Fleet News

February 2003

Arriva Derby

Sat 22nd:

Arriva Derby Scania L113 is still at Derby, operating route 26 in quite a dirty state. Someone wrote, "also comes in green" in the dirt on the back.
No sign this week of scania K92 2186. Not been seen since mid January.
Mon 17th: The Ex Fox County merc minis are begining to disperse, presumed sold.
Two Citybuses are currently being repaired for accident dameage. They are Nothern Counties bodied 4350 (E150 BTO), and Marshall bodied 4377 (YAU 127Y).

Tue 11th: Stored merc minis 1114 and 1117 (P114/7 HCH) visited the Coalville depot at the weekend. It is not known if they returned to Derby or wheather they are sold. Similar 1101 and 1102 (P101/2 HCH) also appeared yesterday.
School bus Scania K92, 2183 (E23 ECH) was on training duties today.
Mon 3rd: Fleetline 4310 (MTV 310W) on school bus route 244.

Sun 2nd: Scania K92 2186 (E26 ECH), the last in Arriva livery seems to have dissappeared.
Most Fleetlines have seen service recently on school work. Some recent photos from last Friday 31st January 2003, can be found on NeilsBristol VR Website by clicking HERE.

Dunn Line

I was thinking of making a Dunn Line page, but lack basic information such as an up to date fleetlist. The one on the official site is out of date. I was thinking of starting with just the Derby information, then possibly expanding it, to cover other areas later on. If you can help please email me by clicking HERE.


Wed 19th Dart (X711 GJU) was on the Ilkeston Flyer.
Volvo B10BLE (S590 KJF) wasnt sounding too good. Older Alexander B10B (M301 KRY) was used on the black cat today. I presume this is the back up vehichle if one of the B10BLES are not in service the regulars being B10BLEs (S590 KJF) and (V708 GRY).

Sun 2nd Solo (FG52 WUC), is now back on the road on the 59 after an accident earlier last month. Leyland Lynxs, (E260 TUB) and (E261 TUB) have been covering.

Harpur & Sons /Harpurs Coaches

Sat 1st: Two ex Stotts Marshall bodied Atlanteans are now with Harpurs. The registrations are(JKW 281W) and (JKW 298W). The veichles were new to South Yorkshire PTE.

The Wellglade Group - Trent buses, Barton buses, Kinchbus and Notts and Derby Traction co.

Thurs 27th: On route 2: B10Bs 113/4 (L113/4 LRA) and vecta 803 (M803 PRA). N+D B10B 115 is in full notts and derby livery.

Tue 25th/Wed 26th: General: from trentbarton and the trentbarton.co.uk logos and advertising is now appearing on most veichles.
Volvo B10B 115 (L115 LRA) has transfered from Barton Nottingham to notts and derby Derby.
Tuesday saw the regular X38 merc mini 285 on other duties. Trent buses 189 (T789 XOV) operated on Rainbow 4 along with one of the Frio excels. On the 2 were B10Bs 112/3/4 (L112/3/4 LRA) and a filthy 121 (L121 LRA). Wednesday saw spare Trent Merc 282 on N+D route 9. On route 2 Vecta 803 (M803PRA), and the return of B10Bs 112/3/4 and 121.

Mon 24th: On route 2, B10Bs 112/4/21 (L112/4/21 LRA), and Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA).
The other Nottingham Frio excels 201 is also thought to be back in service, after its accident last month, operating Rainbow 5 today.

Sat 22nd: Derby Optare Solo 447 (FE02 KDO) was operating on the Allestree due to on of the solos being out of action, one being parked at the back of the depot.
Optare Excel 198 (V198 DRC) was operating the Mickleover routes, seems to be a regular.
The two Commuter Express branded B10M coaches were in service today. One was operating the Pride Park Shuttle (PPS), whilst the other was parked at Derby Bus Station. The PPS is usually operated using an older Trent minibus.
Recently transferred Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) was on Nottingham Route 2 today, alongside B10Bs 112/3 (L112/3 LRA), 121 (L121 LRA).

