NEWS - JUNE 2002

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Notts and Derby

Some Leyland nationals fom trent/Barton were parked up at the Derby Depot the other week. Two carried Notts and Derby Fleetnames on the Trent livery. National 526 Still carries Trent livery but has lost its fleetnames.

Veichles recieved rcently are volvo B10B/Paladin 101 (L101 LRA) Leyland Olypians 719/20 (C719/20 NNN) and Leyland National 526 (FRA 526V) which still carries Trent buses livery and fleetnames. All were recieved from trent buses.

Trent buses

Seen today Friday 5th July was Derbys Frio Excel 199 operating the Mickleover route as it was on the Thursday. there was also a Dart SLF on the Allestree. The Nottingham frio excel (201) was noted on the rainbow 5b on monday 1st. Theres a trent try drive at markeaton park on Sunday 7th July. Visit the official trent site

Excels 199(Derby)/201 (Nottingham) and 225 (Langley mill)have recieved Frio multicoloured livery, to promote the new Frio, buy 10 get 3 free, ticket.
Ex Rainbow Allestree B10B/Paladin 134 (M134 PRA) has gone to Barton Nottingham from trent Derby.
Many of the newer solos at Derby on the Ilkeston flyer seem to make a strange whinning noise. Is this common?

For regulars on the Welglade Yahoo group the excel at the side of the Trents meadow road depot possibly 198 ith missing panels, has gone today after standing there for around a month.

Ex Harlequin Merc 47 is expected to dis place older merc mini 43 on the pride park shuttle (Derby). vectas 801-4 (M801-4 PRA) are now at nottingham carrying barton fleetnames. Two olypians, one B10b and one national have transfered to Notts and Derby. See above for more details.

The Allestree route kicks off tommorrow with the introduction of seven branded solos.
Solos so far are

436 Langly mill Trent red/cream spare
441/2 Langley mill Barton red/cream for the 14/54
443/4 Trent red/cream for the 241
445/6/59 for the 90 (trent)
447/8 spare at derby (trent)
449/50 for the ilkeston flyer route (Derby)
451 the harlequin
454-8 Barton for the 15

If anyone has any fleetnews to add or has noted any incorrect news in the above please let me know. email me!

Arriva Derby

The Derby college shutle MPD 2224 is operating normal servics today (Sunday).
saturday 27th July 2002.

The scania K92/3s are out in force today, with at least on on the 24/22 which is usually operated by double deck veichles, and one on the 20 and another on the 26. Havent seen any of the fleetlines in the past week, ill they make a re-appearance on school work in September?

The City rider veichles Fleetline 4311 and Volvo citybus 4344 have ben out and about this week. The fletline was parkd up at derby bus station this afternoon (FRI). Many (4301, 4306, 4310, 4312 and city rider 4311) of the fleetlines have been noticed this week at Derbys bus station. This shows that they still have an essential role. The Nothern counties bodied volvo citybus was on school work today. It still has an alover blue back.

At least one of the three volvo B10BLES recieved from Fox County last year has gained an alover ad on the back.

I saw the City rider citybus. It was operating a school service I think. Saw it from a distance.

The, getting on a bit, scania K92/3s are still out and about regularly in all day service. However 2181 (E21 ECH) has passed to (dealer) Blythwood, Glasgow.

Fleetline 4311 retains city rider livery, although its life expectancy here is becoming shorter. The fleetlines were ue to be ousted by a batch of 12/15 (both have been reported) of Low floor DAF deckers. I dont know if this is true. If it is some of the volvo citybuses and remaining scania K92s are expected to leave the fleet.

Arriva livery is on all veichles except
2224 Mini pointer dart, branded for derby college shuttle. In allover black livery.
2217/8 Again mini pointer darts in arriva styled livery with blue replacing the green. Additional lettering and a Kangaroo.
4244 Volo citybus in the city rider livery. has an all blue back. 4311 Fleetline in city rider livery. Mainly used on school/contract work, as are all fleetlines in the fleet.


New here is Optare solo FE02 LWD in a special livery for the Ilkeston flyer route, which is run Jointly with trent buses.

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