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July 2004

Arriva Derby
*New* ex Arriva Derby/DCT List.

Thurs 29th
The last remaining Fleetlines, 4301 (GTO 301V), is set to stay, and be re-taxed.
Another Citybus, 4354 (F114 TML) has recieved the School bus yellow livery.
Ex London Citybus 4321 (H652 GPF) has returned from Wigston. Similar 4393 (H658 GPF) has arrived from Thurmaston.
Citybus 4323 (H654 GPF) was today on the 53 to Sunnyhill. An unusual working.

Thurs 29th
Volvo B10BLEs 3605/6 (V605/6 DBC) were on routes 22/24/26.

Thurs 22nd
Oakwood service 22/24/26 saw B10BLEs 3604/6 (V604/6 DBC) and MPD 2223 (T53 JJF) alongside 5 of the DAF deckers.

Sat 17th
Chelleston Dart 2238 (W238 SNR) and Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) were on Oakwood services 22/24/26.

Fri 16th
Yet another Northern Counties Volvo Citybus has been repainted into the Yellow School bus livery. 4351 (E151 BTO) is the 4th Citybus to gain the livery.
Yesterday saw East Lancs Midi Dart 2197 (L37 PNN) break down on route 20 in the morning. It was back out in service today, unusually on the 53.
Dart SLF 2226 (W226 SNR) was on Oakwood routes 22/24/26.

Wed 14th
East Lancs Volvo Citybus 4383 (A133 DTO) was on Olympian routes 44/45 to Alvaston. At least two B10BLEs were used on the Oakwood DAF routes 22/24/26 again today, including 3606.

Tue 13th
Mini Pointer Dart 2217 (T47 WUT) was on the 111 Pride Park & Ride in place of branded Dart 2215.
Pride Park and Ride Dart 2215 (R45 VJF) was on route 20.
2 Volvo B10BLEs were on the DAF Oakwood services 22/24/26 including 3606.

Mon 12th
Driver Trainer Scania 3402 (F28 JRC) has been re-numbered 9512.
Two Olympians have also recieved allover rear adverts for Derby College, in addition to B10BLE 3606. One of them is 4642 (R642 MNU).

Fri 9th
Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) has had a rear end advert applied for Derby College. It has also appeared on an Olympian. It was operating on the Oakwood services 22/24/26 today.

Tue 6th
Volvo B10BLE 3604 (V604 DBC) was on the 22/24/26 DAF services.

Thurs 1st
A third Volvo Citybus has gained yellow school bus livery, well traveled 4355 (F111 TML). It joins 4344 (C144 NRR), and recent repaint 4353 (E153 BTO).
The Y reg Volvo Citybuses 4376-8 (YAU 126-7Y) have been sold to Fowlers of Holbeach Drove in Lincolnshire, where they are being used on school contracts.

Doyles, Ripley

Thurs 1st
A third MAN/Vecta here from Trent is 807 (M807 PRA).

Felix, Stanley

Thurs 29th
Solo (FE02 LWD) now carries a livery for the route 59. Large Felix names are carried on the side on the Felix Red livery.

Wed 14th
Lynx (J564 URW) on the 59.

Littles Travel

Wed 7th
National (TAE 638S) was on route 9 this morning with the MetroRider replacing it later in the day. The Excel - ex Trent (P201 BNR) is off the road due to yet another fault to add to the list.

Trent Barton

Thurs 29th
Several odd workings on the Allestree. Langley Mill Dart 907 (P907 CTO) and Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) being two. The oddest was Unibus liveried Olympian 723.
B10M Coach 63 (R63 RAU) was on the 107 to Ashbourne.

Sat 24th
Reported on the Rainbow 1 yesterday were new Rainbow 1 Scanias 649-655/7. Operating alongside them on the same route were trent Barton Scanias 638/9 and 4 of the Excels.
5 more (658-62) Rainbow 1 Scanias should arrive for the Rainbow 1, with a further two (663/4) to complete the order.
A Purple Solo has been reported at Langley Mill. One of the ex Kinch Shepshed Sprinter Solos, repainted purple for the new Long Eaton Flyer.

Fri 23rd
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the R71 to Belper with the Barton name on the blind.
Spare coach 56 (P56 ETO) was on the R63 to Ripley, most likely covering for a broken down Dart.

Thurs 22nd
Darts (numbers have gone from me). 1 Trent buses Dart on the Allestree (938?) and a Trent Barton Dart (???) on the Villager alongside a another Trent buses Dart (923?).

