Felix says goodbye.


  Felix bus services have all but gone, after operating for almost 90 years. The Black Cat and Ilkeston Flyer routes have now been taken over by Midland General, a Wellglade subsidiary, along with many of the vehicles.

The coaching work has been taken over by Swiftsure Travel of Burton, who continue to use the Felix name. No vehicles were included in the purchase.

Felix continue operating a few school contracts until the end of Spring Term, when operations are expected to cease completely.

Vehicles from Felix to Wellglade

Scania / Wright Solar:
598 (YN03 WRA) to Midland General for Black Cat.
599 (YN04 AGY) to Midland General for Ilkeston Flyer.
600 (YN05 GZB) to Midland General for Black Cat.

VDL Centros:
791 (YJ56 KBF) for Notts+Derby.
793 (YJ08 EFL) for Notts+Derby.

Volvo Centro:
767 (FJ10 NFV) to Kinchbus for Derby Skylink.

Below: Solo (YJ06 FXP).:

Centro (YJ08 EFL) on notts+derby unibus 6.

Volvo (V708 GRY) has been retained by Felix for use on their remaining school contracts.