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***New arrivals at Hulleys and Littles*** ***Kinch Tempos enter service - Black Cat Excels sold to Konect.*** ***TM Travel: 6 more Centros due to arrive, and an ex Stageoach double deck coach in service***
Here you will find all the latest bus news and sightings for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here.
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Andrews of Tideswell

Wed 18th June:
Andrews are operating (EAZ 2598), an all over white Volvo with Plaxton Premier 320 bodywork with unusually for this company a destination screen, not sure whether it's bought or just on hire. Thanks Ian.

Sat 9th June:
PLAXTON CHEETAH (YN07 ONZ) in full fleet colours. Thanks Ian.
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Arriva Derby

Mon 30th July:
Darts 2216 and 2234 are the latest repaints. 2216 now carries no Park & Ride branding. Thanks Richard.
For the Burton area, Dart 2093 now carries Stevensons livery, whilst 2091 has been written off in an RTA. Thanks Fred.

Wed 25th July:
2 Derby Olympians are currently on loan to other garages, 4665 is at Thurmaston and 4642 at Swadlincote.
Deckers are used on the new X50 service which runs to Drayton Manor during the school holidays only. 4667 on there the other day.

Wed 18th July:
The de-roofed Citybus in Question is 4396 (G646 BPH), one of the Northern Counties bodied ones that Midlands North had from Bee Line Manchester in 1993. Thanks Paul.

Sun 15th July:
One of the former London (East Lancs bodied) Citybuses is said to have gained roof damage after recieving roof damage in the Cannock area, whilst over there for maintenance. It is now being striped for spares, but the identity is as yet unknown....

Tue 5th June:
A bit out of area but former Chase Nationals (FSV 428) and (THX 209S) are now with Premiere, Nottingham. Both carry all over ads, with Arriva fronts.

Wed 25th July:
Burtons X38 branded Dart (R929 RAU) was on route 7A to Lichfield today! Thanks Geoff.

Sat 21st July:
Dart 2228 on 111, Excel 2999 on the 22! Thanks Chris.

Fri 20th July:
Repainted Dart 2226 on route 26. DAF 4734 on the 41. MPD 2224 on the 19. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 19th July:
3605 on the 19. Dart 2090 and Olympian 4626 on the 29.
Citybus 4331 on the 22. Thanks Chris.
4321 on the 26 for a bit before being replaced by 2236. Thanks Dave.

Wed 18th July:
4626 on the 38. MPD 2224 on the 19. Thanks Chris.

Tue 17th July:
3604 on the 111 (may have been on 19). Thanks Chris.

Mon 16th July:
Dart 2252 on the 19. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 12th July:
DAF 4718 on route 20, MPD 2222 on 111 Pride Park & Ride.

Wed 11th July:
Dart 2198 on the 38 to Sinfin.

Mon 2nd July:
Dart 2238 has been repainted - but returned to service minus a rear end number plate.

Fri 29th June:
Dennis Darts 2227 and 2228 plus Volvo 3604 on 26 today, and an ex London Volvo City Bus on earlier - I think it was 4331. 3605 on the 22. Thanks Dave.

Thurs 28th June:
Dart 2234 on the 22

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Bowers Coaches

Wed 25th May:
National 526 (FRA 526V) reported to be sold to Mike Nash (dealer). 535 (FRA 535V) is now the last National remaining.

Thurs 17th May:
It has been reported that Centrebus have taken over the company. Thanks Chris.
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NEWS & Sightings

Sun 15th July:
New here is (R191 LBC) a Toyota midi coach! Thanks Chris.

Tue 15th May:
Solo (Y812 KDP) has been repainted into fleet livery. Thanks John.

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Thurs 28h June
Dan reports that Lynx (J564 ***) was replaced by the Black Cat branded Volvo / Alexander Strider on route 59.

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Glovers of Ashbourne



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Harpurs Coaches


14th May:
(NEH 103V) has made its final trip - to Barnsley!
Olympian (G362 YUR) has been repainted into fleet livery.

