February 2004

Arriva Derby

Thurs 12th:
A Chelleston Dart was on route 20, with one of the B10BLES (one with allover ad on back) operating in its place on the 60 routes.

Mon 9th:
Branded Dart 2232 (W232 SNR) was on the 22/24/26 services today along with one of the Volvo B10BLEs.

Mon 2nd:
Fleetline 4312 (MTV 312W) was out on school work today.

Felix, Stanley

Wed 18th:
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Ilkeston Flyer today.

Wed 11th:
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Black Cat route today.

Thurs 5th:
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Black Cat route today.

Mon 2nd:
Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Black Cat route today.


Wed 11th:
The vehicle mentioned below has arrived from Gray Way, Morecombe. It is possibly a Volvo. Harpurs are also said to be looking for more double deck buses, presumably due to more schools work.

Tue 10th:
Another coach has arrived here, (JEH 104V).

Littles Travel

Thurs 26th:
Reported withdrawn are Plaxton/Bristol LH (PUO 328M) and Leyland National (VCH 479S). thanks to Chris for info.

Mon 23rd:
Leyland National (TAE 638S) was involved in an accident on Thursday evening. It appeared on route 9 this morning (complete with dint on the nearside) before being replaced by the Excel (P201 BNR) this afternoon.

Thurs 19th:
The National (TAE 638S) continues on route 9 today as it has done all this week since the Excel broke down on Monday morning.

Wed 18th:
Leyland National (TAE 638S) has been on route 9 on tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Thurs 12th:
National (TAE 638S) ended up on the 9 again today replacing the Excel - after the 3 o'clock school run at a guess.

Wed 11th:
The regular National was on route 9 again today.

Tue 10th:
Leyland National (TAE 638S) was on the 9.

trent barton, notts + derby, Kinchbus

Sat 28th:
Dart 922 (R922 RAU) was on the Allestree yesterday.
Keyworth Connection Dart 911 (P911 CTO) is the first to recieve the new trent barton style livery for this route. The new livery is blue/turquoise colour in the trent barton new style. The other 4 Darts (907-10) are set to follow.

Fri 27th:
Transpeak B10M 55 (M455 TCH) was again on the Borrowash Flyer today. it was replaced by Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) and later on Merc Vario 47 (R47 LNU).
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the R64/R71 Belper routes.
Trent barton Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was on the Red Arrow.
Scania 625 (FJ03 VWM) was on the Rainbow 4.

Thurs 26th:
Transpeak B10M 55 (M455 TCH) was on the Borrowash Flyer, the Mercedes Vario missing again due to engine "problems".
solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the Allestree.

Wed 25th:
Barton Dart 933 (R933 RAU) was on the Rainbow 4.
Allestree Solo 463 (FE02 BGE) broke down at Derby bus station this morning.
Volvo B10B/Paladin 121 (L121 LRA) has transfered from trent to Notts + Derby, and carries n+D names on the trent livery.
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the Allestree and 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the Borrowash Flyer.
Vecta 804 (M804 PRA) may have been sold!

Tue 24th:
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the Mickleover. N+D Merc 274 (M274 URC) was on the D1 this morning. Notts + Derby operate the whole route all day now as of yesterday.

Mon 23rd:
Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was on the Borrowash Flyer.
Barton Dennis Dart 936 (R936 RAU) was reported on the Black Cat.
Both spare Trent Barton Scanias 625 (FJ03 VWM) and 636 (FD53 WWH) were on the Rainbow 5.
Dart 906 (P906 CTO) is now at Langley Mill whilst 904 has been reported working from Nottingham.

Fri 20th:
Solo 425 (W425 RTO) was on the H1.
Solo 466 (FG02 BGO) was on the 125, struggling to show the three numbers in the display on the back.
Merc 47 (R47 LNU) was on the Borrowash Flyer again.

