July 2002

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A First coach in full green line livery was operating the X1 to Derby today (27/7/02).
Notts and Derby

Vecta/lance 837 seems to be working the 9 to Ockbrook. It currently seems to have no blinds fitted and so carries a board in the windscreen. I havent seen what arriva derby use in the evening.

Leyland National 526 still in trent livery with notts and Derby fleetnames was operating the 73 to weston on trent today (Friday 19th July) as it was on Wednesday.

saturday 27th july.
An intersting sighting yesterday was of a Notts and Derby national, still in barton livery operating the rainbow 5. It didnt sound too good so pobably hasnt got long left. sorry i didnt get any numbers.

Again sorry for the lack of numbers. Plase let me know if you know which veichles im talking about. Two Transpeak veichles were parked up at the Derby today, which must mean that somthing else is covering for one of them, possibly a commuter express B10m. On the Meteor park and Ride today was a trnt dart and a barton dart with a green ad on the back. I didnt hink there were any barton darts at Derby?

Also of interest was a sighting of a Bristol RE in the old TrenT livery complete with fleetnames, heading towards the Derby garage.

Saturday 20th July. A new veichle is 851 (YD02 RDY) - DAF SB200/Wright Commander: Langley Mill. Excel 188 tranfered to trent langley Mill from Barton nottingham. B10B 138 on the transpeak on saturday. Frio Excel 199 was operating villager outes. very unusual as they are usually run by darts. On the rainbow 4 Notts and derby Vecta 359/63 were in use the later being in Unibus livery. In use on the rainbow 5 on saturday were Barton excels 202/36, darts 933/4 and b10B 113. Leyland Nationals were operating the meteor park and ride in Derby, one in the old blue apple livery and another in the new N&D livery.
Friday 19th July. In use today on the rainbow 5 was Calverton connection dart 905. Many Barton darts still working the 4. Frio excel 201 on the 4 too. Commuter express B10M coach 58 on the Mickleover(low floor route) , whilst 59 was on the meteor Park and Ride again.

Wednesday 17th July. Commuter express B10Ms. One on the park and ride whilst the other was unusually operating on the Spondon flyer (low floor route). I think these buses are running in Derby (where they are based) as there is little room at the back of the bus station, where they used to park in the day since the recent bay changes.

Just a few sightings on saturday 13th July. B10B/paladin 133, now at Nottingham with Barton after leaving the rainbow Allestree routes with Trent Derby as on the rainbow 5. It currently carris no fletnames. It was operating alongside Nottinghams "Frio" excel 201, and another barton B10B and a dart aswell as the usualy branded excels.

Th Zig Zag excel ??? was on the rainbow 4. Derby transpeak 55 was operating the 18 to Ockbrook. Derby "Frio" excel was on the Mickleover once again.

Arriva Derby

Arriva Derby is no longer going to recieve any of the new DAF double deckers that are due to go to the Fox County part of the Arriva group. they have gone to Wigston for "track" wigston services.

Derby are now set to recieve either some P or S reg Olypians from Fox County.

City rider fleetline 4311 has been reported operating route 37. In normal service, although it is suspected only at rush hour. Good to see them in normal service in what may be their final monthes.

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