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January 2003

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I spotted a Fleetline whilst travelling out of the city today (Tues 21st). Im fairly sure it carried a StotTs fleet name, couldnt get any other details. Anyone have any details about this operator, or who may now own a vehicle of thiers?

Harpur & Son

A Fleetline has also been aquired in a similar livery to that carried by Harpurs only with a black stripe. Sounds in quite good condition. Any details anyone??

East Lancs Atlantean (SND 28X) has arrived here from Abbots of Leeming. After operating for a while in its former livery it has now been painted into Harpur colours.

Felix of Stanley

Leyland Lynx 2 (J564 URW) has recieved a white band above the windows on both sides with a horizontal red line through the centre in a similar fasion to the black cat branded veichles. It has been in use on the 59 for the last couple of weeks. Whats happened to the merc and the solo?

Leyland Lynx 2 (J564 URW) has recieved part of the new Black cat branding although it is mainly in the old Marroon red and Gold livery. It has been operating in all day service on the Black Cat route for much of the week. Merc vario (V707 ENN) and a new Optare Solo are in a promotional B Line card livery and can often be found on route 59.

Arriva Derby


One of the ex London citybuses broke down on route 29.
two unidentified Fleetlines parked up at the bus station.


An unidentified Fleetline was parked in Derby bus station today, presumably after operating on school duties.
DAF 4344 on the 29 40/41 routes with others on the 44/45 and presumably other routes.


Fleetline 4311 (MTV 311W) was out today.
Scania 2185 (E25 ECH) is now at Coalville Leicester with Fox County.


Just a few note on Wednesday 22nd.

Schoolbus scania K92 2183 (E23 ECH) working as a driver trainer again this afternoon.
No fleetlines around today.
DAFs on many routes, 29, 40/41, 22/24 and the 37.


Just a few note on Tuesday 21st.

Yellow school bus liveried Scania K92, 2183 (E23 ECH) was on driver training duties today, presumably standing in for suitably liveried fellow 2184, which was last heard to have a dodgy gearbox, with a high repair cost.
Fleetline 4310 (MTV 310W) was parked up at the back of Derby Bus Station.


DAF 4743 reg is (PN52 XRU). All eight are now in service, operating on several different routes.


More minis are 1101/2, 1112, 1153 and 1345/60 in Midland mainline livery.

Fleetline 4311 in service again. In City Rider livery.


4737 - PN52 XRM
4744 - PN52 XRV
4745 - PN52 XRW


2191 (N431 XRC) Scania L113/East Lancs European has disapeared, and will probably appear with others at Leicester. All the DAFs are thought to have arrived here now, although no registrtions yet. It is thought that more scanias may leave in place of the new DAFs, and that he fleetlines will stay.

Fleetline 4311 is still in City Rider livery.

Thanks to Rich and the Arriva Fox County Group for the above Info.

The Wellglade Group - TrentBarton/notts+derby/Kinchbus


New bus, mini excel (Y*** ***) a operating on the Mickleover today, and the D1 park and ride yesterday. It has dual doors, and is thought to have some link with the National Federation of Bus Users. Its based at Derby depot.
Trent buses Derby excel 198 was parked in the bus station displaying R4 Notingham.
Dart 924 (R924 RAU) was on the Mickleover.
Trent merc 282 (R282 RAU), on the N+D 9.


Nottinghams trent barton liveried Dart 913 (P913 CTO) was operating on the rainbow 4 or 5.
Nottinghams Zig Zag excel on the rainbow 5.


Derby Dart 939 (R939 RAU) was operating on the Transpeak route today, whilst another Derby based veichle, Merc 282 (R282 RAU) was operating on Notts and Derby route 9.

The following obervations were made by Vince (in a hail storm) at Derby today:
Dart 923 (R923 RAU) was operating the pride Park shuttle this morning, before returning to the R61. At the Depot in Meadow Road, Derby were Olympians 715 (B715HVO), 716 (C716LTO), 717 (C717LTO), 723 (C723LNN) and Volvo B10B's 117 (L117LRA) & 109 L109 LRA. Dennis Lance 361 (N361VRC), and Dove Holes, Skyline branded Optare Excel 211 (V211ENU).