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Hawkes Coaches


Mon 14th May
Metrobus (KYV 647X) has been withdrawn.

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Hulleys of Baslow

18th July:
Hulleys solo number 10 (MX 56 ACF) is currently off road after sustaining accident damage whilst operating the 63 at Woolley Moor after colliding with a car Thanks Ian.

15th July:

Hulleys new number 7 in Bakewell.
(C) Ian Moorcroft

Tue 2nd July:
A photo request from regular contributer Ian M: "Does anyone have any photos of MIDLAND TRAVEL coaches especially (A333 ANH) (number 80) or the NEOPLAN SKYLINERS?". Please contact me if anyone can help.

Hulleys new number 7 - (Y293 HUA), at the garage not long after being delivered. (C) Ian Moorcroft

Tue 19th June:
Hulleys have sold Vario (R281 RAU) to North Wales operator LLEW JONES. Thanks Ian.

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


Mon 4th June:
A second double deck coach has arrived here - (T616 DWL). Their first one (T617 DWL) has now been reregistered (T$3 JBT) as expected.
Excel (P274 NRH) is still white and has not yet received Redfern green livery.

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Littles Travel

Mon 30th July
Following the arrival of Volvo B10M / Plaxton Derwents (G727/8 JJC), the two remaining Leyland Nationals (TAE 638S) and (VKE 565S) have been withdrawn. Thanks Chris.

Tue 21st May
Former Scottish City Link (Stagecoach) MAN / Jonckheere Monacos here are (T35 DFC) and (T41 BBW).

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Midland Classic

31st July
The latest addition to the fleet is a low floor vehicle. Dart (VU52 UEK) has been acquired from Happy Al's, Birkenhead. Thanks Fred.

25th July
2 Metrobuses here are (GBU 6V) and (GBU 7V), both are from Cottrells, Micheldean. The later is former Stevensons 78.

15th July
Former Stagecoach Dart(32964) Dart 64 (M64 HHB) has now been repainted. Thanks John.

64 at Midland Classic's garage not long after repaint.
(C) John Mitcheson

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Stagecoach East Midlands
Chesterfield, Mansfield, Worksop

Fri 25th May:
Dart 32116 (K116 SRH) and Mercedes/Alexander 41715 (J215 AET) and both stored at Stonegravels wituout engines and 32116 is also reported with a cracked chassis, can't see these being in service again. Another Merc, 40765 (N756 EWG) is reported withdrawn.
Thanks Chris.

Sat 14th July:
Olympians (S168/9 RET) both on the Trident route 77. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 12th July:
Dart SPD 33839 (X839 HHE) ran 2 route 25 services this morning after coming out of the workshop, it then ran out of fuel on Cavendish Street, Chesterfield!
Olympian 16484 (N134 AET) was on Dart route 10 and Excel 35020 (R11 ABC) on route 51. Thanks Jack.

Wed 11th July:
39 branded solo (YN06 UGV) was on route 6, and Mercedes/Alexander J214AET on 74!
51 branded Sart (YN04 YYD) on 25 and Excel P222ABC on 51.
Olympian (P145 KWJ) on 727, and Volvo B10M coach (S670 RWJ) on 17. Thanks Jack.
Dave reports Volvo B10M / Northern Counties Paladin (M718 KRH) on the 77 standing in for a Trident, Mercedes / Alexander Spire Sprinter (J216 AET) on the 90.

Mon 9th July:
Jack reports: Mercedes/Alexander 41719 (J219AET) on 74! and Mercedes Minibus 40759 (N759CKU) on solo route 39.
39 Branded solo 47319 (YN06UGR) on route 1, Chesterfield Market Festival Olympian 16485 (N135 AET) on Trident Route 77! Some odd ones today!

Mon 2nd July:
Olympian 16487 (N137AET) was on solo route 39 today Route 10 branded dart 34720 (YN05XNZ) was on 70. Thanks Jack.

