Fleet News

June 2004

Arriva Derby

Wed 23rd
Citybus 4353 (E153 BTO) has recieved an unexpected repaint into a Yellow Schoolbus livery joining 4344 (C144 NRR).

Mon 21st
Branded Dart 2236 (W236 SNR) was on route 29 to Mackworth.

Mon 14th
Route 44/45 branded Olympian 4626 (R626MNU) was on route 37 today.

Thurs 10th
On DAF routes 22/24/26 were Volvo B10B 3606 (V606 DBC) and Alexander Dart SLF 2226 (W226 SNR).

Mon 7th
Volvo B10BLE 3605 (V605 DBC) was on the Pride Park & Ride.
The final Fleetline 4301 (GTO 301V) remains at Ascot Drive, available for normal service, although mainly restricted to Schools.

Sat 5th
Marshall Citybus 4338 (B138 GAU) was on low floor DAF routes 22/24/26 today.

Wed 2nd
Visited Ascot Drive depot on Saturday. Photos in the photos section.
Buses not in use were mainly Volvo Citybuses of various types, alongside midi Dart 2198 (L38 PNN) andMPD 2277 (SN53 ESO).
No sign of the last remaining Fleetline 4301 (GTO 301V). Either gone, was hidden or out on service on Saturday.


Sun 20th
The National Greenweay here is (JIL 2195). The other Vecta expected here from trent is 807 (M907 PRA).

Sat 19th
Two Mercedes minibuses have been reported here, being (L27 LSG) and (M457 UUR). No further news on the National Greenway (JIL ****) which arrived a while ago. I think its ex Arriva Fox County. No reports of the third vecta from trent yet either.

Wed 9th
Another Vecta is due here from Trent joining 801 and 814. All three are to be used on route 331 between Alfreton and Nottingham. 814 has already had some branding applied for this route.
A surprise arrival here is a Leyland National Greenway. It is an ex Arriva example (fox County I think) with the registration (JIL ****). More on that soon hopefully.

Fri 4th
Ex Kinchbus MAN Vecta 814 (M814 PRA) is now here in service and in the Doyles livery. Joins similar (M801 PRA) (also ex Trent 801).


Wed 9th
Volvo B10M/Plaxton Paramount (A143 SCW) has arrived here.

Littles Travel

Mon 14th
Leyland National (TAE 638S), was on route 9 today.

Wed 9th
Excel (P201 BNR) is back on the road, on route 9 today.

Tue 8th
National (TAE 638S) was used on route 9.

Mon 7th
National (TAE 638S) was used on route 9 today.


Mon 28th
Of Derbys spare Solos 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the V1 to Burton, and 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the R64 to Belper.

Sun 27th
Excel 154 (S154 UAL) has joined others at MASS Transit as expected. Unexpected was the sale of Excel 203 (V203 ENU) to Konectbus.
59 (R59 RAU) has arrived at Derby in the Transpeak livery, marking the end for the last two Alexander Q B10Ms, 51 and 52 at Derby. Both are expected to be sold later in the year. I assume they will be used as spares until then, or be stored at Langley Mill.

Wed 23rd
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was noted on the Spondon Flyer today for the second day running, although it was on the Mickleover on Tuesday afternoon.
The first of the new Rainbow 1 Scanias are to enter service from mid July, and all are expected by October. This is suggested on the official trent barton site (www.trentbarton.co.uk) in the route and times update section.

Mon 21st
Three of the ex Transpeak Volvo B10M/Alexander Qs are reported to be sold. 53 (M53 PRA) has been sold to MK Metro, whilst 54 (M54 PRA) and 55 (M455 TCH) have been sold to Green Triangle. 51 and 52 are expected to be sold eventually, but remain in use at Derby for now.
Dart 938 (S938 UAL) was on the Spondon Flyer, with another Dart on the Mickleover alongside Trent buses Excel 198 (V198 DRC).
Coach 63 was on the Red Arrow, whilst white, ex RC Merc no 40 was on the Pride Park Shuttle for which the branded Merc seems to have dissapeared!! A Paladin 108 (L108 LRA) was unusually on the 10.

