April 2003


Sun 13th:
W214 UGX is reportd to be in a metalic blue livery.


Sun 13th:
Atlantean XPG 186T has gone to PVS Barnsley. There is a photo in this months Bus and Coach Preservation Mag.

Felix of Stanley

Fri 18th:
The new Wright/Scania is registered YN03 WRA, is in service and painted up for the Black Cat service.

Sun 13th:
The new Wright/Scania is registered YN03 WRA, and is allegedly in service.

Fri 4th:
A new Wright/Scania Solar YN03 WRX is reported here for the Black Cat service.

Tue 1st:
The Felix Dennis Dart (X711 GJU) was operating on the Black Cat.

Arriva Derby

Fri 18th:
There have been a few re-numberings to the Derby fleet as part of the merge into Arriva Midlands.

Scania L113s 2192/3 (N432/3 XRC) are now 3492/3.
Scania K92 2183 (E23 ECH) is now 3401.
B10Bs 2604-6 (V604-6 DBC) are now 3604-6.

It is also interesting to note that Scania K93 2188 (Fox County) is now 3402. This means that 2184-7 havent changed numbers. This may mean that they will move on.

Fri 4th:
DAF 4575 (PN52 XRW) was parked up at Ascot Drive, with one of the B10BLEs covering on routes 22/24/26.
Coalville ECW/Leyland Olypian 4514 (B514 LFP) is parked at Ascot Drive.
Photos on the photos page.

Tue 1st:
A Volvo B10B, and Volvo Citybus have been seen on routes 22/24/26 today.

TrentBarton/notts and derby/Kinchbus

Mon 28th :
Derby based, Mickleover branded Optare Excel 193 (V193 DRC) is off the road following an accident earlier today. The bus suffered fairly bad front end damage, and it is thought it may need to be re-built. Luckily the bus wasnt carrying passengers.
Optare Solo 422 (W422 RTO) is now with Barton Nottingham transfering from trent Langley Mill.
New rainbow 5 Wright Solars at Langley Mill at present are; 601-8/12/13/16/17.

Mon 21st :
Some photos have been added to the photos page.
The Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) is back at Derby depot from Nottingham and was operating on the Ilkeston Flyer the other day.
Also Rainbow 5 Excel 155 is registered (S955 NRA).

Sat 19th :
The Darley Solo 466 (FG02 BGO) is now at Langley Mill in the new trent barton livery.
The Coach demonstrator is now not set to arrive until May. If new coaches are ordered it is thought that they will be used on the Red Arrow.
Trent are to operate the X1 service Derby to Stockport Mon-Fri and to Manchester on Saturdays.

Wed 16th :
Former Darley branded Solo 466 (FG02 BGO) is now in the new trent barton livery.
A Wright/Scania coach demonstrator is set to arrive next week for use on The Red Arrow.

Sat 13th :
Frio Excel 201 on the Rainbow 4 yesterday.
It is reported that 3 more Scanias are at Langley Mill depot making the total so far 6. It is now expected that some of the Calverton Connection veichles will arrive before the Rainbow 5 delivery is complete. The reason for this is, as yet, unknown.

Thur 10th :
On Nottingham routes 2/2a were the following: 933 (R933 RAU) alongside B10Bs 112/3/21 (L112/3/21 LRA).
On the Transpeak (TP) the last couple of days has been Trent liveried B10M 56 (P56 ETO).
Mini Excel (YJ51 JXH) was on the V3 Villager route this morning.
Nottinghams Trent Excel 189 (T789 XOV) was on the Rainbow 4.

Mon 7th :
The Darley branded Solo remains in The Darley livery, despite the service ending over a week ago. It was parked at the side of the depot this evening.

Sat 5th :
The following Scania L94/Wright Solar veichles have arrived at the Langley Mill depot. All three are in the new Rainbow 5 version of the trentbarton livery. The interior is also different.
601 (FJ03 VVM)
605 (FJ03 VVS)
606 (FJ03 VVT)
Frio Excel 199 (V199 ERA) on the Rainbow 4.

Fri 4th :
The new Scania Veichles are thought to be numbered 601-664 when they arrive. It is understood that 3 have arrived at Langley Mill including 601.
On the Rainbow 5 were Excels 199 (V199 ERA) (Frio) and 203 (V203 ENU) (Barton).

Wed 2nd :
The new Wright/Scania reported yesterday is a demonstrator at Langley Mill for driver familiarisation.
Another demonstrator, a Wright/Scania coach is expected soon.
I photographed the dual doored mini Excel (YJ51 JXH) on the D1 P&R today.
Barton Excel 202 (V202 ENU) was on the Rainbow 5.
trentbarton liveried Dart 939 (S939 UAL) was on The Mickleover.

Tue 1st :
Barton Excel 253 (Y253 DRC) was on the Rainbow 5.
A trentbarton dart was also on either the Rainbow 4 or 5.
A Barton Dart on the Trent Black Cat route.
On the 2/2a were B10Bs 112/3/4/21 (L112/3/4/21 LRA) and TrentBarton liveried Dart 913 (P913 CTO).
A new Scania is reported at Langley Mill.

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