Sat 30th June:
Olympian (S161 RET) on 77 today, Volvo B10m's (L341 KCK) and (R719 RPY) on 727.
Optare Excel (P222 ABC) on Solo route 39.

Sat 16th June:
Olympians (P159 KAK) and (S167 RET) on the 77. Thanks Jack.

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TM Travel

Sun 15th June:
Leyland Tiger (FIL 8614) is a new arrival here. The bus currently wears all over white with blue wheels, and blue TM Branding. The bus is a 1989 Leyland with Van Hool body, this being either a Tiger or a Royal Tiger. Apart from being a Van Hool body, which is fairly odd, the bus also has a fully manual gearbox, unlike the standard semi-auto box which is common on many Tigers.

Van Hool Bodied DAF (YIL 4058) had been sold to a dealer. It was then loaned back for 4 weeks due to a coach shortage. This loan ended a few weeks ago. Thanks Dave.

Tues 5th June:
New here is Optare Solo (YN07 SYS) in allover livery for Tesco in Mansfield. Thanks Ian.

(C) John Moore

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Mon 2nd June:
A pink Norwich Solo is still on hire here. It was on Rolls Royce staff shuttle duties on Friday.

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The Wellglade group

Mon 30th July:
Excel 229 has been sold to Konect, although not collected yet. The 4 Black Cat Excels have also passed to Konect.
The new livery for the llestree Solos will be grey/silver.
Still no news on where the 4 stpred step entrance Kinch Darts, or Excels 208/9 have been sold to. No news on the Optare Tempos either.

Fri 20th July:
Paladin 135 has been painted in a blue version of Unibus livery complete with an "orange roundal"! Blue has replaced the green and grey (with white in between)! It are branded for route 6? (Rail station - City Centre - University).
4 of the recently delivered Tempos will be used on a new look Keyworth Connection. It is unclear what will happen to the other two! More soon.
Stored Kinchbus Darts 889, 890, 893 and 894 have been sold!
6 Kinchbus Solos are now in service in Derby on the Allestree - they are (YJ07 EFR/S/T/U/V/W). They will stop on the service until Septemeber when they go to their proper home with Kinchbus at Loughborough. The refurbished Allestree's are expected to be in service after August bank holiday.
The 7th Solo is (YJ07 EFX) - this is stored at Langley Mill.
All Dennis Lance / Optare Sigmas are now withdrawn. 367/8 are parked up at Meadow Rd, and 366/9/70 are at Langley Mill.

Wed 18th July:
Richard Tuxford Exports, Calverton have Deltas (J313/5 BVO). They are parked in his yard (on the old Calverton Colliery site). May have been there since March!
Kinch Solo (YJ07 EFR/S/T) are now in use at Derby on the Allestree. 460/3/5 now off.

Sun 15th July:
The new slim line Solos destined for Kinchbus in September will be used on The Allestree whilst the current Solos are refurbished and rebranded for the route. At least 3 are at Langley Mill. They are in the same livery as the new Kinch Tempos. Numbers and registrations coming soon!!

The 6 new Tempos, the last of the current order, have arrived at Langley Mill in a plum livery, complete with matching leather interiors! It is uncertain where these buses will now be deployed.
The Calverton Connection (WOW!) relaunch has been cancelled. The new tempos are now not planned to go onto this route. This will probably effect the relaunch of the Keyworth Connection too.

Tempo 317 at Langley Mill shortly after delivery. Despite being fitted and painted for a planned new look service for Calverton named "WOW!", the 6 new Tempos are now to be deployed elsewhere!
(C) Matthew Barker

Of the Black Cat Excels just 218 remains at Langley Mill. 216/7/9 have departed and are now with konect. 218 should follow along with one from Kinch.
227/8 the only Kinch Excels in the yard at Langley Mill.
Unibus Lance 366 is now withdrawn and Vario 284 in storage. N+D Vario 299 is still at Merctrux in Derby. It has been there for months!
The scrap heap at LM now consists of Excels 153, 200, 220, and minibuses 43 and 817. Thanks Adrian.

