VDL (YJ08 EFW). This was new to Fishwicks, and more recently with Diamond bus. It carries the new style fleet livery.

18th October 2021

Irizar i3s 27 and 28 are now in use.

E400 92 reported to be sold to Completely Coaches, Norwich.

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Nottingham buses


17th January 2022


New to Reading buses, and last with Midland Classic of Burton, Scania/Wright Solar (YN05 GXP) is now with Nottingham Coaches. Seen at South Wolds School, Keyworth.
(C) Rob Hadfield


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Paul S Winsons Loughborough


16th August 2020


Volvo (FJU 973) seen here in Loughborough. New to Anglian,Beccles as (AU06 BPK), it was recently acquired from Blackpool Transport.



Skills, Nottingham


30th June 2022
Brand new Scania Irizars now here are:
(YS22 JGX) - Skills.
(YS22 JGY) - Skills.
(LX22 GER) - Leger Luxuria.

13th June 2022
The first of the 5 Volvo B7 / ALX400 is now in use. All have been painted:
AX454 (06-D-30454)..
AX457 (06-D-30457)..
AX458 (06-D-30458) now (FT06 VGV) - in service.
AX462 (06-D-30462) ..
AX463 (06-D-30463) now (FB06 LBJ).

24th May 2022
Tourismos (BV22 WRN/O/P/R) are now here. (BD65 JFN), (BX16 CJF) and (BX16 CHD) have left.

(BD65 JFG) and (BX16 CHC) have gone to Evobus in exchange for 2 new Tourismos.

Neoplans (SIL 6437/8) are back in use for now.

6th May 2022
Scania coaches (YN17 OHR/T/W/X/Y/Z) have/are all returning to Scania from long term lease. This has led to 4 different coaches being hired in:
Scania irizar (YN14 NOU),
Scania Irizar (YR15 OTD),
Scania Interlink (YN17 OOH/U).

Ex Lothian Geminis (SN08 BYA/G/Z) now repinted into SKills livery.

21st April 2022
Olympian (S457 ATV) sold to Brixham college.

Leopard (YX17 OGC) now reported with Stanley Taxis, Stanley.

22nd March 2022
Plaxton Leopard (YX17 OGC)has been sold to York Pullman.

18th October 2021
6 new Tourismos:

(BV71 HZA) - 2 axle - Skills, (different green), previously (BF21 EOT)

(BV71 HZB) - 2 axle - Skills, (different green), previously (BF21 EOT)

(BV71 HZC) - 2 axle - Silverdale,

(BV71 HZD) - 3 axle - Silverdale,

(BV71 HZE) - 3 axle - Skills,

(BV71 HZF) - 3 axle - Skills.

The 6 former Lothian B9 Geminis here are:
907 (SN08 BXX),
909 (SN08 BXZ)
910 (SN08 BYA),
913 (SN08 BYD),
914 (SN08 BYF),
915 (SN08 BYG),

5 Volvo ALX400 are expected here from Ireland.

8 more new Tourismo coaches are expected to join the fleet in 2022.

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TM Travel


See Wellglade section.


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The Wellglade group
trent barton, kinchbus, notts+derby and T M Travel.



13th June 2022
All four former Royal branded Solos, 480-4, now carry a bright red spare livery and are based at Meadow Road. 20th May 2022
Volvo 746 is now back in use repainted in Mango livery, based at Langley Mill. Previously branded for Comet, it has been off the road for over a year.

6th May 2022
Solo 510 now carries Notts and Derby livery.

29th March 2022
The 4 former Kinchbus Tempos are all still in use:
319 (YJ07 VST) - now (C11 JKN) with Jeakins, Thorpe.
320 (YJ07 VSV) - now with Coachpoint.
321 (YJ07 VSX) - Rambler, Hastings.
322 (YJ07 VSY) - Rambler, Hastings.

The 9 former Lothian Geminis now with notts+derby are:

22 (SN08 BYP) - Lothian livery.
23 (SN08 BYU) - Lothian livery.
24 (SN08 BYV) - notts+derby livery.
25 (SN09 CTU) - Lothian livery.
26 (SN09 CTZ) - Lothian livery.
27 (SN09 CUA) - Lothian livery.
28 (SN09 CUK) - notts+derby livery.
29 (SN09 CUU) - Lothian livery.
30 (SN09 CVA) - notts+derby livery.

Former sixes Scanias update:

683 (FJ55 ABO) Ladywood School, Kirk Hallam (static non PSV).
684 (FJ55 ABV) now (789 FAY) - connexions, Harrogate.
685 (FJ55 BZM) remains in use with trent barton at Sutton.
686 (FJ55 BZN) to Looms, Spondon for scrap 11/21.
687 (FJ55 BZO) now (JSU 721) - connexions, Harrogate.
688 (FJ55 BZP) now (ESU 912) - connexions, Harrogate.
689 (FJ55 BZR) ??
690 (FJ55 BZS) now (K200 CXB) - connexions, Harrogate.
691 (FJ55 BZT) now (J800 CXB) - connexions, Harrogate.
692 (FJ55 BZU) ??

12th January 2022
Scanias 599 and 632 have moved from notts and derby to T M Travel.

Volvo Plaxton President 39 has also moved from notts and derby to TM Travel.

Yourbus, Nottingham

YOURBUS ceased trading on Friday 4th october 2019

For a list of former vehicles, where they moved on to, and one or two photos see previous news pages. Last Months News

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