National 505

Leyland National (ACH 505T) is one of several former Trent Nationals. Many were cascaded to the Notts + Derby and Kinchbus fleets before their disposal. 505 was, one of the first (if not the 1st) to recieve the light green and blue "blue apple" livery, the then trading name of Notts + Derby. It was later sold to Konectbus, Dereham where it saw further service

505 along with another former Trent, and Konect National (SAE 755S) are now preserved by Andy Cooper. Both retain Konectbus livery at the moment, but theres a chance that they could be repainted into trent livery (or even blue apple!) at some point!!

A couple of photos of 505 at the Meadowhall bus rally on 11/9.2005.

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