On heavy maintenance were 61 (R61 RAL), 43 (inevitably) L813DJU (Pride Park Shuttle branding) and an unknown "Belper" Dart (possibly 921 or 925).


Saturday 25th saw Derby Dart 922 (R92 RAU) on the Spondon Flyer. This veichle is usually used on the Belper routes, as it advertises Belper fares on the front.
Commuter Express Liveried B10M 58 (P58 ETO), was operating the Pride Park Shuttle. The Saturday services are to be taken off this route soon. Similar veichle 56 (P56 ETO), in Trent buses livery, was operating the Borrowash Flyer.
Merc minis, 272/4 (M272/4 URC) are with notts and derby, and are still in trent livery with n+d fleetnames applied.

Nottinghams Frio Excel 201 (V201 ENU), was involved in an accident on Sunday, which made the local news.

Sightings for today:
Derby Dart 923 (R923 RAU) was operating the Borrowash flyer in place of the usual branded mercedes minibus. Trent excel 198 (V198 DRC), was operating the Red Arrow service. Derbys Frio excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Mickleover. On routes 2 to Oakham were Nottingham veichles, Dart 914 (P914 CTO), similar 916 (P916 CTO), along with B10B 112 (L112 LRA), and on the 2A: the now non problematic B10B 121 (L121 LRA).

There were a few buses parked up at the side of the Derby depot today. Sorry for the lack of detail, I was just travelling by. There was, a Red Arrow B10M, Mickleover excel, and a Skyline excel, which looked asthough it has had some re panneling, as at the bottom on the right hand side, between the wheel arches there are some unpainted panels. My guess would be 211.


Merc mini 282 (R282 RAU) is at Derby and has been operating N+D route 9 for much of the week
On the 2 today were, B10B 114 (L114 LRA), Vecta 801 (M801 PRA) and Dart 913 (P913 CTO) in the new trentbarton livery.

Nottingham based Darts 915 and 916 have lost thier Low Floor branding. Anyone know why? EMAIL


Dove Holes SkyLine branded excel 211 (V211 ENU) is currently in the workshop at Derby under repair.

On route 2 today were: Barton B10Bs 112/4 (L112/4 LRA), and Trent Optare Solo 421 (W421 RTO). B10B 113 (L113 LRA) was also seen on the route.


Notts and Derby dart 891 on UNIbus route 6.
Unbranded solo on the Allestree and a dart on the Borrowash Flyer.

Langley Mills Trent Solo 421 (W421 RTO) was operating on route 2 today along with along with Barton B10B 113 (L113 LRA) and Vecta 801 (M801 PRA), whilst B10B 121 (L121 LRA) was on the 2A.

The registration of B10B 111 is (L911 LRA). It is owned by Notts and Derby but is currently in Trent livery.
Leyland National 526 (FRA 526V) was in Derby City centre today, displaying 90 College service in the destination.


Just a few notes for today (Tuesday 21st).
Nottingham Barton Dart 914 (P914 CTO) operating on Rainbow 5
Langley Mill Barton Dart 948 (T948 BNN) Operating on the Black Cat trent excel route.
Derby Frio excel, 199 (V199 ERA) operating the D1, Meteor Centre Park and Ride.
Notts and Derby Leyland Olypian 718 (C718 LTO), in Blue Apple colours was unusually operating UNIbus service 6. N+D Leyland National 526 (FRA 526V), still in Trent livery was also out and about today.
Also one of the Commuter Express B10M coachs was operating on the Mickleover route.


Notts and derbys trent liveried national 526 (FRA 526V) was operating UNIbus routes this morning.


Langley Mill Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer 935 (R935 RAU) Joins others in the trentbarton livery: see last months news for others.


Paladin/B10B 121 (L121 LRA) is now back with Barton Nottingham complete with fleetnames after being at Langley Mill with Accident damage.

113 another B10B (L113 LRA) as operating route 2A, ith a faded 2. Anyone know why? Thanks Iain.

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