Notts + Derby have lost serveral school contracts in Nottingham to Premiere. The "Local Bus" shopper contracts have also been lost to Premiere.
A new livery may be in the pipeline for N+D too......
Paladin 135 is currently being painted, possibly into Unibus livery 134 probably next.
Paladin 118 is now in white + grey training livery, joining 125.

Thurs 5th July:
The Calverton Connection will be relaunched with the new Optare Tempos on Sunday 29th July. They are in a plum livery, with plum and black leather seats inside, along with the wood look floor.

Mon 2nd July:
The Kinchbus Tempos are now in service on routes 11/12.
Excel 900 now based at Sutton. Frio Excels, 199 remains at Derby and 201 at Dove Holes. Dart 933 appear to be at Sutton (Ashfield). 935 seems to appear anywhere!

3 former Trent buses are seen here in Matlock bus station. Vecta 802 with Hulleys, and Vecta 801 and minibus 273 with Doyles.
(C) Ian Moorcroft

Thurs 28th June:
Citybus 738 (B138 GAU) has been sold to Dews Coaches, Chatteris Road, Somersham, Huntingdon, PE28 3DJ.
Coach 62 is now in transpeak livery.
Kinch Tempos expected to be in service on Monday, Calverton ones by the end of July.

Sat 23rd June:
Pride Park Shuttle Minibus 43 is now stored at Langley Mill.
Bingham Tempo 305 at Langley Mill for accident damage repair. Kinch Tempo 322 and R3 Excel 249 in the bodyshop. Thanks Adrian.
Black Cat Excels 216/8 should be collected on Tuesday. Konect are using 217 in service, and 219 is away for refurbishment and having a wheelchair ramp fitted. The others will also get this treatment.
Anyone know where Citybus 738 (B138 GAU) has ended up??

Tue 31st July:
Derby a bit short today. This led to N+D Paladin 136 turning up on the Villager V1/3. The sixes Solo 419 was also on the Villager!! Thanks Richard.
Dart 930 on V2, Excels 199, 233 and Scania 667 on Mickleover.
Paladin 103 on the Transpeak. Solo 435 and an unidentified Scania on H1. Thanks Chris.

Mon 30th July:
Dart 930 on sixes 6.4 - this later on Mickleover.
935 on V1, 233 TP, 414 and 425 H1, 447 V3, 665 SF. 199, 234 and 667 on Mickleover.

Sun 29th July:
Unibus Paladin 104 on the Transpeak. Thanks Pete

Fri 27th July:
Dart 935 on V1/3

Thurs 26th July:
N+D Excel 152 on the Mickleover! Dart 907 broke down in Shardlow.

Wed 25th July:
Vario 284 on the X17 and College Excel 161 on the 35.
Dart 935 and Excel 199 on Mickleovers. Thanks Chris.

Tue 24th July:
Kinch Solo 436 on the Airline Shuttle. Scania 665 on SF. Thanks Chris.
Dan reports that coach 60 failed at Belper. 639 on the Amberline

Mon 23rd July:
665 SF, 667 RA. 930 V1/3, and 935 on the sixes 6.3. Thanks Chris.

Sat 21th July:
Excel 199 on the Red Arrow! Dart 946 on Amberline. Thanks Chris.

Fri 20th July:
Dan reports Solo 431 on the Cotgrave Connection and Paladin 101 on coach route Commuter Xprss.
Chris reports Dart 930 on V1/3, 199 on Ilkeston Flyer.
233/4 both on Mickleovers

Thurs 19th July:
Scania 665 on Allestree. 930/5 on V1/3, 199 on Mickleover. Thanks Chris.
Excel 900 on Midland General route 146. Thanks Dan. 447 on the V2. Thanks John.

Wed 18th July:
Kinch Solos (YJ07 EFR/S/T) out on the Allestree. Thanks Dan.
665 on Allestree in the morning (replaced by a Solo), 667 on Spondons (then later on sixes). Dart 935 and Solo on V3. Thanks John.
199, 233, 234 and 665 all on Mickleovers first thing. Thanks Chris.

