Ashbourne garage

Ashbourne was the town where Trent began way back in 1905! The current garage opened on 1st July 1958, and is still used to house just 2 Optare Excels for "the ONE" service between Mayfield - Ashbourne and Derby.

Prior to 1958, the same land was leased for the storage of buses, aswell as a booking office for a period of time.

Trent took over several operators in the area in the 1930's. Bayliss of Ashbourne (1930), P Radford (1932) and A Slater of Mayfield (1934). Trent originally operated between Ashbourne and Derby (the only route that exists in the immediate area today), but these takeovers extended their local network to Leek and Uttoxeter.

Ashbourne garage (16.12.2006)

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