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Welcome to the Fleet News page. The page has the latest fleet news for many bus operators in the Derby area. If you have any fleet news please email derbybusdepot@hotmail.com and I will add it to the page.

February 2005

Rail Replacement, Derby
Rail replacement services are being provided by various bus/coach operators on a daily basis at the moment in Derby, leading to some interesting workings (various coaches, and older buses such as Nationals). The week day ones are due to driver shortages, and the weekend ones are due to engineering works and are set to last on some lines until Easter!

Sun 13th
Richard Evans noted the following at Derby Station:
Premiere: National (GTO 708V) & Lynx (E728 BVO).
Skills: (SIL 9542).
Bennetts, Stoke-on-Trent: (DXI 1454) & (H572 ECW).
Paragon,Uttoxeter: (PAG 512A).
Viking, Swadlincote: (852 YYC), (XAF 759), (BXI 805), (UDW 427Y), (A310 XHE) & (L911 NWW).

Sat 12th
3 Premiere Leyland Nationals, (GTO 708V), (LUI 7665) and one other!
JB Tours Dennis Coach (R398 NRR).
Bellamys National (B714 LAL).
Stanways coach (F639 SAY).
Van Hool Coach (PIL 4730).
Coach (LIL 8543).

Mon 7th
Rail replacement in Derby, Saturday 5th:

Stand bys: Silverdale Volvo/Plaxton (R964 RCH) and Iveco (FN02 VBT).
In use: Bellamies Leyland National (C724 MRC).
Johnson Bros Van Hool (P1 JBT).
Johnson Bros White Volvo/Plaxton coach (SBZ 3908).
Chapel End Coaches, Nuneaton Van Hool (CEC 62). "A fraser eagle preferred operator".
Terry Bushell, Burton on Trent Jonckheere (A12 TBT).
Taylors, Aylesbury (G1L 2784).
Photos are on the fotopic site.

Arriva Derby

Mon 15th
An ex London Volvo Citybus (H*** ) and Volvo B10BLE 3604 (V604 DBC) were on routes 22/24/26.

Mon 14th
The following have now been repainted in white/grey training livery:
9506 (F40 ENF)
9512 (F28 JRC)
9513 (E23 ECH)
Volvo Citybus 4329 (H671GPF) on routes 44 and 45 today.
On Saturday Volvo B10BLE 3606 was on the 22/24/26, Chellaston branded Dart 2231 was on the 20, DAF Lowlander 4737 and Volvo B10BLE 3604 were on the 68's and East Lancs Dart 2197 was on the 36's. thanks John.

Mon 7th
Chris reports: 44/45 branded Olympian 4630 (R630 MNU) on route 37 and Volvo Citybus 4323 (H654GPF) on the 44. National Greenway 9515 on drivier training.
An MPD and 2 Volvo B10BLEs, 3604/6 (V604/6 DBC) were on routes 22/24/26.

Thurs 3rd
East Lancs Scania 3492 (N432 XRC) was on routes 22/24/26. It was replaced by an MPD in this evening rush hour, causing a few capacity problems!

Wed 2nd
Volvo B10BLE 3606 (V606 DBC) was on the 22/24/26 routes along with a Chellaston branded Dart.

Tue 1st
MPD 2222 (T52 JJF) was unusually on the 22/24/26!
Scania 3492 (N432 XRC) was on Sinfin route 37, and B10BLE 3605 (V605 DBC) was on the 60s to Chellaston and beyond!
Both of the Pride Park and Ride Darts seem to have been repainted.


Mon 7th
Lynx (J564URW) was on route 59.


Mon 7th
A third Leyland Lynx has been acquired here is (E271 WUB). It was new to West Riding and was purchased from South Yorkshire operator Powell's of Wickersley. It is still in their blue livery. thanks Chris.

Littles Travel

Tue 15th
Excel (P201 BNR) has been in use on route 9 covering for the MetroRider. Surprisingly Leyland National (TAE 638S) (ex trent 554) was used this afternoon - so I expect the Excel is off the road once again!

TM Travel

Thurs 10th
T M Travel will not be using the Hulland Ward outstation when they take over D & G routes later this month. Instead, buses will be using Ennis Coaches yard at Wirksworth.

Thurs 3rd
The two ex Trent Vario's have now arrived from Konnect and await repainting.
Two coaches withdrawn and sold are Volvo B10M/Plaxton (P66 HMC) and Scania/Van Hool (R7 TMT). The Scania has been sold to a Uttoxeter operator.
Acquired is W551BHG, a Mercedes Vario/Plaxton Cheetah midi coach Thanks to Chris for this information.