Sun 20th
5 Excels confirmed at MASS Transit 155 (S955 NRA), 159/60/2/5 (S159/60/2/5 UAL). 154 may join them! They have had the MASS yellow stripe applied around the base, but retain the R5 purple as a quick fix to the Grantham service take over.

Sat 19th
2/3 of the new look Transpeak coaches have entered service, being 60 and 61 with 59 joining them soon. Just to sum up, 59 (R59 RAU), 60 (R960 RAU) and 61 (R61 RAU) are based at Dove Holes along with spare Trent buses coach 56 (P56 ETO). 62/3 (R62/3 RAU) carry the trent barton livery and are based at Derby as spares for the Red Arrow.
At least one of the Alexander Q type Transpeak branded B10Ms, 51 (M51 PRA) remains in use at Derby, on the Transpeak yesterday.
Ex rainbow 5 Excel 155 (S955 NRA) is now with MASS Transit. Along with others!!

Wed 16th
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Allestree Blue route today.

Tue 15th
Transpeak B10M 51 (M51 PRA) was on the R63 to Ripley today.

Mon 14th
Unusual Dart workings today were 925 (R925 RAU) on the V1, 928 (R928 RAU) on the Mickleover and 948 (S948 BNN) on the H1.

Thurs 10th
Dart 924 (R924 RAU) was on the Red Arrow from Nottingham to Chesterfield.

Wed 9th
B10B/Paladin 120 has transfered to Notts + Derby. Trent names are retained at present. More are likely to transfer since the introduction of the new "yellow" Scanias on the Rainbow 2. Lances are expected to be replaced and Sold by the Paladins - including those branded for the Unibus work.
On the Allestree: Excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Red route (later on the Mickleover), Dart 920 (R920 RAU) on the blue route.
On Kinch AirLine 1 service was Solo 440 (FP51 GXZ), which has been released from the Shepshed Sprinter route along with 437-9. Most branding had been removed although some remained on the side. They are due to be repainted for the new Long Eaton Flyer route later in the year. The Shepshed Sprinter route is now operated by another company (Paul S Winson?).

Tue 8th
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the V1 to Burton.
Olypian 717 (C717 LTO) was on Unibus route 6.
Kinch Merc 288 (S288 UAL) on the AL1 again, and Merc 40 (L810 CJF) on the PPS.
Coaches 62 (R62 RAU) on the Red Arrow and 56 (P56 ETO) on the Transpeak.

Mon 7th
Trent buses Coach 56 (P56 ETO) is the spare for the transpeak, being allocated to Dove Holes. 63 (R63 RAU) has recieved trent barton livery and joins 62 at Derby as spares for the Red Arrow. 60 carries the revised Transpeak livery and is set to be joined by 59 and 61 soon!!
Excel 198 was on the Ilkeston Flyer today, and Kinch merc 288 was on the AL1 service.

Sat 5th
Transpeak B10M 51 (M51 PRA) was on the Mickleover BLU route today, with similar 52 (M52 PRA) reported on the X38.
Trent buses 56 (P56 ETO) and Transpeak 60 (R960 RAU) reported on the Transpeak, presumably alongside 53.

Fri 4th
MAN Vecta 814 (M814 PRA) has been sold to Doyles, Ripley where it is in service in their livery.
Trent buses Excel 205 (V205 ENU) was out on driver training in Derby today - still being used from Belper most of the time.
Merc 40 (L810 CJF) was on the pride Park Shuttle.

Thurs 3rd
Kinchbus Merc 288 (S288 UAL) was on the AirLine shuttle AL1.

Wed 2nd
Trent buses Dart 930 (R930 RAU) was on the Red Arrow.
Ex Royal Connection Merc 40 was on the Pride Park Shuttle.

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