Thurs 19th:
Volvo B10B/Paladin 129 (M129 PRA) was today on the Black Cat route.
Merc Vario 47 (R47 LNU) was on the Borrowash Flyer, due to further problems with 286 i expect, whilst Dart 929 (R929 RAU) is now back in service on the X38 for which it is branded.

Wed 18th:
Notts + Derby Dart 891 (L403 CJF) was on the Pride Park Shuttle.

Tues 17th:
The X38 Dart 929 (R929 RAU) was reported at Derby bus station in the afternoon out of service.
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the Spondon Flyer.

Mon 16th:
Several vehicles on the Borrowash Flyer. Dart 940 (S940 UAL) the usual Merc 286 and Dart 925 (R925 RAU).
Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was on the V2.
Dart 930 (R930 RAU) was on the X38.

Thurs 12th:
4 Merc Varios and 8 Excels are For Sale on Southdown PSV site. Pictured at Langley Mill are 157 and 280. Both are thought to still be at Langley Mill with 157 on Driver Training today. If anyones interested the Mercs are 21,500 each + VAT and the Excels 42,000 each + VAT.
B10B/paladin 138 (M138 PRA) was today on the V3.
N+D Lance 359 (N369 VRC) (possibly 358 though!!!) was on the Pride Park Shuttle, with a board in the windscreen and nothing in the blind.
One of the Trent buses Derby based Solos was on the Belper routes this afternoon.

Wed 11th:
X38 Dart 929 (R929 RAU) is still off the road with engine trouble. B10B/Paladin 138 (M138 PRA) was on the route in its place today.
Reported on The Allestree were dart 938 (S938 UAL) and Merc Vario 287 (S287 UAL).

Mon 9th:
Spondon Flyer Scania 632 (FJ03 VWX) was parked up at the side of Derby depot this morning - although replaced by an Allestree branded Solo was parked in its place this evening.
205 (V205 ENU) was on driver training.

Sun 8th:
Trent buses B10M 56 (P56 ETO) was on the Transpeak.
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was today used on the Red Arrow.
The X38 Dart 929 (R929 RAU) has moved from the back of the Derby depot, possibly back in to service!!
A TrentBarton Scania was today at the Derby depot - probably after operating a Derby journey on the Rainbow 4/5 on Saturday night.

Fri 6th:
Merc Vario 287 (S287 UAL) was on the Belper routes this afternoon.
Dart 940 (S940 UAL) was on the Mickleover.

Thurs 5th:
Solo 448 (FE02 KDU) was on the Belper routes today.
Merc Vario 287 (S287 UAL) was on the Allestree blue route today.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ENA) was on the Borrowash Flyer
Barton Excel 202 (V202 ENU) was on the Rainbow 4 today.

Wed 4th:
X38 Dart 929 (R929 RAU) needs a new engine so may not be back in service for a while. 930 (R930 RAU) was on the X38 today in its place.
Villager Dart 941 (S941 UAL) was on the R64 this morning, with Paladin 121 (L121 LRA) on the Villager routes in its place.
It is possible that Excels 202 -5 have been replaced by the new Scanias 636-9. The above Excels havent been seen for a while so it is thought that they could be stored at one of the depots.

Mon 2nd:
trent barton Excel 234 (X234 WRA) was on the Spondon Flyer today. It is thought that this Nottingham based bus is on loan to Derby for one reason or another. The Trent buses logo was displayed in the destination blind.
Another Nottingham based Excel was also working from Derby today, Frio liveried 201 (V201 ENU).
Solo 447 (FE02 KDo) was on the Belper routes again today.
The X38 Dart 929 (R929 RAU) seems to have stayed in the same position at Derby depot, so another vehicle must have covered for it today.
Excel 205 (V205 ENU) was seen heading back to Belper this evening after a day on driver training duties at Derby.
An odd sighting reported on the Borrowash Flyer today was Allestree Solo 465 (FE02 BGK) - later replaced by Merc Vario 287 (S287 UAL).
Dart 905 (P905 CTO) has transfered to Langley Mill from Nottingham.

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