Wed 2nd
The two Ex Trent minibuses due here from Konectbus are in fact (R277 RAU) and (R283 RAU) [ex Trent 277, 283].

Tue 1st
Two former Trent Merc Varios have been aquired from Konnect in Norfolk. (R277 RAU) and (R282 RAU) will be based at the Hulland Ward outstation along with two new 54 plate Mercedes minibuses. All have been aquired for use on DCC contracts taken over from D&G, who are withdrawing from all services in Derbyshire later this month. Almost all of their contracts have been taken over by T M Travel!!


Trent Barton support Asia Bus Response after Tsunami disaster

Tue 15th
Optare Tempos are registered 301 (FD54 JXD), 302-6 (FD54 JYA-C/E/F).
Scania 639 (FD53 WWL) on the Black Cat, Excel 236 (X236 WRA) on the Rainbow 4, Dart 917 (R917 RAU) on the Allestree, Coach 62 (R62 RAU) on the Mickleover and Excel 205 (V205 ENU) on the R63.
Coach 63 (R63 RAU) may have been on the Rainbow 5! It was reported heading in the Nottingham direction on Nottingham Road in Spondon.

Mon 14th
Excel 205 (V205 ENU) was on the V2 this morning, and the Mickleover this afternoon.
Dart 920 (R920 RAU) was on the Allestree.
Paul reports: Excel 230 (X998 WRA) on the Cotgrave Connection, Excels 201 (V201 ENU), 233 (X233 WRA) on the Rushcliffe Lines and Scania 638 (FD53 WWK) on the Rainbow 2.
Chris reports: Coach 63 (R63 RAU) on the Mickleover, Scania 639 (FD53 WWL) on the Black Cat and Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Spondon Flyer.

Sat 12th
The Three new Scanias are in fact 665-7 (FH54 VRX/Y/Z).
Optare Tempos were locked away at Langley Mill, along with 415 in brown livery for the Radcliffe Lines.
Mercedes minibuses 41/42 (L811/2 CJF) and 819 (N819 RFP) have been sold to South Lancs travel. All three were at Langley Mill today but are expected to depart this week.
Accident damaged 111 (L911 LRA) is at Langley Mill for repairs after its RTA earlier in the week.
Paladins 122/3/6/9 (L122/3/6 LRA, M129 PRA) remain in storage at Langley Mill. Any idea where 134/6 (M134/6 PRA) are??
Unusual workings today were: Coach 56 (P56 ETO), 63 (R63 RAU) on the Red Arrow, 62 (R62 RAU), and Excel 205 (V205 ENU) on the Mickleover, Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Spondon Flyer, dart 938 (S938 UAL) on the Allestree, and Scania 664 (FN54 AEC) on the Black Cat.
In Nottingham: Excel 230 (X998 WRA) on the Rainbow 4, 232 (X232 WRA) and 253 (Y253 DRC) on the Cotgrave Connection, and Solos 431 (X631 ERB) and 442 (FE02 KCZ) both on the Rushcliffe Lines.
Paul reports thats Scania 636 is at the Scania dealership in Nottingham.

Fri 11th
Tempo 303 is (FD54 JYB).
Surprisingly three Red Scania L94/Wright Solars have arrived. 665-7 (FH54 BRX/Y/Z). Two are thought to go to Derby, with the other to Nottingham.
Rushcliffe Solos 415, 418 and 420 have been painted brown!
All of the above are at Langley Mill. Thanks to Adrian for this information.
frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was once again on the Spondon Flyer.
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was reported on the Mickleover this morning, and was on the Allestree this afternoon.
James reports Solo 447 (FE02 KDU) on the HQ.
Paul reports: Excel 230 (X998 WRA) on the cotgrave connection, and Solos 431 (X631 ERB) 442 (FE02 KCZ) both on the rushcliffe lines.
Duncan reports: Coach 56 (P56 ETO) on the V2!

Thurs 10th
Paladin 111 (L911 LRA) was involved in an accident on Wednesday morning whilst on a school bus working.
Ex P&R Excels 151/3 (P151/3 CTV) were on driver training in Derby today.
Excel 205 (V205 ENU) was on an early morning V2. Derby blinds cannot be fitted as Trent buses was displayed in the destination display.
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the R62.
Chris reports: Excels 198 (V198 DRC) on the Red Arrow, Frio 199 (V199 ERA) on the Spondon Flyer, 235 (X235 WRA) on the Black Cat and 253 (Y253 DRC) on the R5. Volvo coach 56 (P56 ETO) on the Borrowash Flyer and Solo 450 (FE02 KDX) on the H1.
Paul reports: 63 (R63 RAU) on the red arrow, 233 (X233 WRA) on the cotgrave connection, 236 (X236 WRA) on the rushcliffe lines, 230 (X998 WRA) on the R4.

