FELIX of Stanley

Felix is a relatively small operator, which as well as operating bus routes also runs many coaches for holidays and tours, along with school work. The company is based in the village of Stanley near Ilkeston in Derby. The fleet consists of quite a few coaches, which are used for holiday and tour work. The main services that they operate are "The Black Cat" service and "the Ilkeston Flyer" service, both of which operate between Derby and Ilkeston. Both services are jointly operated with trent barton. "The Black Cat" route is well established and has run for many years, although under Felix 12 and the Trent 120 prior to the "Black Cat" name being introduced.

The livery for the buses is either Red with White around the top and bottom. The black cat buses carry Yellow Black cat names on the side and back and the FELIX name in white on the front. One Scania/Wright Solar carries the trent barton style Ilkeston Flyer livery. The coaches however carry a different livery of Red with Gold names.  . 

Here is a photo of Wright/Scania Solar (YN03 WRA). It is in the red and White livery and branded for "The Black Cat". Another Felix veichle, Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) can be seen in the background whilst preparing to depart on the Ilkeston Flyer route. The photo was taken at Derby Bus Station 8/5/03.


Optare Solo FE02 LWD Felix -
Optare Solo FG52 WUC white New 2002
Volvo B10B/Alexander Strider M301 KRY red and white
Volvo B10BLE/Alexander ALX300 V708 GRY Black Cat -
Volvo / Plaxton coach W709 PTO white -
Wright Solar/Scania L94 YN03 WRA Black Cat new April 2003
Wright Solar/Scania L94 YN04 AGY Ilkeston Flyer new March 2004
Wright Solar/Scania L94 YN05 GZB Black Cat new March 2005
Irisbus Ivec/Plaxton Paragon YN55 YSE red new February 2006
Irisbus Ivec/Plaxton Paragon YN55 YSF red new February 2006
VDL/Plaxton Centro YJ56 KBF red & white new January 2007
VDL/Plaxton Centro YJ08 EFL red & white new March 2008
Volvo/Plaxton Centro FJ10 NFV Black cat new March 2010

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Here is a photo of Leyland Lynx (J564 URW). It is seen before operating on The Black cat route. The photo was taken at Derby Bus Station 8/5/03.

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