Wed 19th: Preserved Leyland Tiger Cub (YRC 191) is being stored at the Belper Garage.
B10Bs 112/3, 121 (L112/3/21 LRA), Dart 933 (R933 RAU), and Vecta 804 (M804 PRA) on route 2.
Excel 202 (V202 ENU) on the rainbow 4.

Mon 17th: On route 2 B10Bs 113 and 121, Vecta 803 and dart 914.
The Transpeak service is to double in frequency, to one every hour. It is to be subsidised by Derby County Council, and as such is only expected to operate between Derby and Buxton. It is thought that some of the new Scania L94s will cover the new journeys when they arrive later in the year. The first batch are for the Rainbow 5 (Nottingham depot), which are expected to enter service on the 18th May 2003, displacing Excels.

Sat 15th: Merc 282 (R282 RAU) on Notts and Derby route 9.
Zig Zag Excel, 188 (T788 XOV) on Rainbow 4, and is obviously at Nottingham NOT Langley Mill as stated previously on the fleetlist.
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on Rainbow 5.
Derby Trent excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Mickleover.

Fri 14th: Derby, SLF Dart 939 (S939 UAL) is now in trentbarton livery and was operating the 107 to Mayfield today, usually operated by a B10B.
Derby Trent excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Mickleover.
Merc 282 (R282 RAU) on Notts and Derby route9.
On route 2 were, B10Bs 113 (L113 LRA) and 121 (L121 LRA), trentbarton Dart 915 (P915 CTO) and Vecta 802 (M802 PRA).

Wed 12th: One of he Transpeak B10Ms on the Spondon Flyer.
Derby Trent excel 198 (V198 DRC) on the Mickleover.
Derby merc 282 (R282 RAU) continues on N+D route 9.
On the 2/2a today were Nottinghams, B10Bs 112/3 (L112/3 LRA), 121 (L121 LRA) and Vecta 803 (M803 PRA).

Tues 11th: One of the Kinch trainer darts visited Derby today.
Trent merc 282 (R282 RAU) continues in use on N+D route 9.
B10Bs 121 (L121 LRA), 114 (L114 LRA) and vectas 802/4 (M802/4 PRA) were on routes 2/2a.

Thur 6th: The dual doored mini excel, (YJ51 JXH) presumably on loan from National Federation of Bus Users was operating the D1 Meteor Centre Park and Ride.
Frio excel 199, (V199 ERA) appears to have made a move from Derby to Nottingham depot. It has been on the Rainbow 4 regularly this week.
And on the 2/2a and 146 routes today: B10Bs 113/4 and 121 (L113/4/21 LRA), merc 297 (T297 LCH) and dart 912 (P912 CTO).
Vecta 802 (M802 PRA) has lost the yellow safety ad.

Mon 3rd/Tue 4th: National 526 (FRA 526V) is still in service with Notts and Derby from the Derby depot. It is thought to have been sold to Bowers, but has not left yet. Its been busy this week on the 16:40 V3 service yesterday evening, and on a college service number 2 today. It is still in Trent livery. Click HERE to see the photo.
Monday saw Olypian 723 (C723 NNN) in all day use on UNIbus route 6.
Tuesday saw Merc mini 43 (L813DJU) reappear on the Pride Park Shuttle, and the following variety of Nottingham veichles on route 2, B10B 113 (L113 LRA), Vecta 803 (M803 PRA), Merc 297 (T297 LCH), and trentbarton Dart 912, (P912 CTO).

Sun 2nd: I was wrong, ther are Nationals left in the fleet. 551 is a trainer, and 561 (NOE 555R) is at Sutton Junction.
One of the 920 batch of Darts had an accident in Derby bus station, when n Arriva decker collided with it. It is now said to be at Langley Mill awaiting maintenance.

Sat 1st: Notts and derby Leyland National 526 (in trent livery), and Kinch 530 and 531 have been sold to Bowers. 526 and 530 are still at Derby. I think this will leave the Wellglade company devoid of operational Nationals.

Nottinghams Barton Dart 912 (P912 CTO), is now in the new trentbarton livery, and has been operating route 2.

On route 2/2A today: B10B 121 (L121 LRA), Merc mini 297( T297 LCH) and Barton vectas 803/4 (M803/4 PRA). 803 is reported to be, not sounding too good.

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