Fleet News

July 2003

Arriva Midlands
(Ascot Drive depot, Derby)

Mon 30th JUNE:
1 Volvo B10B unusually on the Pride Park and Ride 111, with the other 2 on routesw 22/24/26.


Wed 9th :
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) on the Ilkeston Flyer, in place of the usual Solo.
A Lynx on the 59 in place of the usual Solo.
Alexander Strider bodied Volvo B10B (M301 KRY), on the Black Cat for which it is branded. The common two veichles used on the V reg B10B and the new Wright Scania.


Sun 27th:
New here are:
Plaxton bodied Leyland Leopard (MJI 5764). Ex Mayne Manchester.
And Plaxton Paramount (A14 GTA).

Mon 21st:
Atlantean (SND 28X) is withdrawn due to a fault.

TrentBarton/notts and derby/Kinchbus
Wright/Scania update page. Click here

Thurs 31st :
Trent Barton Excel 236 (X236 WRA) on the Rainbow 5.
Trent Merc 282 (R282 RAU) on the R63 to Ripley.

Wed 30th :
The 100th Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) was on the Rainbow 5 today.
Dart 936 (R936 RAU) was on the H1.

Mon 28th :
Commuter Express B10M on the R5 this morning.
Unibus B10B 105 (L105 LRA) on the 107.
Merc 47 on the Pride Park Shuttle.
Frio Excel (possibly 201 surprisingly) on the Spondon Flyer.

Sun 27th :
Vectas 802/3 (M802/3 PRA) Sold to Hulleys of Baslow.
Vecta 805 (M805 PRA) Sold to Bowers Coaches, Chapel en le Frith.

Sat 26th :
234 (X234 WRA) and a Barton Excel on the Rainbow 5.
Trent Merc on the R60s again.
Unibus Lances on the Spondon Flyer and The Mickleover Red route.

Fri 25th :
A Unibus B10B on the Transpeak, Excel 198 yesterday.
A Trent Merc on the R60s again.
Excels 198 (V198 DRC) and 199 (V199 ERA) on the Mickleover.

Wed 23rd :
Merc minibus 47 (R47 LNU) on the R63.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Spondon Flyer.
N+D B10B 116 (L116 LRA) on the 107.

Mon 21st :
Optare Excels reported as being sold to Konnect are Trent buses 169 (S169 UAL) and 170 (S170 UAL). Surprisingly neither were ex Rainbow 5, although the R5 examples from the same batch are to be sold. Will 171/2 also be sold?
Merc 282 (R282 RAU) was on the Pride Park Shuttle (PPS).
Barton Solo 420 (W471 RTO) was on the R64/R71/2 today.

Sat 19th :
Unibus B10B Paladin 106 (L106 LRA) ran a Notingham to Derby Red Arrow run, but was changed at Derby to continue to Chesterfield.
B10B 118 (L118 LRA) is now in Trent buses livery at Nottingham, looking very smart on the 22 today.
Trent buses Vecta 806 (M806 PRA) is parked up at Derby.
On the Rainbow 5 today - Optare Excels 236 (X236 WRA) and 253 (Y253 DRC), and Trent Barton Solar 625 (FJ03 VWM).
Barton Solo 420 (W471 RTO) continues working from derby, parked up at the depot displaying D1 Park and Ride.
Dennis Dart 937 (S937 UAL) is off the road.

Fri 18th :
Nottingham based Barton Solo 420 (W471 RTO) was operating from Derby today on the Spondon Flyer. Either transfered or on loan.
B10B 138 (M138 PRA) on the Red Arrow.
Trent Excel 189 (T789 XVO) on the Rainbow 4.

Tue 15th :
Unibus B10B 107 (L107 LRA) on the Transpeak.
Notts + Derby B10B 109 (L109 LRA) on the R62.

Mon 14th :
Notts + Derby Volvo B10B 108 (L108 LRA) on Trents Pride Park Shuttle (PPS).
Notts + Derby Dennis Lance 356 (N356 VRC) was on on Trents The Mickleover "RED" route.
Another Notts + Derby B10B was operating the 107 to Stockport.
Trent buses Solo 436 (FP51 GYE) is on loan to Kinchbus.

Sun 13th :
297 (T297 LCH), The Oakham Hopper is now with notts + derby in thier livery.
188 (T788 XVO), has recieved the new Zig Zag Trent Barton livery joining 233 (X233 WRA). To others are to get the same livery.

Wed 9th :
Trent B10M coach 56 (P56 ETO) on The Red Arrow.
Trent B10B 138 (M138 PRA) on the Transpeak.
Trent Barton Excels 234 (X234 WRA) on the Rainbow 4.

Tues 8th :
Trent Excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Spondon Flyer.
Unibus B10B 103 (L103 LRA) on the 107 to Stockport.
Notts and derby B10B (in trent livery) 111 (L911 LRA) on the D1 P&R.
Frio Excel 201 (V201 ENU) on the Rainbow 4.

Sat 5th :
Ex R5 Excel 231 (X231 WRA) is in Trent Barton livery and thought to be based at Derby depot.

Fri 4th :
Trent B10B 138 (L138 LRA) on the Red Arrow to Nottingham.

Thurs 3rd :
Unubus Vecta 368 (N368 VRC) on Spondon Flyer blue route.
Transpeak B10M 54 (M54 PRA), on The Mickleover Blue route.

Wed 2nd :
Unibus Lance 366 (N366 VRC) on the D1 P&R.
Solo 47 (FE02 KDO) on the R64 again.
It appears that the reason for the Unibuses being spare is that they operate to a less frequent frequency, due to less students at Uni.

Tue 1st :
Notts and Derby Lances out again, off the Unibus network.
365 (N365 VRC), on the Spondon Flyer.
369 (N369 VRC) on the D1 P&R.
Trent Barton Excel 236 (X236 WRA) on the Rainbow 4.

Mon 30th JUNE :
Notts and Derby Unibus Dennis Lances out all over the place today on Trent routes today:
367 (N367 VRC), on The Spondon Flyer Blue route, displaying BLU.
369 (N369 VRC), on The Allestree Red route, just displaying RED.
Another, on Villager route V2.
Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO), on the R64.

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