Belper garage

The Belper garage is also used as a bus station for the Trent services in the town......

Here is a view of the front of garage at Belper. Since October 2005 this was used as both the entrance and the exit, and new bus bays and railings were installed. These being damaged a few days after when an Optare Excel (253) collided with them. The concreted areas, above and either side of the doors were previously windows, and a large Trent sign was once prominent. Inside, to the left are the offices and staff room. To the right there is a cafe, and the waiting area. The staircase in the background, leads to the adjacent Woolworths shop. This is now used only as a fire exit, due to health and safety! 30.12.2006.

Here is a view of the back of Belper garage. The Trent Motor traction company logo remains, above what , until October 2005 was the entrance to the garage. Larger Scania buses replaced Darts on the majority of services in the area from October 2005. This meant buses had to enter and exit via the opening at the front of the building. 30.12.2006.

A closer view of the Trent Motor Traction company logo. 30.12.2006.

Various notices, from various eras, are attached the the boundaries of the company car park, that is situated to the side of the garage, aswell as a gate with the Trent logo on. 30.12.2006.

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