Tue 17th July:
Frio Excel 199 on Sixes 6.X.
233 and 234 on Mics. 667 on V2. 224 broken down on Curzon St at 7.30 am. Thanks John.
Kinch Solo (YJ07 EFT) on the Red Arow in the evening! Thanks John.

Mon 16th July:
Kinch Solo (YJ07 EFR) made its debut on nthe Allestree, alongside Dart 935. Thanks Dan.
Excels 233 and 199 on villagers.
234 and 667 on Mickleover. Thanks John.

Sat 14th July:
Black Cat Tempos 311 broke down in Sutton. Another of the Black Cats was in the garage at Langley Mill - Scania 638 out in its place. Thanks Dan.
Excels 252/3 both on Pronto. 199, 233/4 all on Mickleovers.
Dart 935 on the 71, after the electrics failed on Belpers 939.

Fri 13th July:
Excel 199 and Dart 930 on Mickleovers. 669 on R5. Thanks Chris.

Thurs 12th July:
664 on BC, 310 in garage at LM. Excels 2532 on pronto, 253 on R3a along with Dart 905. Thanks Dan.
930, 667 and 234 on Mickleovers, and 665 on sixes 6.1/4/X. Thanks Chris.

Weds 11th July:
935 on the 71, Unibus 368 on D1 P&R, 447 HQ, 665/7 on Mics. Thanks Chris.

Tues 10th July:
Excel 253 and Darts 904 and 933 on the Rainbow 3 b. 637 on BC, 906 3A. Thanks Dan.

Mon 9th July:
Scania 665 on the Mickleover (on TP earlier in day) along with Excels 199 & 234. Thanks Chris.
Dart 937 on the H1. Thanks Ian.

Sat 7th July:
Unibus Paladin 104 on TP (108 on on Sunday). Local Bus 127 on D1 P&R.
Frio Excel 199 and Solo 447 on Mickleovers. Thanks Chris.
Excel 227 still at Kinch, out on route 11 in place of new Tempo 321 - which is off already! Spare Dart 899 on route 2. Thanks Dan.

Fri 6th July:
Darts 930 and Excels 199 and 234 on Mickleovers.

Thurs 5th July:
Dan reports Scania 638 on Black Cat and Excel 900 on the Rainbow 3b. Dart 933 on the nines 9.2, and 937 on the 141.
Scania 638 on the Rainbow 2.

Wed 4th July:
Excels 252/3 and 900 on Rainbow 3b. A number of the Rainbow 3 branded Excels are off having their windows re-sealed!
Dart 898 on the Rainbow 3a and 937 on the 241. Thanks Dan.

Tues 3rd July:
Dart 930 on Belper routes 71 / 72. Frio Excel 199 on The ONE. Dart 930 and Excel 233 on Mickleover and the Optare Tempo demonstrator is back on the X38. Thanks Chris.
Dart 937 on the 90 (replaced 898). This was later replaced by Solo 402. Solos 402/4/5 all on the nines 9.3 earlier in the day. Excel 900 on the 90, Scania 637 on Black Cat and Dart 933 on the Rainbow 3A! Thanks Dan.

Mon 2nd July:
Scanias 665 on 6.X and 667 on the X38. 930 on Mickleover. Thanks Chris.
Vario 275 on Midland General route 145. Excel 252 on Rainbow 3B, 900 on the 90 and Dart 933 on the nines 9.3. Thanks Dan.

Fri 29th June:
Excel 233 on the Villager V3. Local Bus Paladin 127 on the D1 P&R. Solo 447 on V1 and Scania 665 on sixes 6.2.
Dart 930 on Mickleover and Solo 426 on H1. Thanks Chris.
Dan reports: Excels 252 on Calverton Connection, 253 on R3b, Scania 669 on Xprss and 900 on R3c!

Thurs 28th June:
Paladins 104 (Unibus) and 135 (red N+D) both off to Manchester on transpeak today!
Excel 234 on The ONE. 199 on Mickleovers.

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