Wed 21st
Ex Transpeak Volvo Coaches 51/2 (M51/2 PRA) have joined 54 and 55 at Green Triangle.
After dissapearing/being off the road for several weeks/months Pride Park Shuttle Merc minibus 43 was back on the route again today (and indeed yesterday/Tuesday).

Tue 20th
Ex Villager Mercedes minibus 277 (R277 RAU) has been sold to Konectbus. It was sold to Paul S Winson earlier in the year but later returned.

Mon 19th
Several of the new Scanias for the Rainbow 1 have arrived at Langley Mill. 10 were reported there on Saturday, with most being stored inside.
Several buses have been reported as sold. These include B10M/Alexander Q type coaches 51 and 52 (M51/2 PRA), which have gone to a Manchester company. More details when known.
Several if not all of the ex Rainbow 5 Excels have been sold. 158, 163 and 167 are confirmed sold. More details soon.
Mercedes minibus 273 (M273 URC) has been sold for scrap.
Dart 923 (R923 RAU) was on the Allestree today, woth Solo 450 on the 125 and coach 56 on the Transpeak.

Sat 17th
Dart 907 (P907 CTO) was on the Black Cat today, covering for broken down Excel 216 (W216 PRB).
Rainbow 1 Scania 657 (FN04 HSG) has arrived at Langley Mill. The base livery is the same as the R5 examples, maybe a fraction lighter, with a light blue circle in the trent barton style.
Several B10B/Paladins appear to be stored here, including 131 (M131 PRA) which remains in Trent buses livery, complete with names, despite reports it was with Kinchbus. Others included 118-20 (L118-20 LRA), 123 (L123 LRA), 126-8 (L126-8 LRA), and 129/31 (M129/31 PRA). It is thought that Paladins will replace the 16 Lances at Notts + Derby which are to be sold.
158 (S158 UAL) and 168 (S168 UAL) appear to be the last of the Ex Rainbow 5 excels left. Route branding has been removed, perhaps suggesting that they are sold or possibly, although unlikely, return to service.
Rainbow 1 Excel 174 (T174 LCH) is still off the road.
A number of Kinchbus Shepshed Sprinter Solos were parked up, with parts of the branding removed.
Several Vectas, mainly Kinch remain stored here too along with Kinchbus Excel 150 (P202 BNR).

Fri 16th
As expected Dart 940 (S940 UAL) has gained Villager livery.
Trent Barton Dart 918 (R918 RAU) today on the Spondon Flyer Blue route. This carries a frio advert on the back.
The new Long Eaton Flyer is to be launched on 30th August. 4 Solos are expected to be used, ex Kinchbus (Shepshed Sprinter) 437-40 (FP51 GXW-Z).
Trent Barton Excel 235 (X235 WRA) reported on the Black Cat today, and Kinchbus Solo 440 (FP51 GXZ) on the AL1.
Barton Dart 916 (P916 CTO) is under maintenance at Langley Mill. It has been stored at Langley Mill for monthes due to engine trouble.

Wed 14th
Two of the Rainbow 1 branded Scanias are reported at Langley Mill. They are 650 (FN04 HSY) and 653 (FN04 HSZ).

Mon 12th
Two more Rainbow 1 Scanias 655 (FN04 HSE), and 657 (FN04 HSG) are reported at East Midlands Commercials.
The Zig Zag Excel had broken down at Broadmarsh Bu Station in Nottingham today whilst working route 45. Cheers Paul.
Kinchbus Solo 440 (FP51 GXZ) was on the Air Line Shuttle AL1 today, whilst Trent Barton Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was on the Mickleover.

Sun 11th
Two of the new Rainbow 1 scanias, 653 (FN04 HSZ) and 656 (FN04 HSF) have arrived at East Midlands Commercials, a Scania dealer in Nottingham.

Wed 7th
Dart 895 (P407 BNR) again working from Derby - on the Spondon Flyer today.
Frio Excel 199 was unusually on the Red Arrow all day. 201 was on the R4.

Tue 6th
Sutton based Trent Barton Dart 895 (P407 BNR) was working from Derby depot today, on Mickleover RED route. I assume this is tempory as no "Derby" blinds were fitted.
Trent buses 56 (P56 ETO) was on the Red Arrow.

Thurs 1st
B10B/Paladin 110 (L110 LRA) has gained Notts + Derby livery.
The Pride Park Shuttle appears to be off the road with the ex Royal Connection Merc 40 operating in its place most of the time.

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