Fleet News

December 2002

Arriva Derby


DAFS now arrived or due shortly are as follows:

4734 PN52 XRJ In service

4736 PN52 XRL In service

4737 PN52 XR? On Order

4739 PN52 XRP In service

4742 PN52 XRT In service

4743 PN52 XR? On Order

4744 PN52 XR? In service

4745 PN52 XR? On Order


Good News

Fleetline 4311 the last remaining veichle within the fleet in the city Rider livery has got its operators disk back. Although it has no tax disk yet its thought it will be back on the road, bouncing back after its future looked bleak.


Another DAF has arrived 4744 making he total 5.

More minis have arrived from Fox County, presumably from the OBC batch. One is in a Midland Mainline advertising livery.


Withdrawn: Merc minis 1356 (N356 OBC), 1372 (N472 XRC).
Scania K93 2187 (F27 JRC), 2188 (F28 JRC) have both left the first to Fox county as a driver trainer as reported earlier.
Ex London Volvo Citybus 4321 (H652 GPF) has gone to Fox County Wigston.
Citybus 4355 (F111 TML) has also gone to Wigston.
Olypian 4649 (P169 BTV) has also gone to Fox County.


The DAFS have been out and about on many routes this week including the 37/38, 22/24, 29 and as a result the 40/41, 20, 60,61,68,69. They are also fitted with tree guards.


One of the Scania K93s has gone to Fox County Southgates depot as a driver trainer. It is 2187. The other Scania K93 is 2188 and is in corporate livery along with similar scania K92s 2185/6. All are in all day service. The other two scanias are 2183, in a Yellow school bus livery and 2184 which is a dedicated driver trainer.

The DAFS have been tested/used on many routes, including the 44/45, 29/41 and 22/24. There are still only 4 at the moment with another 4 due soon. They can often be found on the 60s series of routes also, which they are due to stay on until the others arrive. The Fleetlines are still used on school contract work, although how long this will continue is uncertain.

The Wellglade Group - TrentBarton/notts+derby/Kinchbus


The latest veichles to gain the new trentbarton livery are Nottingham Dart 913 (P913 CTO) and Derby Dart 918 (R918 RAU).

It is thought that the remaining B10bs and Vectas are set to leave the fleet when the new Wrightbus Solar veichles arrive during 2003/04. As a result the B10Bs will transfer to N+D whilst the Vectas, including those in the N+D fleet will be sold off, presumably as they have a higher re-sale value as have the excels.


Langley Mill Dart 949 (T949 BNN) is the second veichle in the fleet to carry the new trentbarton livery. It follows Langley Mill excel 235 which was he first last month.

312 (J312 BVO) the last remaining Optare Delta within the fleet has now joined others at Barnsley and District. The veichle was used as a trainer.

Unusual Workings

Langley mills mrc mini 827 on the 21 service.
Derby dart 917 on the Transpeak.
Bartons Notingham based vecta 802 has recieved a yellow safety advert.
Solo 412 has been seen on the Oakham Hopper.
There have been various sightings of veichles on route number 2/2A. These are B10B/Paladins 112 and 113 and 114 Optare Excel 188 and darts 901, 914 and 933. Leyland National 543 (now withdrawn) also operated on this route around three months ago.

Thanks go out to the people who supplyed much of the above information.

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