Wed 9th
New Optare Tempos here are numbered 301-6.
302 is (FD54 JYA).
Trent Barton Dart 935 (R935 RAU) was on the Black Cat route.
Paul reports Excel 232 on the Cotgrave Connection, and Solos 431 442 and 441 all on the Rushcliffe Lines.

Tue 8th
The first of the Tempos has arrived! (FD54 JYA) carries a green livery and branding for the "XPRSS" route. It was at Broadmarsh Bus Station today for driver familiarisation. No fleet no's as yet!
Solo 415 now carries a brown livery for the Radcliffe Lines.
Paul reported both of the above and photographed them. Photos are on his fotopic site. Click HERE to go there.
Derby sightings (nothing too unusual: 62 (R62 RAU) on the Red Arrow, 199 on the Spondon Flyer, and 205 on the Mickleover.
Nottingham sightings (from Paul): Solos 431 (X631 ERB), 442 (FE02 KCZ) and Dart 912 (P912 CTO) all on the Rushcliffes. Excel 232 (X232 WRA) cotgraves

Mon 7th
The first of the Tempos are said to have arrived at Langley Mill. One is expected to be on driver familiarisation on Saturday from Broadmarsh Bus Station in Nottingham. More details soon!! Belper Dart 922 (R922 RAU) was on an early morning V2 from Derby.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on the Spondon Flyer. Damaged branded Scania 635 was taken away for repair just last week!
Kinchbus Dart 893 (M405 HFP) was on the AL1.
Chris reports some unusual workings: Solo 426 (W426 RTO) on the Black Cat, and Volvo coach 56 (P56 ETO) on the Ilkeston Flyer

Langley Mill, Saturday:
Paladins stored are: 123/6 (L123/6 LRA), 129 (M129 PRA) plus one other!
Excels there were P&R 151-3 (P151-3 CTV), R5 156/7 (S156/7 UAL) 168 (S168 UAL), R1: 174/8 (T174/8 LCH), 181/4 (T181/4 LCH). All ar For Sale.
Minibuses stored are notts + derby 41/2 (L811/2 CJF), 272 (M272 URC), Trent 47 (), 276 (R276 RAU), 292/3 (S292/3 UAL), 823 (R823 MJU) and Kinchbus 819 (N819 RFP).
Remaining Vectas in the yard were 807/8/9, 811/3/5 (M*** PRA). Not sure whats happened to 810/2.
Kinchbus Darts 894/9 are also stored. 899 is expected to be painted up for the Borrowash Flyer soon....
If anyones interested spare buses were Scania 637, H1 solo 435, Dart 915 (recent transfer from Nottingham), and Solo 423.
Photos on the fotopic site.

Thurs 3rd
Trent Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Spondon Flyer.
Skyline Excel 212 (V212 ENU) was in use on the Mickleover again today.
paul reports: 177 and 812 on training 913 914 on the rushcliffes 912 on the keyworth conn 252 on the rainbow 3.

Wed 2nd
Most odd working of the day was Skyline Excel 212 (V212 ENU) on route RED (think it was the Mickleover).
A Trent Barton coach (62 or 63) was on the Belper routes this afternoon.
Trent buses coach 56 (P56 ETO) was out on the Transpeak today. This is down as For Sale on Trents list.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) returned to its regualar haunts on the Mickleover route.
Paul reports Frio Excel 201 (V201 ENU) and Dart 912 (P912 CTO) on the Rushcliffe Lines, and Excel 230 (X998 WRA) on the Cotgrave Connection.

Tue 1st
Notts + Derby Volvo B10B 125 (L125 LRA) was on the Mickleover Red route this afternoon.
Chris reports several unusual sightings:
TransPeak coach 61 (R61 RAU) on the Mickleover! Mercedes 287 (S287 UAL) on the 91, Barton Dart 916 (P916 CTO) on the 125, Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Spondon Flyer, Solo's 447 and 448 (FE02 KDO/U) on Belper routes XR6 and R63 and Dart 919 (R919 RAU) on one of the Villager routes. In addition to all these, Skyline Excel 212 was parked in the bus station this morning but wasn't on service.
Paul reports: Excel 188 (T788 XVO) on the Calverton Connection and Solo 431 (X631 ERB) on the Rushcliffe Lines.

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